Saturday, October 29

Saturday Movie Night: Swiss Army Man (2016)

Come one, come all to the second Saturday Movie Night! Blodeuedd and Carole will be leading the charge! This month's movie is "Swiss Army Man" which is Blodeuedd's choice. Sit down, eat some popcorn, and enjoy the discussion. 

Title: Swiss Army Man
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama 
Running Time: 1 hour and 37 minutes
Rating: R
Released: July 2016

A hopeless man stranded on a deserted island befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home.



C: Welcome one and all. Just an fyi...B picked this one. LOL

B: Whaaat, it was the perfect movie to review ;)

C: Hehehehe. It was for sure a good one to check out. But I’m just saying ;)

B: It was amusing to watch, but would I recommend, LOL

C: I would recommend it for one and one reason only….because I want to know what they think.

B: hat is a good reason. BF was all, wtf are we watching, and then he laughed.

C: I was rude and watched this without BF and now he’s mad. So I am going to have to rewatch it! LOL

B: Bad Carole, it was totally a movie you need to watch with someone else!

C: I know, I know. But I actually don’t mind watching it again especially with knowing what I know with the ending. It will be interesting to see.

B: It sure was one of the weirdest movies I have watched.

C: Same. I wasn’t sure what was going on and if it was true. But that was a good ending for sure. What do you think?

B: The ending was effed up! Honestly. I am so confused.

C: And that is why I liked it. LOLLLLL!!  The whole movie was effed up. I can never look at Harry P---I mean Daniel Radcliffe the same! Especially with the lake scene…..eww harry---I mean hairy butt. D:

B: He did not do a lot of acting now did he, lol. Gods, this movie. You really have to see it to understand how weird it is.

C: Yes, he did little acting. I do wish we knew more about the character before he became a dead body. :/ BTW - poor Hank! I don’t think I would have survived.

B: At first I was all poor Hank, but then at the end when I realised things...well, Hank was just weird. Saying no more

C: I mean - its not his fault...but ya - he was weird and it was his fault he got into that situation. Rule 1...never get on a boat ALONE, because shit will happen.

B: On the other hand, was he ever on an island? And how far away? We really know nothing.

C: True, true. The whole story about him on a boat could have been a lie.

B: We only saw the beach, maybe it was like 1 min swimming from another beach ;) OR in the middle of nowhere cos he was an idiot who went out in a boat

C: LOL it could have been either or. You know what really confused me? The “powers” of the dead body. Like….how and why would you drink that water coming from his mouth???? I wanted to puke.

B: Hank is obviously gonna die soon….but how long was he really in the woods? Then again he did a lot there. But then again, oh those powers were weird. The pointy thing, ahem, that I understood when they got back to the beach.

C: I don’t think he was gone for too long. But that is just me. And where did he get a perfectly working shaver to do such a clean shave on his face??

B: True! Maybe he snuck out and drank water and shaved when we were not watching ;) But then the movie is not meant to be understood. I mean, the ending, come on!

C: Agreed. I think the movie is left up to the watcher to decide. I think it is all how we view it. I did like the message the film was trying to give out. It was nice.

B: It gave a message?

C: Yea! You didn’t catch it? It is okay to be oneself and to love.

B: I did watch it two weeks ago ;) And mostly thought it was weird.

C: Hahaha. True and I just watched it last night. The message was subtle.

B: I do see it. I just wonder what happened to him in the end.

C: Maybe he went back to the island and spread his message of love and being accepted to others who have been stranded! LMAO Hank is in an asylum for sure.

B: Poor Hank, but yes he is not running around the woods anymore for sure. Maybe he is happy now. As for Harry Potter, still out there spreading love around

C: LOL! Yup. That is what I am going with.

B: Strangest movie ever then. Do watch it folks, it is weird.

C: Yes...but a must see! I’ll be watching it again tonight. Sighs. XD Did you want to add anything else?

B: No, I hope more watch it and will be grossed out, laugh and wonder.

C: Awwwe. Fun. Good pick. I’m still grossed out...but I’m glad I gave it a shot! Onto the next movie!

B: Onward!

C: The end?

B: The end

A crazy, weird, strange, but damn good movie. I'll give this a 5 and I highly recommend it. 


Blodeuedd said...

What to see next? ;)

Anachronist said...

That sounds like a seriously weird movie - perhaps I will be tempted...;p

Carole Rae said...

B, Mhmmmmmmmmmmm not sure

Ana, it was good.