Tuesday, February 15

Review for Orchid Affair

(I was so excited to read this, because The Pink Carnation has returned in full! This is the 8th book in the Pink Carnation series.)

Author: Lauren Willig
Title: The Orchid Affair (8th book in Pink Series)
Genre: Historical Fiction, adventure, Historical Romance
Pages: 405
First Published: Janurary 2011
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Barnes&Nobles)

Summary: "Laura Grey, a veteran governess, joins the Selwick Spy School expecting to find elaborate disguises and thrilling exploits in service to the spy known as the Pink Carnation. She hardly expects her first assignment to be serving as governess for the children of Andre Jaouen, right-hand man to Bonaparte’s minister of police. Jaouen and his arch rival, Gaston Delaroche, are investigating a suspected Royalist plot to unseat Bonaparte, and Laura’s mission is to report any suspicious findings. At first the job is as lively as Latin textbooks and knitting, but Laura begins to notice strange behavior from Jaouen—secret meetings and odd comings and goings. As Laura edges closer to her employer, she makes a shocking discovery and is surprised to learn that she has far more in common with Jaouen than she originally thought. "

I found this an excellent read. I think it may have landed as one of my favorite Willig novels. I thought I had everything figured out and whatnot, but the ending took me by surprised, which is very unusual, because I'm very good at guessing the ending of books and movies. Some say its a 6th sense of mine, I suppose. The characters blossom and change and morph and are complex. Especially Jaouen. However, the only reason I was upset at this one was because things happened WHY to quickly in the middle and some of the responses to certain pieces of information baffled me. Other than that I can not complain. I will grant this novel 4 *s


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Welcome to the world of blogging! I enjoy reading Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series, as well -- I met Lauren last year and she is such a friendly person!

Debra Chapoton, author said...

Very nice review - I'll have to check it out. You made me want to learn more about the author.
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Ahhh, I'm glad I made an impression on someone. =)