Thursday, April 20

Book Review: Bear of the Highlands by Sky Winters

Author: Sky Winters
Title: Bear of the Highlands
Genre: Historical, Paranormal Romance, & Short Story
Pages: ebook
Published: Nov 2015
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Amazon freebie)

Princess Murdina has suffered harshly since the death of her father. Crowned the new King, her brother proves to be heartless and cruel, even to his own sister. Driven by greed, he attempts to force her into an unwanted marriage to the sadistic Lord Cannon in order to gain more land. Determined not to become another casualty of Lord Cannon’s dark desires, Murdina flees on horseback. Cornered on the cliffs by her brother’s knights, she sees her only option as being to jump to her death. 

Much to her surprise, a dark figure arrives out of nowhere and snatches her up to take her deep into the woods. It is here that she learns that her savior is Rory of the Clan McKordia—a Highland rebel determined to take down her brother. Not only does she not expect to learn that Rory is a bear shifter, but she never expects to fall in love with him, and fight by his side. 

I have FINALLY completed the collection of short stories by the author. It's's done. *throws confetti*

This short story surprised me...this was the best one out of the entire collection honestly. So still okay...not great tho.

This one follows Murdina who is being sold to a nasty man for alliances and whatnot so she decided to run away. She changes her name to Anna to be safe I guess living as a pauper is better than marrying a man with a bad reputation, but rich. 

Rory saves Murdina from her brother's guards. Of course, Rory is enemy #1 to the King (Murdina's brother) and has always thought she was a hottie, but Murdina (of course) doesn't remember him at all. But yes, Rory is a werebear. Sadly, we don't get to see much of his bear shifts. However, more in this one than the a point there. 

I do like how it took a while for them to admit feelings to each other. Rory had loved her for years, but didn't say anything at first. For Murdina, she thought he was a hottie and was thankful for being kind to her, but it did take a while for her to fall for him. 

This was a short story and things did happen fast, but it was done well overall.

My only real complaint is that it was supposed to be a historical set book, but the word usages and etc were very modern. 

Overall...not too shabby compared to the others. I'll give it a 4. 


Blodeuedd said...

Why is the bear coming out of his crotch?

Carol said...

I like the idea of a werebear, but overall it just doesn't sound like on I need to run out and read.

Anachronist said...

It sounds like 1k other shifter his-roms so thanks but no, thanks.

Carole Rae said...

B, lmaoo! I didn't notice the bear...I kept staring at the damn sword.

Carol, same here.

Ana, right? But it was a freebie and ya know. LOL