Tuesday, February 15

TMST: Favorite Romances (Books, Movies, Stories, Poems...etc)

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2/15/2022 Valentine's Day Share your favorite romance moments: movie, book, story, etc.

Awwww I will say romance anything is my 2nd favorite genre! I love historicals the most, but romance is a close 2nd (some days I feel like it takes 1st place). And don't get me started on historical romances ;) Blending TWO of my favorites? Can't get enough folks!

I am a hopeless romantic and I do adore a love of tragic love stories! Those are always a blast. I love having my heart break. hehehe

Soooo favorites? Mmmmmm there are so many things I could share. I love how vague this post is....mmm. Maybe I'll share some favorites from certain categories.

First....let's do book and movie/TV adaptation:

#1 is def Cold Mountain. Both the book and the hit movie. Both are fantastic.

#2 is Wuthering Heights. I love the book and the Tom Hardy version. Eeeek. I could be biased because I def crush on Tom Hardy but it is SO good. ;) And the book is a classic!! 

#3 Bridgerton and The Duke and I. I am LOVING this TV show adaptation AND I have been enjoying the series (I think I am on book 3?). Can't wait to read more and see the new season in March.

Favorite Book Series:
One of my favorite romance series is the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig. I think it is what really got me in the genre mixing. There is contemporary love, historical romance, historical fiction, mystery, spies....so many of the things ALL in one. I would simply DIE if these became a show or movie series. 

Favorite(s) of the classics:

Mmmm let's see. Oh! Jane Austen is the Queen of classic love stories FOR sure. Her stuff is a must if you are reading classic love stories. My ultimate fave is Persuasion. 2nd place goes to the famous Pride and Prejudice. 

Favorite of the romance poets: 

#1 Thomas Wyatt. Love his stuff. He has a sprinkle of tragic love so he is def on the top of my list! 

#2 Robert Byrne....bc duh. 

#3 Edgar Allen Poe....that tragic love again...can't get enough!! So he counts for romance in my books ;) 

Favorite Contemporary movies: 

I haven't read the book (so I couldn't count it towards the first category), but I simply LOVE this movie. It makes me cry every.single.damned.time. 

Juno!!! This is def a love story I love and is cute!

A Star is Born made me feel everything. All the emotions! I've seen a couple of the older ones, but this one is the best 100000%.

I used to watch this once a month I swear! It's been a couple of years so I'm itching to watch it again! I love Rom Coms. They bring me joy! Watch 50 First Dates !!! If I had to pick only ONE Rom Com....this is the one. 

Okay, I will stop myself there. I could go on and on. There are SO many good books, movies, and TV shows. 

There are so many stories and couples that I love. So many genres. Eeee. 

I think that is why I love romance so much. It can be found everywhere and in every genre. Love is can found in the most unlikely places. ^_^


Jen Twimom said...

Thanks for the comprehensive list! I may check some of these out. Thanks.

Carole Rae said...

Hehehehe I had a lot of fun with this prompt!

Blodeuedd said...

Omg a Star is born. My heart