Monday, February 14

There is Good in the World

Though I don't have many followers as of right now, I want to do a theme. My theme for a little bit is going to be "There is still good in this world". I got the idea last Thursday when I got a flat tire on the freeway. It was the first time something like that happened to me. Here's a quick run down on what happened:
I was on my way to class in Flint. I was about a mile away from Lapeer and I guess I hit something or whatever, but my passenger back tire was destroyed and shredded. I pulled over and got out to change my tire (mind you I can change my own tire) however, I couldn't find my spare dummy. Darn! I didn't know it was under the rug in my trunk. So, I called my mom who was home at the time. While I waited for her a State cop pulled over and asked me questions. He didn't offer to help or anything, but oh well. He left.
About 15 minutes later, my mom pulls up. She finds my tire, but we can't find the tire-rod thing. Great. We sit in her van and call up Steve, our car-guy. However, another guy in a jeep does a couple illegal turns and comes to my rescue! He fixes my tire and when I asked for his address and his name so I can send him a check or a thank-you card, he walks away and says, "No, just remember to help someone in the future." He drives away. 

Thats the tale. And me being a Lord of the Ring dork, I remembered what Sam said in the movie version "That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo... and it's worth fighting for." I would like to know some stories about the "good" in this world. Heres a video of Sam and his ultimate speech:

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