Saturday, May 27

Movie Review: TED (2012)

Film Title: Ted
Length: 1 hr and 46 Mins
Released: 2012
Genre: Comedy
Rating: R
Where I Got It: Rent copy

John Bennett, a man whose childhood wish of bringing his teddy bear to life came true, now must decide between keeping the relationship with the bear or his girlfriend, Lori.


Finally I have been able to sit down and watch this from beginning to end. I've watched bits and pieces randomly throughout the years, but I haven't had a chance to actually watch it.

This is classic Seth Macfarlene work. Funny, inappropriate, and just goofy fun. It takes a certain humor to enjoy this film and his other works. I happen to love it, but this movie is on a whole different level. I still liked it, but it was extremely cheesy. For sure not a movie for kiddos under 14. 

I did laugh a lot, but I also rolled my eyes and yelled at the screen. John was a blooming idiot and Lori was a fool for sticking around so long. You can't completely blame Ted...John needed to step up and be an adult. Ted is a teddy bear and doesn't have the same level of responsibility, so yeah...he can lay around all day and party all night. 

I really do think the added baddie with his spoiled brat was not necessary...I felt like it didn't need to be in the film. And I say that even though I LOVE that actor who played the just took away from the film in my opinion. They should've just focused on the drama and maybe just have the baddie just be a weird creeper only. 

The ending was stupid easy. I was so annoyed, but how easy everything was fixed. Gah.

In the end, this was a funny movie for sure. The plot was questionable in some spots, it was cheesy, and makes me glad my stuffed teddy didn't come to life. I do recommend this if you need something silly to watch and get a good life. Just be warned...there are lots of adult jokes and situations that some people might be easily offended by. I shall give this 3 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

I liked Ted, haha, funny

Carole Rae said...

It is funny! I just wouldn't want Ted as a friend of BF's.