Thursday, April 18

Thursday Book Teaser: His Forbidden Kiss

A weekly meme created by Carole (me) to share excerpts and book teasers from books. Anyone can join, just make sure not to give away any spoilers.

Happy Thursday everyone. How is everyone's week? Mine has been usual lately. I've managed to calm down the beast of school a little. I have a system going, so all is well for the moment. 

Well, this week I'm going to share a random tease from the random book I picked up at the library. I was bored and wasting time, so I just randomly picked up this book. I've been contemplating creating some meme or something that promotes just randomly picking up a book and reading it without even really reading the back of it. Go in cold-turkey. Mhmmm. What do you all think?

Page number: 228
Starting at: Second paragraph

"'Perhaps, Your Majesty,' he answered warily.
'Oh, come, come, Mr. Harding! You are reckoned a very clever and dutiful solicitor, and Mr. Burroughs is merely a silk merchant, no matter how many airs he puts on. We think you would stand an excellent chance, especially if his niece already loves you. Therefore, we shall be delighted to help you.'
'Help us, Your Majesty?'"

That is all...for a huge spoiler is near the horizon, I reckon.