Monday, May 18

Blodeuedd Reviews: A Fool Again by Eloisa James


A Fool Again is the story of Genevieve, who once made a dash to Gretna Greene to marry, but

was caught by her father. Now, a few years later, she attends the funeral of her elderly husband

(not the man she ran away to marry) and who does she see but The One Who Got Away! Can

they make their love work this time around or will Genevieve be A Fool Again?

My thoughts:

This one was kind of boring. I thought about giving up, but eh, it was under 80 pages.

Genevieve ran away, was found and was forced to marry an old guy. Then he dies and she meets

that old flame again.

Yawn. She was kind of annoying in a way, yeah did not really like her. Her old flame was better.

He wanted her, he gets her. The end.



ebook, 74 pages

Published April 26th 2011 by HarperCollins e­books

Duchess Quartet #1.5

Historical romance



Blodeuedd said...

Would not really recommend this one ;)

Anachronist said...

Meh. You need a kitten for that. Or a monster. ;p

Melliane said...

Sorry it wasn't more... I heard great things about this author.