Tuesday, July 2

Audiobook Review: The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie

Author: Agatha Christie
Narrator: Richard Armitage
Title: The Murder on the Links
Series: Hercule Poirot #2
Genre: Murder Mystery, Thriller, Classic
Format: Audiobook
Published: January 1, 1923
Where I got It: Audible

When Hercule Poirot and his associate Arthur Hastings arrive in the French village of Merlinville-sur-Mer to meet their client Paul Renauld, they learn from the police that he has been found that morning stabbed in the back with a letter opener and left in a newly-dug grave adjacent to a local golf course.

Among the plausible suspects are Renauld's wife Eloise, his son Jack, Renauld's immediate neighbor Madame Daubreuil, the mysterious "Cinderella" of Hasting's recent acquaintance, and some unknown visitor of the previous day--all of whom Poirot has reason to suspect. Poirot's powers of investigation ultimately triumph over the wiles of an assailant whose misdirection and motives are nearly--but not quite--impossible to spot.

Been for sure itching to read some Poirots lately! Especially after learning Richard Armitage did some narration for the series ;) There is something about his voice and performance that is amazing. 

Poirot and Hastings arrive in Merlinville-sur-Mer to meet their client. However, when they arrive they learn that their client was literally stabbed in the back with a letter opener. There are a few plausible suspects which include his wife, his son, their neighbor, and more. The two will have to dig and figure out who committed the murder. They will soon learn that not everything is as it seems. 

It is so interesting seeing some of the early works of the series. 

Love Poirot so much. He's a gem. 

Hastings is on my last nerve. His whole romance is silly. However, I did adore that Poirot is secretly a romantic and matchmaker. Adorable, but Hastings? Ugh. 

There was a character I actually ended up really, really liking...especially after a certain scene. Adorable. 

The mystery was fantastic. I really had no idea!!! Twist, after twist. So good. 

The narrator was Richard Armitage? Should I even say more? LOL 

All-in-all, Hastings was annoying but it didn't ruin the story fully for me. Good mystery. Poirot is great. And I was surprised by the end! 4 stars. 


- Audiobook #28
- Cloak and Dagger - #14


Northwoman said...

I enjoy all the Agatha Christie books. I've read them and now I'm listening to some on audio as it has been years ago I read them.

Anne - Books of My Heart

Blodeuedd said...

I still have not tried an Armitage one

Carole Rae said...

Anne, Armitage is good ;)

B, you should! He's so good.

Sophia Rose said...

I've mostly been relistening with Hugh Fraser narrating, but man, I really must find one narrated by Richard Armitage. :)

Carole Rae said...

They are free on Audible ;)