Tuesday, August 5

Book/Play Review: The Odyssey by Homer

Author: Homer
Title: The Odyssey
Genre: Classic, Play, Adventure, and Fantasy
Pages: ebook
First Published: 800 BC
Where I Got It: On my shelf (Free ebook)

"The poem mainly centers on the Greek hero Odysseus and his journey home after the fall of Troy. It takes Odysseus ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten-year Trojan War. In his absence, it is assumed he has died, and his wife Penelope and son Telemachus must deal with a group of unruly suitors, the Mnesteres or Proci, who compete for Penelope's hand in marriage."

This is my second time reading this play/book. The first time was in High School and I had been blessed to be able to read this with the teacher and other students (it was a joint effort). It was a fun time and I loved the book! This time, though, I was left on my own to read it for my Lit class in college. 

It's a much different experience reading it on your own compared to reading it together with a whole bunch of people. It was still good, but it was harder to get through. Yes, I struggled to get through it the second time, especially because I decided to read ALL of it (my teacher did just give us selected parts to read, but I wanted to be a cool kid). Sighs. Lesson to me...just listen to my teacher. haha. 

Again...I still hate Odysseus. >___> I get being gone for 10 years during the Trojan War, but it taking 10 years to find your way home? PAH-lease. Maybe if you stayed a loyal and stayed on course then you wouldn't have had issues getting the homes. I'm glad the Gods gave you a hell of time (especially Poseidon), because you are an ass and Penelope should have married someone else. Meh. If I was Penelope and found out that I waited 20 years for a man who had cheated on me while I stayed loyal and pure for him, I would be sooooooo angry. She probably never finds out, because it is no biggy for a man to cheat on his wife. Meh.


Sorry for my rant up there. haha

It is a little slow in some parts, but it was definitely an adventure that adheres to all readers. I'm glad that they showed Penelope's story as well as Odysseus'. It showed that the battle is not only fought on the battlefield, but also at home. It's hard being the one left behind especially with men pounding at your door wanting your hand in marriage and your husbands throne. It's tough. 

In the end, I still enjoyed this story even though it was harder not skipping some of the boring parts that teachers usually have students skip. I'm glad I did it, though, because I feel I have a deeper connection to the book and the characters. This would be super awesome to see performed live! I recommend this to those that love classics and adventures! Out of five stars, I shall keep this stamped at 5 stars. It is more like 4.5, but since I don't give decimals, I rounded. 

Favorite Character(s): Penelope, Achilles (just because I always envision Brad Pitt), and Telemachus.
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Helen of Troy, Odysseus, and the Cyclops. 


Blodeuedd said...

So not the book for me

Carole Rae said...

Can't win them all. ;D