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Who, What, Where

A weekly meme created by Melissa over at My World in Words & Pages. You share just a bit about where you are, who you are with, and what is happening in your current read. Be careful not share any major spoilers. 

Haven't done one of these in a few weeks, so here I am!!

I am nearly done with 'Coyote Summer', so I'll have to be careful with what I share. Enjoy.

I am with Heath and the coyote puppies at Grandpa's house and summertime is drawing to a close. Heath just had to say goodbye to someone he really grew to care about, but some goodbyes are not forever...just temporary. 

That's all I can share without handing out big ol' spoilers. 

About you guys?


Tuesday, May 28

Book Review: Innocent Traitor

Author: Alison Weir
Title: Innocent Traitor
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 416
First Published: April 6th, 2006
Where I Got It: Borrowed from Library

"I am now a condemned traitor . . . I am to die when I have hardly begun to live.

The child of a scheming father and a ruthless mother, for whom she is merely a pawn in a dynastic game with the highest stakes, Jane Grey was born during the harrowingly turbulent period between Anne Boleyn’s beheading and the demise of Jane’s infamous great-uncle, King Henry VIII. With the premature passing of Jane’ s adolescent cousin, and Henry’s successor, King Edward VI, comes a struggle for supremacy fueled by political machinations and lethal religious fervor. 

Unabashedly honest and exceptionally intelligent, Jane possesses a sound strength of character beyond her years that equips her to weather the vicious storm. And though she has no ambitions to rule, preferring to immerse herself in books and religious studies, she is forced to accept the crown, and by so doing sets off a firestorm of intrigue, betrayal, and tragedy.

Alison Weir uses her unmatched skills as a historian to enliven the many dynamic characters of this majestic drama. Along with Lady Jane Grey, Weir vividly renders her devious parents; her much-loved nanny; the benevolent Queen Katherine Parr; Jane’s ambitious cousins; the Catholic “Bloody” Mary, who will stop at nothing to seize the throne; and the protestant and future queen Elizabeth. Readers venture inside royal drawing rooms and bedchambers to witness the power-grabbing that swirls around Lady Jane Grey from the day of her birth to her unbearably poignant death. Innocent Traitor paints a complete and compelling portrait of this captivating young woman, a faithful servant of God whose short reign and brief life would make her a legend."

This is my first book about Lady Jane Grey, the Queen of 9 Nine Days, so this was a new feat for me. Alongside reading this I did actual research about her (because I'm that person). She was an interesting character. Poor girl, as smart as she was, could not escape the fate her parents and others MADE her take. She didn't want the throne, but her fear of her parents and complete naivety she was forced to wear the crown. In the end, she forced to pay the ultimate price that should have belonged to her bitch of a mother.

There was so much going in this one. So many characters and so many POVs. However, I owe Alison Weir a big hug! Why? Well, she actually announced in BIG BOLD letters of the POV change. No guessing or thinking on who the Hell was talking. I nearly wept with joy! Such a rare sight indeed! Thanks to that, though, it was easy to keep up with all the intrigue and political goings on.

I really liked Lady Jane Grey. She was young and I bet if she was allowed to grow into an adult and furthered her studies she would have been a nice competitor to Queen Elizabeth. She would have been hundreds of years ahead of her time. Poor girl. :/ Stupid Queen Mary and her need to have a Spanish stud in her bed. >.> *grumble* *grumble*

Anyways, this was a very entertaining and interesting book. Even though I'm Team Elizabeth, I actually like Lady Jane Grey and I think she would've been a great queen and a great lady if allowed to grow up. She was just a child of 16 or 17 (something like that). Such a sad story, but a very interesting one. I think I should read more about her. I would recommend this book to other HF lovers and others that can handle all the religious bullshit of pre-Elizabethan era. I shall stamp this with 5 stars. ^.^

Favorite Character(s): Lady Jane Grey, Elizabeth (though they painted her in a slutty light at one point), Catherine Parr, and Ms Ellen (sweet old lady who really loved Jane)
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Queen Mary (*grumble* *grumble*) and Jane's parents (>.>)


Saturday, May 25

Book Review: The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette

Author: Carolly Erickson
Title: The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, YA
Pages: 343
First Published: 1997
Where I Got It: Borrowed from Library

*This review can also be seen over at Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell*

"Imagine that, on the night before she is to die under the blade of the guillotine, Marie Antoinette leaves behind in her prison cell a diary telling the story of her life—from her privileged childhood as Austrian Archduchess to her years as glamorous mistress of Versailles to the heartbreak of imprisonment and humiliation during the French Revolution. 

