Wednesday, April 29

Book Review: Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith

Author: Keri Smith
Title: Wreck This Journal 
Genre: Nonfiction & Art
Pages: 192
First Published: June 2007
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

For anyone who's ever wished to, but had trouble starting, keeping, or finishing a journal or sketchbook comes Wreck This Journal, an illustrated book that features a subversive collection of prompts, asking readers to muster up their best mistake- and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them). Acclaimed illustrator Keri Smith encourages journalers to engage in "destructive" acts-poking holes through pages, adding photos and defacing them, painting with coffee, and more-in order to experience the true creative process. Readers discover a new way of art and journal making-and new ways to escape the fear of the blank page and fully engage in the creative process.

I have been working on this since September 2014. A year is slowly around the corner and I finally consider myself done with this little project. There is still about 10-15% to do, but those last pages are things I will NOT do, cannot do, or someday might do, but not now. 

This was a lot of fun! There are a lot of hilarious things to do in this book. SOME of the things you need to do alone or with someone who will not judge you. Like wearing the book as a hat or throwing down the hallway. OR sewing the page. If someone catches you (I was caught putting fruit stickers in there) they may judge you or get jealous. LIKE I did. Reece had this and I seen her put something in it, so I asked what she was doing. For about a week I contributed to her journal, but then I got jealous and wanted my own. I got a cheap copy on Amazon. WHICH I highly recommend not spending a lot of money on it. It is not worth over 5 bucks. For are destroying this book. Two, its not worth that much money. 

My only negative thing about this the fact that there is some stupid things they want you to do. *rolls eyes* I also wish it was shorter...cut out some of the overly ridiculous collecting dead bugs. UGH no way man. >__> 

Another short review....but there is only so much to say for this type of book. 

In the end, this was a lot of fun. I highly recommend this as a gift for yourself or for another book lover in your life. JUST make sure to get it for cheap. Do not spend a lot of money on this. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 3 stars. It is more like 3.3 stars, but I rounded. 

*Here is a couple pictures and a video I made with me talking about the journal and showing some the pages I did or did not do. It took 5 takes to make this little video. Forewarning, I hate my voice. >___<

Rei and Toki playing with the book 

The finished journal 

 If you are having issues hearing or seeing the video, click HERE to see it on youtube. 


Blodeuedd said...

The book, eh
The pics, :)

Anachronist said...

Hahahaha, your journal looks like my secondary school textbooks! I wrecked them on a daily basis! Your voice is nice btw, very nice indeed and I love your chinchillas!

Melliane said...

Oh it's always nice to have a booklike that, a really fun one!

Carole Rae said...

B, :)

Ana, hahaha. Love it. Awwe, thankies!

Melliane, it is really fun.