Sunday, May 4

1.2 Favorite Character (Free-style Poetry)

***By the way I am super proud of this after I finished. The idea behind these prompts is that you do free-style writing for a couple minutes. No editing, no going back and making changes. Just write until you are done. I decided to make this into a poem.***

Prompt - Describe your favorite character from a book, movie, or TV show. Be sure not to use the character's name or the name of where he/she comes from.

Dilly dally,
Dance around the clock.
Never to age, never to die
Except by a strike
Of his waved blade,
That drips blood of pain.
Once a man,
who lost it all.
Who would try to gain,
But would still fall.
Two things would lead to 
His doom:
One he gained when lost and
One as pretty as a bell.
Once alone and scared.
Once alone and scarred. 
For all magic comes with a price,
Even with all the gold
And power to mold
The futures of all.
Little he knows
That one or two do
Love him so.
Even his scaly skin
And corrupted heart
Won't stop their hearts
That love him so.
Forever is he doomed
If he can not break free
Of his cursed soul.
Once he can become a man
And not a beast.
Not a coward.
Not scared.
Not evil.
Not the Dark One,
But simply be Rumpelstiltskin.