Carolly Erickson takes the reader deep into the psyche of France’s doomed queen: her love affair with handsome Swedish diplomat Count Axel Fersen, who risked his life to save her; her fears on the terrifying night the Parisian mob broke into her palace bedroom intent on murdering her and her family; her harrowing attempted flight from France in disguise; her recapture and the grim months of harsh captivity; her agony when her beloved husband was guillotined and her young son was torn from her arms, never to be seen again.

Erickson brilliantly captures the queen’s voice, her hopes, her dreads, and her suffering. We follow, mesmerized, as she reveals every detail of her remarkable, eventful life—from her teenage years when she began keeping a diary to her final days when she awaited her own bloody appointment with the guillotine."

As many of you know Marie Antoinette is my second favorite female historical figure, so I'm bound to be rather skeptical. Yes, knowing the real and true history of the's hard to ignore the obvious (at least to me) inaccuracies. This, like many movies, are made to be overly dramatized and entertaining. Not a history lesson, so taking off my "history goru" hat and just enjoying the story made things 100% better.

I enjoyed the ride that Carolly Erickson presented. I did feel like she hurt the Queen's case more then helped though. She made her seem very selfish and vain. Yes, she was like that in real life, but this version of the Queen was rather different from other versions. Not only was she selfish and vain, but she was annoying at some points. It's hard to explain really, but I was NOT at all a fan of this version of the Queen. Granted it IS suppose to be in diary format, but still...

Also, I was surprised to learn that this falls into the YA category. Interesting...I didn't get the feel of "YA"ish to it. Eh, oh well. 

Even though I wasn't a fan of the Queen that Erickson presented, I must applaud the author for her writing skills. It was lovely and she made the world of France come to life. She made the fictitious and real-life characters blossom to life. I have read another book by Carolly Erickson...I am starting to like her more and more. Perhaps another book is on the horizon. We shall see.

In the end, this was okay. There are A LOT of historical inaccuracies and I wasn't too keen on the version of the Queen the author painted, but it wasn't bad. A nice read for a hot day by the pool. You do get the nice splash of drama, romance, fun, and in the end... tragedy. I would recommend this to open-minded History lovers and for those that like Historical Fiction. I shall stamp this with...mmmmm....(very undecided)...mmmmmm....3 stars.

Favorite Character(s): Count Ferson (such a dreamboat), Louis (can't help but want to pinch his cheeks), Madame de Barry (she always entertains me...I think I may be her for Halloween next year) and Princess Lambelle.
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Marie Antoinette (not too keen on how she was presented) and the Empress (meh)


Friday, May 24

Friday Flash Fiction: To Save a Bastard

Well...I wasn't going to post this until tomorrow, but I'm waiting for my mom to get back. Since I had a strike of inspiration, I might as well post now. Hahaha, first time I've been on time in a while. ^.^

To Save a Bastard
by: Carole Rae

“You highness,” Sir William bowed with pure humbleness.

The King smiled down at the knight with a twinkle in his eye. This young lad was no more then 20, but he had accomplished so much in such a limited amount of time. Perhaps it would be wise to make this young knight head of his Armies, “Arise Sir William. You have done well. You would have made your father proud with that quick take over of the enemy.”

Arising gracefully, William smiled up at the King, “I could not have done it alone. The men were my strength and you, Your Highness, was my motivation.”

The King let out a hearty laugh and replied, “At least I'm someone's motivation.” He looked at his pale and hateful Queen. The Queen didn't even bother to hide her disgust with all that was going around her. The King just shook his head and put his attention back towards Sir William and stood, “Come. Walk with me.”

Sir William flushed, “Oh, Your Highness...of course. You honor me greatly.”

The King smiled and patted the boy on the back, “No need to flatter an old man. You know...I tire of such flatteries all the time. I wish one person would just treat me like an equal...not like a king.”

“Sir?” The knight looked confused.

