Tuesday, March 14

Re-listen: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

Author: Anne Bishop
Narrator: Alexandra Harris
Title: Vision in Silver
Series: The Others #3
Genre: Urban Fiction, Paranormal, & Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Published: March 3, 2015
Where I got It: Borrowed from library

The Others freed the cassandra sangue to protect the blood prophets from exploitation, not realizing their actions would have dire consequences. Now the fragile seers are in greater danger than ever before; both from their own weaknesses and from those who seek to control their divinations for wicked purposes. In desperate need of answers, Simon Wolfgard, a shape-shifter leader among the Others, has no choice but to enlist blood prophet Meg Corbyn’s help, regardless of the risks she faces by aiding him.

Meg is still deep in the throes of her addiction to the euphoria she feels when she cuts and speaks prophecy. She knows each slice of her blade tempts death. But Others and humans alike need answers, and her visions may be Simon’s only hope of ending the conflict.

For the shadows of war are deepening across the Atlantik, and the prejudice of a fanatic faction is threatening to bring the battle right to Meg and Simon’s doorstep…

2nd time around! Slowly re-reading the series. 

The Others have freed the caged Blood Prophets....but those who have been used and caged for so long are struggling to live. They are in danger from the outside world and from themselves. Simon and Meg will try their bests to help them even though Meg is still deep in her own throes of addiction to prophecy.  On top of all of this, there is a shadow of hatred and war spreading from the humans. 

Gave this 5 stars years ago and I'm giving it 5 stars again. This series just keeps getting better and better! And it for sure has stood up the test of time!!! 

Love Meg and I still defend her actions here. Everyone was mad. Sure, I get their points...but I think they were just freaked out because of her blood can be dangerous. Yes, she should've been smarter but something bad was going to happen if she didn't do what she did. That kid was being a brat and do something. 

WHICH Lizzie was dumb, but she is just a pup. Their pups do selfish and annoying kid things too. The Others are on edge....that is their only excuse for blowing that situation out of proportion. 


Yes, we are learning more about our mains. There is danger and some fun times with our folks. 

Damn humans! They are so dumbbbbbbbb. I guess I don't get WHY they are the way they are, but herd mentality I guess. They are prey and think like prey. 

I did the audio version again because the narrator is perfection for this series. 

In the end...5 stars! Such a great series. 

- #13 for Audiobook challenge


Jen Twimom said...

I would hope I wouldn't be one of the dumb humans if I lived in this world! I need to relisten some day.

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Blodeuedd said...

I just did Lake Silence so only Crowbones left saaad

Northwoman said...

I really enjoy this series but I have read almost all of them instead of listening. It's weird but I tend to continue in a series the way I started. I really enjoy the characters but I wish we would get more stories in the world about the blood prophets and the related people. They fascinate me.

Anne - Books of My Heart

Melliane said...

Such a great series

Mary Kirkland said...

One of these days I will read this series.

Carole Rae said...

Jen, same here! I can't imagine we would be!

Rajani, thank you! And I'll swing by your blog :)

B, awwww you FLEW by the series!

Anne, sameeeee here! I want more on them!

Melliane, it realy is.

Mary, yessssss! I hope you like it!