Friday, September 20

Longings by Carole Rae

Hahaha. I've been doing these freewrites with my friends and one of the prompts was "longings". I'm very proud of this stupid poem I wrote. I'm contemplating sharing some of my other prompts. We shall see.

By: Carole Rae

I see you looking at me.
You see me looking at you.
How dare you try to tempt me
You devilish chocolate covered cookie, you!
Yesterday you may have beat me,
But today I will resist you!
Stop staring at me!
I so do want to eat you...
How dare you try and tempt me,
You fresh and warm cookie
All filled with steamy chocolate chips....
I can feel the drool forming...
I can feel myself standing.....
NO!!! You will not tempt me!
You will not win.
It is me
Who will win!
I stand and you think you won me.
But I walk away and say,
"Yesterday you beat me,
But today I am victorious;
tomorrow my longings for you may overcome me,
but today is mine.
So eat THAT you yummy cookie you