“Eh...just ignore me,”Once the two were out of the Great Hall and out of ear shot of the public the King continued, “Sir William, I have a special task for you.”

“Anything, my Lord.” The knight grinned.

The guards opened a set of doors that led to the King's personal chambers. The two walked in. Obvious amazement flashed across the knight's face for such an honor. The King couldn't help a small chuckle from amusement. Once the doors were shut behind them, The King instructed the boy to sit whilst the King went over to his desk. The desk was the largest of desks. The wood was nearly the color of black and lined with golden trimming. The desk was covered with paperwork and many of the rare books that are so hard to come by. With a quick motion, the King opened a secret compartment and pulled out a single piece of small paper.

“This task will be most dangerous and will require all of your strength and all of your skills you have gained.” The King announced, “I only trust you will be able to accomplish this goal.”

“I accept.” The knight replied solemnly.

The King sighed and walked up to the knight and handed the piece of paper, which in turn was not just a mere slip of paper. It was a painting of a beautiful woman. The woman was dressed immodestly and with a pricey hair jewelry. On her arm was a handsome hawk that looked to be completely attached in all ways to the woman. It would seem she owned all the world, but her eyes seemed to cry out for someone to save her.

The Knight was confused as he examined the painting. He looked up at the King, “Your Majesty...I am confused. Who is this?”

The King let out another deep sigh. He sat on the edge of his desk and rubbed his temples, “Do you recall a rumor floating around, still, of a possible bastard child that I had with one of my mistresses?”

“I have, but for one to create such a degrading lie against your Highness is sickening.”

The King snorted, “I'm sorry to tell you then, Sir William, that the rumor is true. None know besides for me and my late mistress.” The knight went to apologize, but he waved him to be silent, “I sent my mistress away to raise the child out of this devilish court life. My two other children with the Queen are so messed up and greedy due to the court, I wanted one pure and good child. Plus, I feared of the Queen's wrath if she was to find out of this child I loved more then anything...even our two sons.”

The knight looked down at the picture and asked, “Is this your child?”

The King nodded, “Yes.”

“Then what am I to do?”

“She was taken a couple months ago by one of many enemies. She has been made a slave mistress to that devil king in the north. Do you see on her shoulder the faint 'H' scar. He...,” He stopped from saying the obvious, “Once he had found out she was my daughter and kidnapped her. Not only that, but he...he slayed my beloved mistress and her entire household. Sir William...please will you save my daughter? I will give you anything in the world.” Tears were running down his cheeks.

Sir William was shocked that his idol and ruler was not only crying in front of him, but he was being begged by this great man. Looking down at the painting again, he rubbed the girls cheek and he knew he had to do this task, “Don't worry, Your Highness, I will do all that I can to save your daughter.”

Today In History

Since I have a little bit of free-time and I've been wanting to do one of these posts for a while now, I think today is a good day to share one with you all. ^.^ 

All the information is from for May 24th:

Brooklyn Bridge opens, 1883

American Revolution - John Hancock becomes president of Congress, 1775

Civil War - Battle of North Anna continues, 1864

Cold War - John Foster Dulles dies, 1959

Crime - Lori Ann Auker disappears from parking lot, 1989

Disaster - Riot erupts at soccer match, 1964

Copernicus dies, 1543

Hollywood - Sex, Lies, and Videotape wins top prize at Cannes, 1989

Literary - Jospeh Brodsky is born, 1940

Music - Duke Ellington dies, 1974

Old West - Henry Plummer is elected sheriff of Bannack, Montana, 1863

Sports - MLB holds first night game, 1935

Vietnam War - Goldwater suggest using atomic weapons, 1964
Soldiers place controversial ad in antiwar newspaper, 1971

WW1 - British naval convoy system introduced, 1917

WW2 - The Bismarck sinks in the Hood, 1941
Auschwitz gets a new doctor: "The Angel of Death", 1943


Monday, May 20

Music Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I know I haven't posted one of these in a wee bit, but finally I have some freetime to do so! School is nearly done for this semester...thank God. It was so hard to be motivated...not only is it lovely outside, but I just haven't cared. I took Winter off, which helped none at all, and I've been working like a crazy kid and a lot of my time has been going to my boyfriend. Sighs. The day just doesn't have enough time in it.

