Tuesday, October 12

TMST: Paper, Electronic, Audio books

10/12 - paper, electronic, audio… how do you read?

I'll take what I can get! hahaha. 

The last couple of years ebooks and audios have been my main sources. I can give a million reasons why. Money, space, Covid, and ease of access....just to name a few. 

I must thank all my blogging friends...especially Blodeuedd for really getting me into Audio. Not too long ago I was all MEH about that source, but they have gotten me addicted ;) 

I do still love paperbooks but mainly I only get the paper versions if I go to a used book sale, gifties from people, or randomly at the grocery store. 


Melliane said...

I confess that I don't really do audio. I don't know why it doesn"t work out for me

Carole Rae said...

I used to be the same way now I'm addicted.

Carole said...

I personally prefer paper books from the library - particularly now we've been in lockdown for weeks with only the electronic library to use... Cheers

Jen Twimom said...

Audiobooks for the win! They are awesome.