Thursday, March 30

Book Review: Miss Darcy's Beaux by Eliza Shearer

Eliza Shearer
Title: Miss Darcy's Beaux
Genre: Historical Romance, What If
Format: ebook
Pages: 207
Published: June 5, 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s beloved sister Georgiana is now a woman of twenty. After living in the enclosed safety of Pemberley for years, she is sent to London for the season with Lady Catherine de Bourgh as her chaperone. Lady Catherine is determined that her niece shall make a splendid match. But will Georgiana allow her aunt to decide for her? Or will she do as her brother did, and marry for love?

This year has really been a year I've been tackling my TBR pile. This one isn't as old as some as the others so I didn't include it in my TBR challenge list (but tbh I have had this as a "want-to-read" since 2017 so it def could have counted). Oh well. 

Here we follow Georgiana Darcy. She is now twenty and has become settled into her life in the enclosed safety of Pemberley for years. However, the family wants her to experience life...especially her Aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh who has agreed to be her chaperone. Aka told everyone she was just going to do it. She is determined to find Georgiana a suitable match, unlike Fitzwilliam. However, will Georgiana be allowed to follow her heart and make the decision herself? Will she find the strength to do it? Or will she just settle for whatever Lady Catherine finds for her?

I did enjoy this. I adore Georgiana and I want her to find love! Wickham was terrible and she didn't deserve to have that happen to her. She is an angel and too sweet. 

On that note....Georgiana barely said a word this entire novel. She was sooooo meek it literally enraged me. Yes, I get she doesn't want to rock the boat but say something. Defend Elizabeth! Defend your beloved brother! Defend yourself! Ugh! I wanted to shake her. I'm glad she finally got a backbone near the end, but her brother really had to help. 

Catherine was terrible and mean. 

Lydia was nasty. 

Mary was rude. 

Kitty was annoying. 

Captain Price....sighs....I liked him but he was so sensitive all the time. I'm glad he was understanding after a bit. 

I wish we had more time with Darcy and Elizabeth! 

LOVED that Captain Wentworth and Anne made an appearance!!! I love them!!!! Now I wanna read 'Persuasion' again!

But yes, this was fun if you like the JA characters and stories. It was nice seeing some characters from other books make an appearance. And Captain Price is a nice match for Georgiana. That was unique and different! I approve. 

Just be prepared to want to kick a lot of people who are just plain mean. And Georgiana was too meek for too long. 

In the end, 3 stars from me. 


Blodeuedd said...

That is just too quiet. At least she did not end up with her cousin again

Jen Twimom said...

The summary makes it sound like G is the main character - so how can there be a story if she doesn't talk?

Carole Rae said...

B, too quiet. She rarely says a word. And agreed. I hate when that happens.

Jen, G is....but she barely talks. Just thinks things. X__X