Tuesday, August 29

Book Review: I've Got My Mind Set on Brew by Stephanie Jayne

Author: Stephanie Jayne
Title: I've Got My Mind Set on Brew
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Expected publication April 9, 2024
Where I Got It: Netgalley

A down-on-her-luck craft beer brewer and her privileged new boss clash as they work together to save a quirky brewpub in this enemies-to-lovers workplace romcom, perfect for fans of Rachel Lynn Solomon’s The Ex Talk.

Kat Malone is left cash-strapped after a job loss and a bad breakup (pro tip: never offer to pay living expenses for a freeloading poetry major) when she discovers a surprising new career path: craft beer brewer.

When the brewpub is sold, the new owner places his light-on-experience son in charge of the pub. Ryan is as basic as a pale lager and aims to turn quirky Resistance into a run-of-the-mill sports bar. Worse, he won’t consider Kat for the position of brewer’s assistant—the job she’d been promised by the previous owners.

Despite clashes between Kat and Ryan, he confides that Resistance is in financial trouble and that drastic changes will be needed if the pub has any hope of survival. Forced to collaborate, Kat realizes Ryan isn’t as bland as she assumed—he might even be exactly what she’s been craving.

But just as Ryan promises Kat a true partnership in the face of his father’s opposition, Kat is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. “Marrying the beer” used to be Kat’s only goal, but can she craft a brew for her life that allows her to have it all?

This cover? This title? This summary? Yes pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we follow Kat who has had a string of bad luck. She's recovering from a job loss and a bad breakup. However, she discovers a new career path that she is passionate about...craft beer brewer. Things are looking up until the brewpub is sold to a new owner and the owner puts his son, Ryan, in charge. Ryan wants to change a lot of things and Kat won't have it! They will soon learn there is more to each other than meets the eye. 

This was cute and fun and unique. I personally prefer wine or whiskey, but craft beer can be fun! Hubby likes trying all the crazy crafts. If this became a movie or show, I think he would adore this story (he's not much of a reader). However, I enjoyed learning about the process and different types of brews. Kat is a knowledgeable lady and you can't help but adore her and her passion!!

I had one big issue with this...Ryan. Sighs. He was rough...super rough around the edges. Just be honest with Kat and everyone. I promise he will get better by the end, but it was a rough journey for sure. There were times I just wanted Kat to walk away from that pub and that man and never return. But she loves the pub and the people...and she loves Ryan. Sighs.

Anyway, I did enjoy this overall. It was so refreshing. Sometimes it felt more like a chic lit than a romance, but the romance does happen...eventually. They have a lot to weed through so it takes time. Ryan was a tough character to fall in love with, but like Kat, when you do fall for him...you'll fall hard. But yes, this was pretty fun. A nice way to end August. I'll give it 3 stars. 


Sophia Rose said...

Sometimes the backdrop of the romance is just as interesting as the actual build up and the characters. Glad Ryan eventually got his ducks in a row.

Jen Twimom said...

The cover is totally cute, but ya, I'd probably be mad at Ryan and DNF it.

Blodeuedd said...

The cover does make me lol

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, agreed.

Jen, he does get better.

B, I adore it so much lol