Well, the first video is 'Just Give Me a Reason' by Pink and featuring Nate from Fun. I haven't utterly enjoyed a Pink song in years! I loved her first CD, but after that...I wasn't a fan. Perhaps it's because of Nate, but I love this song.

I'm really falling in love with FUN. They are amazing. Here's another song I adore, 'Carry One'. Such a good drinking song/motivation song:

And finally...since I didn't post what I wanted to post is a little tribute in honor of Queen Anne Boleyn who was wrongly executed due to the corruption of Cromwell and the selfishness and insanity of Henry VIII:


Sunday, May 19

A Super Late Friday Flash Fiction

I know this FFF is rather late....but oh well. ^.^ At least I wrote one. Its been a while, I know. 

The Prince Warrior
by: Carole Rae

Once upon a time ago I was a prince who was a nobody. I was a sap. I was weak. That all changed when the bandits stole my precious jewel. My light. My dear future wife. I was not able to save her, because I was not a man. Yes, I knew the basic ways on how to use a weapons, but I was so spoiled and I stuck my nose up at such tasks. “Who needs to bother with this, when one has bodyguards?” I would say. None would argue for me, because I was the Golden Son.

Though I was the younger son and my chances of sitting in the throne was slim for there was three brothers ahead of me. My parents loved my brothers, but they loved me more. I was their Golden Son. I took after my mother and was slim while my brothers had my father's stately and broad stature. I was beloved, but when my mother died, my father Emperor sat me upon a Golden pedestal and trimmed me to the weak man I was for I reminded him of my mother.

It was a nice life and I loved being treated like a fragile vase for I drank, ate, gambled, slept til the Sun was high in the sky, and slept with the whores at court. A grand and carefree life.

She then happened.

My jewel came into my life...the bride my father chose for me to marry. Our betrothal was made when we could barely hold our heads up. Her father was my Emperor Father's top General and since we were born on the same night, it was deemed “fate” and I agreed once I laid my eyes on her. My heart fluttered and pounded like the waves upon the beach. Her dark black eyes attached to my soul and I gave up my carefree life. Her sweet smile opened my heart to love. However...she is gone, now because I was no man and could not save her.

I will find her.

I will kill the men who dared take her from me that frightful evening.

I am now a man.

I realized I was meant to wield this sword.

This sword will taste blood.


What a lovely jewel.” The man crackled and dragged a finger down her pale cheek, “She will look even lovelier in my Boss' bed. Right lads?” The bandits laughed.

I pulled and tried to remove myself from the strong hands of the smelly bandits, “Let her go! I will give you any amount of money you want.”

The top bandit, I assume, tsked at me, “You really don't know the worth of whores of late, do you? It will take many beds but she will earn more then you can give us. However, the Boss wants to taste this...pearl first before he lets her go and make us money. Maybe if she's good enough, she'll be the Boss' new toy for a while.”

Her eyes shone pure fear. She tried to pull away, but every time she attempted the bandit squeezed his grip and pulled her closer to his body. The rage inside me grew.
LET...HER GO!” I yelled.

The bandit studied me for a while and said not a word for what seemed an eon. Finally he replied, “No....let's go lads. You know what to do.” He began dragging Hōseki toward the horses.

I struggled and kicked and screamed her name.

Suizei!” Hoskei's bright voice cried.

Hoskei!” I somehow managed to pull away from the bandits. I ran towards my jewel, but one of the bandits tackled me to the ground. He straddled my back grabbed my knot. He slammed my face into the mud over and over. With every slam Hoseki cried out for me to save her.....


I awake with a start and as naturally as breathing my sword had slipped into my hand.

Breathing hard, I tried to get my mind to realize it was just a memory and dream. Finally, I managed to calm my breathing and my eyes adjusted to the present. The rain was pouring down heavy. I stepped out of my tent and stood in the pouring rain. I swung my sword and sliced the raindrops, still trying to slow my heart rate and bubble down my anger that the memory arose.

I will save her....I will.

Thursday, May 16

Thursday Book Teaser: Innocent Traitor

Happy Thursday everyone! The sunny is out again and I'm loving it even though I'm dying at work. Haha. Well, for this week I'm going to share a little tease from 'Innocent Traitor' by Alison Weir. 

