Friday, February 18

Red Riding Hood Movie

I seen the trailer a couple days of go. I am SO excited! I don't care if no one wants to go see the movie with me, I'll go by myself. It's looks amazing! I will defiantly make a review on it when I do see it. It comes out March 11 2011 and it stars Amanda Seyfried (as Little Red), Gary Oldman, Billy Burke (played Charlie in Twilight saga), Max Irons, and many more. A very talented group of actors. It's bond to be a CLASSIC! Here's a trailer from youtube for those unlucky people who haven't seen any of the trailers yet:

Also, either tomorrow and later tonight, I'm going to post a review on The Roommate, because I've been "forced" (haha) to see it with a couple of my gal pals. I've been itching to see that.


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