Thursday, January 16

Book Review: Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

Author: Anne Bronte
Title: Agnes Grey
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Classic
Pages: 272
First Published: 1847
Where I Got It: Borrowed from library (I really should invest in this book someday, I have a book from all the other sisters. lol)

"At age 19 Anne Brontë left home and worked as a governess for a few years before becoming a writer. Agnes Grey was an 1847 novel based on her experience as a governess. Bronte depicts the precarious position of a governess and how that can affect a young woman. Agnes was the daughter of a minister whose family was in financial difficulty. She has only a few choices for employment. Agnes experiences the difficulty of reining in spoiled children and how wealth can corrupt morals. She later opens a school and finds happiness."

This would be the second time I've read this. I really should invest in a copy of this book. I have a book from Charlotte and Emily, but none by Miss Anne. Sighs. 


This book is simply mesmerizing and easy to read. It was written in such a simplistic way that one can forget to stop reading and be done in a day. I got this done in two days. Damn needed money and having to go into works *shakes fist*

This book does indeed have an HEA which makes this a sweet book, but at the same time a very tragic book if you know the authors life. This book was a reflection off of Anne's life. Anne did become a governess and did have to deal with rich folks and spoiled children. However, unlike Agnes, Anne never did get an HEA. She died at a very young age and without love of a man. So sad. But at least she twisted her life story and gave Agnes love and a good ending. 

I'm glad that Agnes found her true love, but OH did she make me mad a lot. She was a moralist and annoying at times. She is one of those people who think they are better then everyone. She loved pointing out people's flaws in her writing (this was written as if Agnes wrote this...sort of like a journal). Okay, Agnes, you are not perfect either. She was a hypocrite and it was annoying at times. Granted...yes those parents were corrupt and sad excuses for parents. And the kids were rotten to the core. I know that Anne was trying to prove a point that money and wealth can indeed corrupt the soul, but it was just annoying sometimes how Agnes pointed it out. 

In the end, I did like this book. It's a nice look into the past and I do recommend those that fancy the classics should read this. Or for people that want a book that encapsulates the middle 1800s. Or for those looking for something different on their reading list. Even though Agnes made me want to punch her from time to time, I enjoyed the story. I will still stamp this with 3 stars. 

Favorite Character(s): Agnes (sometimes I liked her when she wasn't on her hypocritical soap box), The Bloomfield children (yes, they were rotten and Tom is a future serial killer, but they all were entertaining and added a certain spice to the book), & Mr. Weston (nice chap)
No-so Favorite Character(s): Mr and Mrs Bloomfield


Blodeuedd said...

Never read it..I should try it though

Carole Rae said...

:) You should.