Tuesday, July 9

Blodeuedd's Tuesday Review: Earl Crazy by Anna Bradley

Games Earls Play, Book 4

Narrated by: Heather Wilds

Length: 4 hrs and 59 mins

Release date: 06-25-24

Historical romance /to review

I seem to have missed two books in the middle. And no it does not matter since this is historical romance. But it seems Mathilda´s sisters fell for two earls before this one. England must be all out of earls soon.

Mathilda is having a London season with her good friend. But there is this annoying earl next door that keeps getting in her way.

Three of her sisters matched with Earls, but Mathilda is not after a husband. Of course the Earl of Prestwick is really intriguing, and he feels the same.

This one was actually rather short, and it worked really well. They met, they annoyed each other, there was some drama, they realised they needed each other and lived happily ever after. What more to ask for.

Good narration. Well spoken different voices and a good pace to things.

Christopher Egan, heir to the notorious Prestwick Earldom, is one of London’s most scandalous rakes. He’s never credited the gossips’ claim that fate cast an ancient curse on every successive Earl of Prestwick as punishment for their wickedness, but once he inherits the earldom after his infamous uncle’s untimely demise, it looks as if he may be the next to lose his head. Determined to cheat the curse and avoid his ancestors’ grisly fate, Kit abandons his life of merry debauchery and embarks on a London season to wed the lady he’s long been promised to.

Mathilda Templeton has a knack for causing scandal. Wherever she goes, it follows on her heels. London is the last place such a provocative lady should dare set foot, but when her shy friend Harriett is sent to London for a season, Tilly is determined to protect Harriett from all the scoundrels salivating over her impressive dowry. All she has to do is find her friend a proper match without falling prey to another scandal.

When the scandalous Earl of Prestwick makes a play for Harriett’s hand, Tilly vows to do whatever she must to stop him. But when the battle of wills between them leads to a stolen kiss, Tilly fears she may have fallen in love with London’s most charming scoundrel.