Wednesday, October 4

Book Review: The Secrets of a Scoundrel by Gaelen Foley

Author: Gaelen Foley
Title: The Secrets of a Scoundrel
Series: Inferno Club #7
Genre: Historical Romance, Fiction
Format: Ebook
Pages: 384
Published: January 1, 2014
Where I Got It: Borrowed from library

Nick, Lord Forrester, has a reputation that is legendary—both as a lethal warrior and a wicked lover. But when his rule-breaking ways land him in a Scottish dungeon, he's left there to rot, until a mysterious lady visits his cell and offers him a way out.

All he must do is risk his neck on the mission she proposes—and obey her every command. One look at the luscious beauty has Nick ready to promise her anything, but he must resist his desire, or she could send him straight back to prison.

Virginia, Lady Burke, is well aware that the powerful ex-spy will try to take command of their quest, but it's her job to keep him under control. Yet how can she keep this untamable scoundrel under her thumb when all she really wants is to unleash the smoldering passion between them?

I read the first six of the series years ago. I honestly forgot about this series until recently when I stumbled upon this in the library ebook section. Eee!

Here we follow Virgina and Nick. Nick is a spy made of legends, but when his rule-breaking ways land him in a Scottish dungeon. He is left there to rot until a mysterious lady visits his cell and offers him a way out. All he needs to do is risk his neck on a mission and obey her every command. Easy peasy. The mysterious lady is none other than Virgina, Lady Burke. She is well aware that the ex-spy is a scoundrel and hard to control, but he is the only one who can aid her. 

I'm soooo glad this did well as a standalone. Some references to the past, but easy enough to follow. Thank goodness because I certainly barely remember the past books. It has been YEARS. We don't see the past characters until the very end. That ending did make me "awww". It was a reunion for not only Nick but for me. It was lovely seeing the old crew. I'm not intrigued and may backtrack.....someday.

The beginning was a little slow for me to get into, but after a certain scene, I didn't want to stop reading!!! I had no idea how everything was going to end, especially after a certain moment. Scary!!!!!!

Lots of twists and turns and watching these two become love. It was lovely. It felt natural while they accomplished their mission.

Minus the beginning slump, I really enjoyed this. It actually re-sparked my love and interest in the past characters. 

In the end, I highly recommend this series and this book. Lots of spies....lots of debauchery....lots of action.....lots of love. Def a fun series. This author is always fun. I MUST read more. It has been too long. 4 stars from me. 


Blodeuedd said...

Wohoo that it turned around :D

Carole Rae said...

It did indeed and I'm happy!