Thursday, May 16

Thursday Book Teaser: Innocent Traitor

Happy Thursday everyone! The sunny is out again and I'm loving it even though I'm dying at work. Haha. Well, for this week I'm going to share a little tease from 'Innocent Traitor' by Alison Weir. 

Page Number: 177

"So I am called back into the birthing chamber, which is fetid with the stench of sweat and blood. The Queen lies on her disarranged bed, her hair damp and tangled, her face drawn with suffering. She sees nothing; she is withdrawn to a place where we cannot reach her. Her cries are mere moans now, for her strength is failing. 

I am called upon to bathe her hot brow and watch in shocked fascination as Mrs. Odell instructs Lady Tyrwhitt to take one of Katherine's legs, and Lady Lane the other. They try to cooperate, but the Queen, despite her failing strength, manages to kick them away."



Blodeuedd said...

SOunds horrid, I mean what's happening

Carole Rae said...

I'm not sure myself! I'm not there yet! lol