Page Number: 177

"So I am called back into the birthing chamber, which is fetid with the stench of sweat and blood. The Queen lies on her disarranged bed, her hair damp and tangled, her face drawn with suffering. She sees nothing; she is withdrawn to a place where we cannot reach her. Her cries are mere moans now, for her strength is failing. 

I am called upon to bathe her hot brow and watch in shocked fascination as Mrs. Odell instructs Lady Tyrwhitt to take one of Katherine's legs, and Lady Lane the other. They try to cooperate, but the Queen, despite her failing strength, manages to kick them away."


Sunday, May 12

Book/Manga Review: Basilisk, The Kouga Ninja Scrolls Vol. 2 & 3

Author: Masaki Segawa 
Title: Basilisk - The Kouga Ninja Scrolls Vol. 2
Genre: Manga, Fantasy, Action, and Romance
Pages: ebook
First Published: September 2003
Where I Got It: Free online 


The bloody battle to rule Japan has begun: The Iga and the Kouga clans are locked in a fight to the death. Driven by a centuries-old hatred, each clan will do anything to annihilate the other. The Kouga clan is engaging in a little espionage, and has planted a shapeshifter, disguised as an Iga ninja, in the Iga palace. Meanwhile the Iga clan turns to its last, best hope: their new leader, Gennosuke, the only one who can defeat the Kouga’s formidable leader, Oboro. But is she willing to kill the man she loves? As the war grows more desperate, will true love be the next casualty?"

Ahhhhhhh, I needed a nice good manga. It's been years since I read this series and I'm glad I've decided to pick them up again.

The war is just beginning to get heated and everyone is enjoying themselves, except for the lovebirds Oboro and Gennosuke. I feel bad. They just announced their intentions to marry and everyone was just getting use to the idea, but the stupid emperor wants both clans dead, so he created this challenge for them. Sighs. As more blood spills on both sides, you can feel the heartbreak slowly shattering. So tragic, so good though.

The drawings are fantasic! I love how they depict each character. Warning, though, it is a graphic novel, so young kids should not be reading this. Sometimes its overly graphic, but what can you do? There were a couple scenes that were over the top for my liking, but does warn you on the cover.

Anyways, I can't release much for I fear of spilling any major spoilers. In the end, I grant this 4 stars.

Favorite Character(s): Gennosuke, Nenki (he's cool), Yashamaru, Koshirou (^.^) and Okoi.

Not-so Favorite Character(s): None I can really say


Author: Masaki Segawa 
Title: Basilisk - The Kouga Ninja Scrolls Vol. 3
Genre: Manga, Fantasy, Action, and Romance
Pages: ebook
First Published: Janurary 2004
Where I Got It: Free online 

"Thanks to the machinations of the Ieyasu Tokugawa, the age-old truce between the Kouga and the Iga clans is no more–and now a fight to the death will decide which clan reigns supreme. Oboro has blinded herself in order to avoid having to kill Gennosuke, her lover and her rival. Meanwhile, Gennosuke has urged the Iga clan to join him on a journey to Sunpu to find out the real motives behind Ieyasu Tokugawa’s orders to fight. But the Iga has other plans. The hirsute Nenki and the butterfly-wielding Hotarubi rush to assassinate Gennosuke, while Tenzen has sinister intentions for a defenseless Oboro. The epic battle of blood and betrayal continues!"

Things are heating up! Even dear old Gennosuke has even joined in the fight. I'm sorry but he is the last man I would go up against. Hell....the only way to beat him is freeze him so you can at least get a hit in. Man ol' man. He has the ability to slow down time to a near halt and just destroy you as easily as taking a stroll in the park. The only one who can has a chance is poor Oboro with her eyes of death. Can you see where this is heading??? Oboro knows this herself and blinded herself temporarily. Gah, what we do for love I suppose. But yeah...I would refuse to fight Gennosuke. Great guy, but don't piss him off.

Not only are things heating up between the clans, but there is some drama and betrayal happening within the clans. Bad ol' Tenzen. Tsk tsk. So much is at play now and there is so much going on. I would recommend at least reading the second Volume, before tackling this. 

All-in-all, I reall adore this manga series. It's so much fun and its an awesome twist on the Romeo & Juliet tale we all abhor/adore. I feel its 100% better. Haha. I still need to get my hands on the book version of the manga which was the inspiration for this. Well, I shall stamp this with 5 stars. I recommend this to those that like manga and anime. Or for those that just like a little war and love.

