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Audiobook Review: Beard Science by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Joy Nash, Chris Brinkley
Beard Science
Series: Winston Brothers #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: October 11, 2016
Where I Got It: Audible

Make a deal with the devil and you might get what you want, but will it be what you need?

Jennifer Sylvester wants one thing, and that one thing is NOT to be Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen. Ever the perpetual good girl and obedient daughter, Jennifer is buckling under the weight of her social media celebrity, her mother’s ambitions, and her father’s puritanical mandates. Jennifer is officially desperate.

And desperate times call for Cletus Winston.

Cletus Winston is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery covered in conundrum sauce, and now he’s in a pickle. Despite being convinced of his own omniscience, extortion by the exalted Banana Cake Queen of Green Valley has taken him completely by surprise. So... what’s a maniacal mastermind to do?

Likely, the last thing you expect.

Been meaning to continue with the series. I enjoyed the first two, but you know how it and book lists get busy. 

Here we follow the next sibling of the Winstons. Cletus has always been a mystery. Always been the smartest and weirdest. Enter Jennifer who is much more than her costume and social media personality called the Banana Cake Queen. She is buckling under the pressure her parents' are putting on her. She just wants to find love and be happy. Desperate times call for Cletus. She will extort him to help her. Little do they know that extortion will lead to true love.

Please note; I suggest reading the first two before this one. There are loads of references and some of the events here are because of the events of the other two. 

I was a little nervous, tbh, with this one especially when I first started. I didn't see how these two people could find chemistry and lust and love. Yes, yes, opposites attract, but I was worried. Good thing Jennifer decided to blackmail him into helping her out because their orbits are so far apart that I do not think they would've ever had a meet-cute. They knew of each other but he wouldn't have given her the time of day. 

I felt SO bad for Jennifer. Her parents suck. Her mom has built this image of the Banana Cake Queen and won't let it go. Her father is just plain mean and controlling. Poor girl is in her 20s and she doesn't have a thing that is her own. No wonder Jennifer is buckling under the weight and needs to find freedom. 

Then there is Cletus. I'll be honest...I struggled to like him at first. He is vengeful and rude. I do love that he'd do anything for his family. But the games he plays? The secrets he finds and if he needs to.... use it against that person? Eeeee. 

He DOES get a taste of his own medicine when Jennifer comes knocking on his door. Good. I think Jennifer really opens his eyes and he becomes a better man because of her. Good!!!!! By the end, I did end up really liking him. Sure he did a bone-headed thing but I get WHY. I'm glad Jennifer didn't hold it against him for too long. Just enough to make him sweat and show him the error of his ways. Nodders.

The ending had me cheering. It was a wonderful way to end things. I won't spoil anything, but a character does end up getting what they deserve..........

The narration was flawless again. I love their voices. Perfect for their own character and then the rest of the characters. I hope they continue with the series. 

In the end, this had a shaky start for me, but eventually, these two characters warmed my heart and made me love them. This was fun. You will def need to read book 1 and 2 before this one. Onto the next! I'll give this one 4 stars. 


- #39 for Audiobook challenge


Northwoman said...

I love Jennifer and Cletus. My favorites.

Anne - Books of My Heart

Carole Rae said...

I def grew to love them. :D

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I am terribly behind on commenting

Carole Rae said...

hahahaha I get that way too.