Monday, September 12

B's Monday Review: The Prince and I by Karen Hawkins

Gregori Romanovin, Oxenburg's warrior prince, is escorting his grandmother to a ball deep in the Scottish Highlands when he and his entourage are robbed at sword point by a group of ruffians. Led by a man dubbed the Scottish Robin Hood, battle-savvy Gregori senses that something's amiss - that 'he' is really a 'she'.

Lady Murian is a young, beautiful widow seeking revenge against the powerful earl who murdered her husband and stole his birthright. Living in the woods, she and her banished band of men rob wealthy nobles visiting the evil earl.

But when Murian ambushes the Prince's golden coach, she gets far more than she bargained for. And she's left fearing that he is the real thief...of her heart. 

My thoughts:
I have never read one of XoXos free reads, and now I did, and was all omg why did I not do this before! Arghhh, the books I have missed that have been free!

I have read, like 2 novellas in this series, but I do think this is the first full-length book. And yes it's part of a series, and no I did not read in order. But this is historical romance, a man meets a woman, they fall in love, in lust and live happily ever after. I do not need to see his brother fall in love to follow along with that. Which means, yes it works as a stand-alone, never read a HR that did not.

Murian is a widow after an ass of a Lord killed her husband and stole her castle. Now she robs people.

Max is a general and prince of his country, and he is bringing his grandma to the ass of a lord for some reason he does not understand.

They fall in love, they do it, there is drama with the ass of a lord, and they live happily ever after.

The next book sounds fun too.


Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
Published August 25th 2015 by Pocket Books
The Oxenburg Princes #2
Historical romance
XOXO free read