Thursday, July 25

Thursday Book Teaser: The Ashford Affair

Happy Thursday everyone! How is everyone doing? I'm doing okay. I have today off and I'm relaxing until about 5:30 my time...why? Well, I'm getting another tattoo today! ^.^ It's been nearly about three years since I got my little tattoo. I'm super nervous. Well I tell you what I am getting? No...this shall be a surprise and I will post a couple pictures. ^.^ Eeeek! Nervous I am!


This week I'm going to share a little tease from Lauren Willig's new-ish book 'The Ashford Affair'.

Page number: 125
Location on page: paragraph 1

"There was something strangely familiar about her. Not the expression, but the facial features. Clemmie knew she had seen her before, but in a different setting, with a different tone. She gasped after the memory.

Paul drew in his breath in a long hiss. "You know who that is, don't you?"

"Bea," Said Clemmie, realizing suddenly where she had seen her before. It was the woman in Granny Addie's drawer.

Paul looked at her as though she were stupid. "What? That's the owner," said Paul impatiently, in a whisper that wasn't. "The Marquess of Rivesdale."

"Huh?" Clemmie came down with a crash from her own thoughts. "Where?"

"There." Paul nodded to the far side of the room, where a man had paused to say hello to the two elderly ladies, bending to kiss one of them on the cheek. He had changed out of his gray flannels and into the regulation black and white of evening wear, but Clemmie recognized him as the man...."

AND boom. I could go no further in fear of creating a HUGE spoiler. ^.^



sonia said...

Ooh, looks intriguing!

Blodeuedd said...

What kind of tattoo?

Carole Rae said...

Sonia, ^.^ it is it is.

B, I got a blue jay feather on my foot.