Tuesday, October 12

TMST: Paper, Electronic, Audio books

10/12 - paper, electronic, audio… how do you read?

I'll take what I can get! hahaha. 

The last couple of years ebooks and audios have been my main sources. I can give a million reasons why. Money, space, Covid, and ease of access....just to name a few. 

I must thank all my blogging friends...especially Blodeuedd for really getting me into Audio. Not too long ago I was all MEH about that source, but they have gotten me addicted ;) 

I do still love paperbooks but mainly I only get the paper versions if I go to a used book sale, gifties from people, or randomly at the grocery store. 


Melliane said...

I confess that I don't really do audio. I don't know why it doesn"t work out for me

Carole Rae said...

I used to be the same way now I'm addicted.

Carole said...

I personally prefer paper books from the library - particularly now we've been in lockdown for weeks with only the electronic library to use... Cheers

Jen Twimom said...

Audiobooks for the win! They are awesome.

Blodeuedd said...

Audio truly is addicting!

vvb32 reads said...

Loving the audio these days too. Amazing how the library offer the new ones pretty fast.

Sophia Rose said...

I used to read exclusively paperbacks, but then I started having eye trouble so being able to enlarge the font on an ereader has made a big difference. Loving audios lately, too.

Carole Rae said...

Carole - ya our lib just opened a couple weeks ago for paper ones.

Jen, yasssss love audios!

B, it is!

vvb32, agreed. I feel they are quicker.

Sophia, I love that about ebooks. I love the options.