Friday, December 21

Book Review: Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Bronte
Title: Wuthering Heights
Genre: Romance, Classic, Gothic, Historical Fiction
Pages: 464
First Published: 1847
Where I Got It: my shelf (Goodwill)

"Wuthering Heights is a wild, passionate story of the intense and almost demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling adopted by Catherine's father. After Mr Earnshaw's death, Heathcliff is bullied and humiliated by Catherine's brother Hindley and wrongly believing that his love for Catherine is not reciprocated, leaves Wuthering Heights, only to return years later as a wealthy and polished man. He proceeds to exact a terrible revenge for his former miseries. The action of the story is chaotic and unremittingly violent, but the accomplished handling of a complex structure, the evocative descriptions of the lonely moorland setting and the poetic grandeur of vision combine to make this unique novel a masterpiece of English literature."

This is about the fourth time I've read this novel. However, its been a while and I was having an itch for it, so I picked it up and began reading it. Within hours I was done. I just can't get enough of this book. Now I'm desperately on the hunt for the movie with Tom Hardy (he's so yummy). The nearest one is some random town a couple hours away, so I have to sit here and wait. Gah. Patience is not my virtue...however, I would want an eon to watch the movie. Not only is Tom Hardy yummy, but this story makes me happy as a clam.

Anyways, I hate pretty much every character in this book, but I still adore it. I love the hate-love that is formed between Catherine and Heathcliff. I feel that after he runs off like an idiot and then came back to seek his revenge that the romance bloomed more. Yes, love shouldn't be like that, but for worked. They are both crazy and rather mean people and when they had some hatred mixed in with their love it just seemed fitting. 

Though Heathcliff did have valid reasons as to why to hate Catherine, Hindley, and even Linton, I was angry that he took his revenge on the innocent. Yes, take revenge on those three. That is fine, but when he turned his focus onto Miss Linton and the next generation, that was going too far. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone, so I shall not go into detail. I shall say though...that Heathcliff went waaaaaaay to far though. Oh well, it was entertaining to see how far he would go.

This certainly is a classic and a masterpiece that will live on throughout the ages. I pray that my children will love this book as much as I do.

In the end, I love this book more then I can say. Not only is there a tragic romance, but it is filled with revenge, mystery, and a ghost. It is a Gothic novel, just as a heads up to those that don't fancy  the genre. I would recommend this to everyone. Everyone should read this because it is a classic and its just a generally good story. I shall stamp this with 5 stars, of course. ^.^

Favorite Character(s): Nelly (the rational one of them all), Linton (yeaaaah, I just felt so bad for him), Heathcliff (I have a love-hate thing with him. I love to hate him. bahahaha), and Young Hareton.
Not-so-Favorite Character(s): Catherine (I don't understand why ever Tom, Dick, and Harry loved her), Heathcliff (love-hate), Hindley (a drunken fool), and Lockwood (useless human being)
Favorite Quote(s): "My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary." Catherine, page 74 (one of the most famous quotes, but I sure do love it)



Blodeuedd said...

Never read it, it sounds so depressing :/

Anachronist said...

I suppose in modern times Cathy and Heathcliff would be both into BDSM, don't you think?

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Carole Rae said...

B, you need to. It's so good though!

Ana, I bet! I bet they were in the that time too ;D.