Monday, February 13

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Flame Bringer by Elle Katharine White

Series: Heartstone (#3)

Format: 368 pages, Paperback

Published; November 12, 2019 by Harper Voyager


I liked book 1, but with this one. I felt sort of confused at times, and I felt myself not caring. It sort of dragged and then it all finished really fast.

I do not even want to talk a lot. It was boring. Glad it ended... on a sour note but still, the end.

It starts with the inconceivable: Wydrick, sworn enemy of the Daireds, is back from the dead, possessed by a ghast that grants him immortality and inhuman strength. From the isolated northern mountains, Aliza, Alastair, and Akarra chase him into the dangerous Old Wilds, realizing too late that he's led them into a blizzard. Before he vanishes, Wydrick utters a warning: A terrible, ancient evil has awoken, hungry for blood, and is headed their way.

The danger is closer than they know. The Tekari--sworn enemies of humans--are openly roaming the kingdom and are headed towards the capital, Edonarle. Then unexpected news arrives: riding like a dark dragon on the winds from the south, an ambassador from the Silent King of Els, has left the shores of the distant desert kingdom for the first time in centuries.

Unknown enemy? Or unexpected ally? Plunged into a dangerous world of royal intrigue and ancient grudges, Aliza and Alastair soon realize it will take more than steel and dragonfire to save their kingdom. For the silence of Els hides a secret that could shake House Daired to its foundations, and the time has come to settle accounts.

Silence, it seems, is about to be broken.