Tuesday, February 21

TMST: Pets!

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2/21: Time for a pet update! Tell us about yours

Awwww I am a proud furbaby Mama!! 

We currently have two pets. 

One cat named Mamyia. Nicknames include (but not limited to): Mimi, Maya, Ma'am, Loaf, Mama's Girl, Madame, and Missy. 

She is doing good from our last update in 2021! Oof so long ago! She is a Mama's girl and sweet when she wants to be. She is on a diet but not much I can do when she eats bugs and stuff out of the sink. We force her to play (even Ralph will try and play with her) but she is a loaf and only gets zoomies once in a while. She will be turning 8 in October!

We also have one dog named Ralph. Nicknames include (but not limited to): Ralphie, Ralphie-butt, Bootie, Goat Boi, Lord Ralphington, or Handsome Boi. 

He's doing good. Still the most handsome boy I know! He just turned 5 a few weeks ago. In January, we had to rush him to the vet because he was freaking out. He was shaking his ear and trying to hide in weird places. He kept looking around thinking something was there. Poor guy! They found that his ear was full of gunk and junk. They flushed it out and gave him medicine to fight any sort of infection or irritation. He is MUCH better now. 

Sadly, Toki has now passed away and has joined his brother over the rainbow bridge!