Monday, September 5

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: One Sexy Mistake by Sarah Ballance

Narrated by: Maxine Mitchell

Series: Chase Brothers (Ballance), Book 5

Length: 3 hrs and 7 mins

Release date: 09-13-22

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Contemporary romance / to review

Audio novellas are fun! And short! I like short. Dang, short is good. Srsly, I need to listen to more audio novellas.

So yes, short insta obviously cos it mostly takes places during two days. Olivia wants an easy hookup, Grady wants no strings attached. They do it. Boom, epic snowstorm, she is stranded with the guy she meant to do and leave.

Insert creepy looking cat, some drama with her last job, and some hot feelings. It is hard not to connect when you are stuck together inside an apartment.

Short and easy, and it still made me believe these two wanted and got a happily ever after.

Good narration. It is almost all these two characters, but she did well with those. I easily fell into the story

Olivia Patton's life just imploded. One night with sexy hacker Grady Donovan seems like the perfect, ego-soothing plan—until an epic snowstorm shuts down the city and thwarts her morning-after escape. Now the only walk-of-shame she'll be taking is right back to Grady's door.

Forced to actually talk, Grady and Olivia realize they can't stand each other. Forget another round in the bedroom—if it wasn't his apartment, she'd shove Grady outside to freeze. But with all the blistering sexual tension flying around, a second night with the hacker might be exactly what she needs...if they don't kill each other first.