Friday, December 14

Book Review: Temptation in a Kilt

Author: Victoria Roberts
Title: Temptation in a Kilt (Bad Boys of the Highlands #1)
Genre: Historical Romance, Adventure
Pages: 352
First Published: September 4th, 2012
Where I Got It: my shelf (won it)

"She's On Her Way to Safety

It's a sign of Lady Rosalia Armstrong's desperation that she's seeking refuge in a place as rugged and challenging as the Scottish Highlands. She doesn't care about hardship and discomfort, if only she can become master of her own life. Laird Ciaran MacGregor, however, is completely beyond her control...

He Redefines Dangerous...

Ciaran MacGregor knows it's perilous to get embroiled with a fiery Lowland lass, especially one as headstrong as Rosalia. Having made a rash promise to escort her all the way to Glengarry, now he's stuck with her, even though she challenges his legendary prowess at every opportunity. When temptation reaches its peak, he'll be ready to show her how he really is...on and off the battlefield."

Took me an eon to read, but I am finally done. Huzzah! There were a lot of reasons why I had a hard time finishing this. Life got in the way, finals, and the middle of the book felt like stagnant water. I hate to say the middle was boring....but it was....well....boring. However, the beginning and end were stuff-filled with action and love and it was hooten good time. ^.^

The cast of characters were fun and I liked all of them (even the evil Campbells). I really loved how Rosalia wasn't a stick of lass and was not at all perfect. As you all know I can't help myself when a story has an imperfect hero or herione. Now Ciaran was the opposite of Rosalia...he is perfect. So perfect I wanted to bang my head off the wall. Not only is he "sexy as Hell", but he's a good guy and a perfect gentlemen. Yes, he did host a mistress for a while, but the moment Rosalia appeared he bid a fond goodbye to the hussy. However, he expected nothing from Rosalia. He was annoyingly perfect. I want my Highlander lairds possessive and dominating. Oh well. I really liked his brothers and James. I hope James gets his own book!

Victoria Roberts did a wonderful job with her first novel and I'm looking forward to her others. The way described everything was great. I'm very visual and I could see everything and I FELT like I was there. I also adored how well she used the Scottish dialect in the dialogue. Made everything just better. It wasn't overly used or cheesy, she really captured 17th century Scotland. Kuddos!

In the end, the middle was a drag and Ciaran was annoyingly perfect. Everything else was fantastic and it didn't seem like Victoria Robert's debut novel. Again....kuddos. I will probably check out her future books. Hopefully she give James some love and gives him his own book. Out of five stars I stamp this with 3 stars. It's more like 3.4, but I rounded. Sorry for the short review.

Favorite Character(s): James (awwwwww), Declan (though a horrid rogue, I liked him), Rosalia (a strong woman with real flaws), Asling (bahahaha, she was great), and Aiden (poor man married to the Iron Woman, aka Asling).
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Ciaran (mmm), Rosalia's mom (bitch), The English Beast, and The eviiiiiiiil Campbells (just eviiiiiiil)



Blodeuedd said...

James totally needs a booK!

Carole Rae said...

Yes, yes he does! ^.^

Anachronist said...

No he doesn't. Neither the other gentlemen. ;p

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Totally crushing on that cover!! Lol. Sounds good. :)

Carole Rae said...

Ana hehehehe.

Melissa, I know. Such a nice cover.