Favorite Character(s): Gennosuke, Nenki (he's cool), and of course Koshirou 
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Tenzen...I knew this day would come.


Tuesday, May 7

Movie Review: OZ, The Great and Powerful

Length: 2 hours & 7 mins
Released: March 8, 2013
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Rating: PG
Directed By: Sam Raimi
Where I Got It: watched at movie theater

Disney's fantastical adventure "Oz The Great and Powerful," directed by Sam Raimi, imagines the origins of L. Frank Baum's beloved wizard character. When Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he's hit the jackpot-fame and fortune are his for the taking-that is until he meets three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams), who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone's been expecting. Reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it is too late. Putting his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity-and even a bit of wizardry-Oscar transforms himself not only into the great wizard but into a better man as well. When small-time magician Oscar Diggs (James Franco) pulls one flimflam too many, he finds himself hurled into the fantastical Land of Oz where he must somehow transform himself into the great wizard-and just maybe into a better man as well.

Oz, The Wizard - James Franco
Theodora/Wicked Witch of the West - Mila Kunis
Evanora - Rachel Weisz
Annie/Glinda - Michelle Williams
Frank/Finley - Zach Braff
Mast Tinker - Bill Cobbs
Girl in Wheelchair/China Girl - Joey King
Knuck - Tony Cox
Winkie General - Stephen R. Hart
May - Abigail Leigh Spencer
Winkie Gate Keeper - Bruce Campbell



Gah I had this all typed up and ready to go and I forgot to publish this. >.< Whoops.


I am SO glad I went and seen this in theaters. I didn't see it in 3D, because I loath 3D movies (they give me extreme headaches and makes my left eye twitch). The art and the effects were mind blowing. Every detail was beautiful and it reminded me the old world from the original...but more enhanced and more realistic. Like the digital camera was sent and taken pictures. Fabulous. Fabulous.

Also, the outfits were AMAZING! Being one who did outfits for plays I always pay close attention the the outfits and costumes. These were beautiful. Just lovely. They deserve an Oscar. Absolutely stunning.

The acting and screen writing was decent and it had that feeling of the old movie. I feel happy and content with this "prologue". Its a nice twist and I believe the original creator would be pleased as well. 

In the end, I adored this movie. I can't give too much away because I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it. The acting, screen writing, and plot were great. The visual effects and costume designs BLEW my mind. Those were my two favorite things. I advise NOT to see this in 3D. I feel like it would take away from the magic of the film. I then recommend this to those that loved the original movie 'The Wizard of Oz'. This compliments it nicely. Overall, I stamp this with 5 stars.

Favorite Character(s): The Wizard (even though he was a womanizer), Theodra (Mila Kunis did a fantastic job; I felt bad for the poor chit), Glinda (and why wouldn't you? She's the good witch!), and Frank the monkey (so cute, so funny).
Not-so Favorite Character(s): China Girl (annoying voice actress and the character was stupid...sorry)


Monday, May 6

Book Review: His Forbidden Kiss

Author: Margaret Moore (Restoration #3) 
Title: His Forbidden Kiss
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
First Published: March 1st, 2001
Where I Got It: Borrowed from library

