Friday, February 15

Book Review: The Colonel's Lady

Author: Laura Frantz
Title: The Colonel's Lady
Genre: Historical Romance, War, Christian Fiction
Pages: 406
First Published: August 1st, 2011
Where I Got It: borrowed from Library

"In 1779, when genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan arrives at the Kentucky fort commanded by Colonel Cassius McLinn, she finds that her officer father has died. Penniless and destitute, Roxanna is forced to take her father's place as scrivener. Before long, it's clear that the colonel himself is attracted to her. But she soon realizes the colonel has grave secrets of his own—some of which have to do with her father's sudden death. Can she ever truly love him?"


*clears throat* I'm sorry. But it TOOK ME FOREVER TO READ THIS! I wish I could say it was because of I wanted to enjoy every moment or I had no time....well I had enough time and I did not want to enjoy the sweetness of every page. No. No. No. I barely finished and I had to force myself to open the book.

I didn't HATE IT. But I just did not care. The adventure was good and the characters were decently developed. Some of the side characters seemed 2D, but on the majority the author did a wonderful job developing everyone. I especially loved the complexity of Liam. I hated the man, but man was he a complex character and you all know how I love my complex characters. I love try dissecting and trying to figure out what makes him tic and I'm curious to see what he's going to do next. Love it. I haven't stumbled upon a character like Liam in a while. ^.^ Also, I loved the twist near the end. Can't say much else about that....

However, that is all I have nice to really say about this book. I just didn't care. Perhaps it was just me and not the book. I don't know. Perhaps it was the Christian aspect of it...that usually stumbles me up sometimes. Maybe I'll have to come back to this a couple years and it give it another shot. 

In the end, it took me a while to read and I really had to make myself finish it. The twist and the development of the characters was done well. Don't let my "not caring" push you away from this.   I think it mostly me...not the book. I would recommend this for those that don't mind the Christian aspect and who likes Historical Romance. Overall, I give this 1 star. 

Favorite Character(s): Ummmm....Bella?
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Cass, Roxanna, Liam (you baddie you), and Five Feathers (Mhmm)



Blodeuedd said...

>I just hate when I do not care :/

Anne said...

I am not a big fan of Christian fiction so I probably would not enjoy this one either. Pretty cover, too bad the book was not more enjoyable.

Carole Rae said...

B, I rather feel utter disgust and loathing....but not caring is bad.

Anne, yeahhh I hate CF (which I had no idea that it was CF until after I started). Thats what drew me in was the cover. lol I wish it had been too.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Yeah you finished, and bummer. Sorry you had a hard time with it. Thanks for sharing.

Carole Rae said...

Yeah....can't win them all I guess. lol