Thursday, November 1

Thursday Book Teaser

HAPPY DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it is the day after Halloween, but I shall still use this image. ^.^ 

How was everyone's Halloween? Mine was alright...I had work, but afterwards my co-workers threw a mini-party. It was fun. At work I dressed as the demon who cursed the Detroit Lions. I wore a Lions hoodie and blue devil horns. I looked cute and people thought it was funny. No pictures though because I'm feeling kruddy and I simply forgot.

This week I'm sharing an excerpt of The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning. It's an excerpt from the author, so random is the theme for this week. 

"Each day was a battle to accomplish three things: use only what magic was absolutely necessary; despite the ever-growing temptation, toop hard and fast and frequently, and continue collecting and searching the tomes wherein might he the answer to his all-consuming question.
Was there a way to get rid of the dark ones?
If not... well, if not...
He raked a hand through his hair and blew out a deep breath. Eyes narrowed, he watched the lights flickering beyond the park, while behind him, on the couch, the lass slept the dreamless sleep of the utterly exhausted. On the morrow, dark circles would mar the delicate hollows beneath her eyes, etching her features with beguiling fragility. His bed play took a toll on a woman.
Two nights past, Katie had wet her lips and oh-so-casually remarked that he seemed to be waiting for something.
He'd smiled and rolled her onto her stomach. Kissed her sweet, warm, and willing body from head to toe. Dragged his tongue over every inch, then taken her, ridden her, and when he'd finished with her she'd been crying with pleasure.
She'd either forgotten her question or had thought better of it. Katie O'Malley was not a fool. She knew there was more to him than she really wanted to know. She wanted him for sex, nothing more. Which was well and fine, because he was incapable of more.
I wait for my brother; lass, he hadn't said. I wait for the day Drustan wearies of my refusal to return to Scotland. For the day his wife is not so pregnant that he fears to leave her side. For the day he finally acknowledges what he already knows in his heart, though he so desperately clings to my lies: that I am dark as the night sky with but a few starlike flickers of light left within me.
0ch, aye, he was waiting for the day his twin brother would cross the ocean and come for him.
See him for the animal he was
If he permitted that day to arrive, he knew one of them would die."