Friday, November 24

Audiobook Review: Pecan Pies and Dead Guys by Angie Fox

Author: Angie Fox 
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
Title: Pecan Pies and Dead Guys
Series: Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #7
Genre: Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Format: Audiobook
Published:  September 18, 2018
Where I got It: My shelf (Audible)

Sometimes Verity Long would like to forget that she lives with the ghost of a 1920s gangster. But the reluctant housemates must once again work together when a dead detective blackmails Frankie into helping him solve a Great Gatsby-era cold case. Before she can say “bathtub gin,” Verity is dragged straight into a raging, otherworldly house party. Worse, every guest is hiding something.

Meanwhile, Ellis Wydell, Verity’s living, breathing boyfriend needs Verity’s help with a police case of his own. After a dead body is discovered near the pecan orchard, Verity gives her insights, thinking her job is done. But when mysterious pecan pies start arriving at her house, she wonders who might be thanking her… or stalking her.

Between hard-living ghosts and sugar-laden desserts, Verity has her work cut out for her. But will she uncover the secrets behind the pecan pies and dead guys? Or has she stumbled upon a recipe for disaster?

Here we go! Book 7! 

Next on the adventures of Verity and Frankie......the dead detective is now blackmailing them to help him solve a Great Gatsby-era cold case. The detective can't move on until this is solved. Verity and Frankie reluctantly agree and find themselves crashing a raging and otherworldly house party. It seems like even in death a lot of ghosts have their secrets. On the living side, there is a fresh murder at the pecan orchard that Ellis, Verity's boyfriend, needs help solving. After giving her insights, she arrives home to a mysterious pecan pie. Now she has three mysteries to solve....will she survive them?

Damn. I was hoping this would be set during Fall time like Turkey Day. That cover and pecan pie...oh well. I'll take what I can get ;) 

Now, I will say this doesn't do well as a standalone. I would say you need to read the last three before getting to this one. Lots of things tie into the past...especially book 6. 

There were a lot of mysteries afoot!!! Verity has her hands full that is for sure. And Frankie too but you know he only helps with what will benefit him. Gosh, do I love these two!!!!

Ugh, that detective is a big ol' A-hole. He is rude and sexist (I get it he's from the 20s and is all "Meeeeeeh women ain't smart enough" but ugh). A man of his time and he seemed to be better by the end. 

Our two baddies are certainly baddies indeed. We have a dead one and a live one and they seem like a match made in H-e-double L. 

I enjoyed this buuuuuut it raised some consistency questions. I get the rules of Ghost-land are loosey-goosey and the author can do what she wants in her world. But there are two questions that had me scratching my head. 1) I thought ghosts look the way that they are when they die? Soooo shouldn't two of them who died old BE old? Not like in their 30s-40s? Or did I mishear how they look? Did they die in their 60s and just look good? IDK. I was so confused. This isn't a huge issue and it could be ME not catching it right, but still. Mmm. 2) The ghost prison? Really? I don't understand how that all works. Maybe we'll see more in the future. 

The narrator is flawless in her role as per normal. I wouldn't want to listen to anyone else for our gang. 

Overall, I liked this. Fun mysteries. Fun characters. Yayy. However, I did have a couple moments that I was scratching my head. Could be me just being an idiot, but....mmmm...ANYWAY. Onto the next! I love this series so much. I'll give this one a 3. 

- #52 for Audiobook challenge


Blodeuedd said...

Hmm so possible plotholes there

Jen Twimom said...

Some day I'll try them...

I have noticed on some of those longer-running cozies that the writing/plotlines can deteriorate over time. I hope it improves.

Carole Rae said...

B, yeah just a couple. Hopefully it's not a biggie.

Jen, hopefully, this was just one where she bent the rules a bit. We'll see

Sophia Rose said...

I thought the ghosts took the appearance at time of death, too. Frankie does with his bullet hole in head. I didn't catch that my time through. :)

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, that is what I thought too. Maybe I misheard this or maybe the dominate ghost could temporarily alter their appearance when forcing them to come to the party. Look how they were back then when the original party happened? IDK.