Friday, May 24

Friday Flash Fiction: To Save a Bastard

Well...I wasn't going to post this until tomorrow, but I'm waiting for my mom to get back. Since I had a strike of inspiration, I might as well post now. Hahaha, first time I've been on time in a while. ^.^

To Save a Bastard
by: Carole Rae

“You highness,” Sir William bowed with pure humbleness.

The King smiled down at the knight with a twinkle in his eye. This young lad was no more then 20, but he had accomplished so much in such a limited amount of time. Perhaps it would be wise to make this young knight head of his Armies, “Arise Sir William. You have done well. You would have made your father proud with that quick take over of the enemy.”

Arising gracefully, William smiled up at the King, “I could not have done it alone. The men were my strength and you, Your Highness, was my motivation.”

The King let out a hearty laugh and replied, “At least I'm someone's motivation.” He looked at his pale and hateful Queen. The Queen didn't even bother to hide her disgust with all that was going around her. The King just shook his head and put his attention back towards Sir William and stood, “Come. Walk with me.”

Sir William flushed, “Oh, Your Highness...of course. You honor me greatly.”

The King smiled and patted the boy on the back, “No need to flatter an old man. You know...I tire of such flatteries all the time. I wish one person would just treat me like an equal...not like a king.”

“Sir?” The knight looked confused.

“Eh...just ignore me,”Once the two were out of the Great Hall and out of ear shot of the public the King continued, “Sir William, I have a special task for you.”

“Anything, my Lord.” The knight grinned.

The guards opened a set of doors that led to the King's personal chambers. The two walked in. Obvious amazement flashed across the knight's face for such an honor. The King couldn't help a small chuckle from amusement. Once the doors were shut behind them, The King instructed the boy to sit whilst the King went over to his desk. The desk was the largest of desks. The wood was nearly the color of black and lined with golden trimming. The desk was covered with paperwork and many of the rare books that are so hard to come by. With a quick motion, the King opened a secret compartment and pulled out a single piece of small paper.

“This task will be most dangerous and will require all of your strength and all of your skills you have gained.” The King announced, “I only trust you will be able to accomplish this goal.”

“I accept.” The knight replied solemnly.

The King sighed and walked up to the knight and handed the piece of paper, which in turn was not just a mere slip of paper. It was a painting of a beautiful woman. The woman was dressed immodestly and with a pricey hair jewelry. On her arm was a handsome hawk that looked to be completely attached in all ways to the woman. It would seem she owned all the world, but her eyes seemed to cry out for someone to save her.

The Knight was confused as he examined the painting. He looked up at the King, “Your Majesty...I am confused. Who is this?”

The King let out another deep sigh. He sat on the edge of his desk and rubbed his temples, “Do you recall a rumor floating around, still, of a possible bastard child that I had with one of my mistresses?”

“I have, but for one to create such a degrading lie against your Highness is sickening.”

The King snorted, “I'm sorry to tell you then, Sir William, that the rumor is true. None know besides for me and my late mistress.” The knight went to apologize, but he waved him to be silent, “I sent my mistress away to raise the child out of this devilish court life. My two other children with the Queen are so messed up and greedy due to the court, I wanted one pure and good child. Plus, I feared of the Queen's wrath if she was to find out of this child I loved more then anything...even our two sons.”

The knight looked down at the picture and asked, “Is this your child?”

The King nodded, “Yes.”

“Then what am I to do?”

“She was taken a couple months ago by one of many enemies. She has been made a slave mistress to that devil king in the north. Do you see on her shoulder the faint 'H' scar. He...,” He stopped from saying the obvious, “Once he had found out she was my daughter and kidnapped her. Not only that, but he...he slayed my beloved mistress and her entire household. Sir William...please will you save my daughter? I will give you anything in the world.” Tears were running down his cheeks.

Sir William was shocked that his idol and ruler was not only crying in front of him, but he was being begged by this great man. Looking down at the painting again, he rubbed the girls cheek and he knew he had to do this task, “Don't worry, Your Highness, I will do all that I can to save your daughter.”


Blodeuedd said...

You lady are evil. Do not leave me hanging

Carole Rae said...

Hahaha. I'm sorry B!

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