"Desperate Needs... 
Beautiful orphan Vivienne Burroughs is determined to marry only for love and isn't about to allow her uncle to marry her off for a noble title. But her plans to escape this fate are interrupted by a strong and masterful man walking out of the mist. He alone offers Vivienne salvation from her dilemma...but will not reveal his identity. And when he kisses her Vivienne knows she won't rest until she finds her mystery man.
Desperate Measures... When Robert Harding sees a young woman teetering on the edge the of the River Thames he is certain she's a step away from plunging to her death. A man who knows what it is to be desperate, Robert has spent his life helping others — but, there was something different about Vivienne. Her captivating beauty is too great a temptation to resist. Honor demands that Robert let her go, even as he knows that Vivienne was made to his bride. But can honor remain strong beneath the heat of a forbidden kiss?" 
Randomly stumbled upon this at the library when I wasting time browsing for books. Plus I needed a nice mindless romance and this seemed to top the cake. I mean look at them on that cover! Also, it seemed rather interesting...a lady who falls in love with a solicitor. Intriguing. 
At first everything seemed to be great and fine. The author kept throwing hitches into this story. Finding their HEA would happen, but they really had to work for it. However, I grew irritated because nothing seemed to be happening. Poor Vivienne made herself look a fool many times and Robert was a big ol' butt. I would have thrown in the rag many times. Robert was a jerk. Yes, he earned his karma later on and once he realized he couldn't live without Vivienne he had to earn it. I honestly believe that Vivienne deserved better then any of the suitors that wanted her; including Robert. That's my opinion though.
But yeah...I grew irritated many times with this and I'll admit...I skimmed here and there.  I just...*sighs* this seemed so unreal at times and not realistic. However, I do like the authors writing style. Very flowly and nice. The world seemed to jump to life for me.
In the end, this was an alright read. It was a nice HEA/HR. The couple had to really work for their love, even though Vivenne did 99% of the work while he made a fool of her and degraded her a lot. I don't get why she loved him, but is confusing. I would recommend this for those who need a decent, mindless HR. Out of five stars I grant this 2 stars. 
Favorite Character(s): Vivenne
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Everyone else. >.> Men....

Wednesday, May 1

Book Review: Werewolves Be Damned

Author: Stacey Kennedy
Title: Werewolves Be Damned (Magic & Mayhem #1)
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Action, Drama, Romance
Pages: ebook
First Published: April 15th, 2013
Where I Got It: Given to me to read & review honestly from the publisher/Blodeudd (this review will be at her blog as well)

"Nexi Jones—part witch, part guardian, and wannabe kick-ass warrior—can’t throw a punch or conjure the simplest magic. But that doesn’t stop her from hunting the werewolves who slaughtered her human family. She’ll have her revenge, but only if Kyden, the elite guardian, would get the hell out of her way.

Kyden can’t decide if Nexi wants to get herself killed or if she just has no clue what she’s doing. But her father made it clear: keep Nexi safe…or else. Of course, the more Nexi runs toward revenge, the more she needs Kyden’s aid, and as she grows into her power and confidence, so does his desire to protect her. The only problem? She’d rather he dropped dead.

But when a vampire paints a bull’s-eye on Nexi’s back, she’s hard-pressed to deny Kyden and the help he’s offering. Even if it means getting her revenge will be a little bit harder. At least it will still be as sweet." 

The moment I read the summary I knew I had to read this myself. I have been craving over a good Fantasy novel featuring werewolves and other such supernatural beings. This not only fed my need, but it created a need to read more by Stacey Kennedy.

This was a marvelous ride and I did not want to stop reading. I wanted more. I needed to find out what happened next and I was late to class a couple times, because I was reading this in my car beforehand. Whoops. Not only was I enthralled with Nexi's story, but I am in love with the world that the author created. How cool is that? Not only do the creatures live in our world, but many live in beautiful place called the Otherworld. If I was to live in the Otherworld, I think I would want to be a witch. Being a Guardian seems like a lot of hard work. 

Anyways, not only did the world and the story catch my imagination, but so did the characters. Nexi was pretty kick-ass and she seemed to handle the whole new world rather well, Kyden was drool-worthy *drools*, Finn was equally drool-worthy, Haven was annoyingly cute, and the Big Boss/Baddie was rather scary (avoiding the spoiler as best I can). I had no idea how they were going to rid of the Big Boss/Baddie. Tough one that one was. 

There is so much I adored about this book, but I do have one complaint though...there seemed to be a lot of repetitive feelings to the information being shared. She would repeat the same thing the reader already knows a million times. It seemed unnecessary and annoying. But that's it.

In the end, I adored this book. I haven't read an excellent fantasy in quite some time. It reminded me a little of the Anita Blake series I loved as well. Can't wait for book 2 to come out. I would indeed recommend this to those that love fantasy books (with vamps, werewolves, witches, and etc) and for those that are looking for a good adventure. Also for all you Anita Blake fans, check this book out. 

Out of five stars I grant this one 5 stars.

Favorite Character(s): Nexi, Kyden, Finn (though he didn't get much spotlight), Valor, Briggs (hope he gets more spotlight too), and Drake.
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Zia (for some reason I can't stand her) andthe Big Boss/Baddie (grrrr)