Thursday, January 31

Thursday Book Teaser: The Colonel's Lady

A weekly meme created by Carole (me) to share excerpts and book teasers from books. Anyone can join, just make sure not to give away any spoilers.

Happy Thursday everyone. Yet again Michigan is throwing me through a loop. It was raining yesterday and in the 50s, but now it's snowing and in the 20s. >.> I can't wait for winter to be over. Anyways....this week I'll be sharing a little teaser from The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz.

Page Number: 48
Starting at: random spot on the page

"Roxanna shut the trunk with a bang as if doing so could shut away the memory, but felt she'd slammed her finger in the lid instead. Even the slightest reminder stung, though she'd tried her best to forget. Indeed, she'd come downriver four hundred miles to escape it, all the way to this frightening place. She should have pitched the hat in the Ohio River along the way, but as it was her favorite, she didn't.

Lying down on the freshly made bed, she smiled at the rustle of the corn-husk tick, thinking of the feather on she'd left behind. Truly, her new life here on the far frontier hardly held one reminder of her old one. At home, in their small stone house, she'd had a fine four-poster bed with plump pillows and a calico cat that slept at her feet, rag rugs on polished pine floors, a clothespress scented with rose sachet. All such amenities were missing here. Thinking it left her feeling a bit hollow.

But, she decided, the wilderness was a fine antidote to all her regrets. Soon, very soon, she and Papa would leave this inhospitable place and be on their way to a new home. A new life. She needn't think again of Ambrose or the future she might have had......"


Wednesday, January 30

Movie Review: Unthinkable

Length: 1 hour & 36 minutes
Released: 2010
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Rating: R- language, violence, blood, torture scenes

Directed By: Gregor Jordan
Where I Got It: online (boyfriend sent me it)

Armed with the knowledge that their suspect has planted three nuclear bombs in three U.S. cities, black ops interrogator H (Samuel L. Jackson) and FBI Agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) resort to extreme methods to get the confession that could save millions of innocent lives. A former nuclear expert, Younger (Michael Sheen) has turned against his country. Shortly after Younger plants his bombs, he's apprehended by the nation's top anti-terrorism task force. But while Younger is in custody, the FBI can't get him to reveal where the nukes have been hidden. H may be able to get an answer, but once Agent Brody gets a glimpse of his tactics, she begins to wonder whether the good guys have finally stooped to the level of the terrorists, or if H is truly justified in fighting fire with fire.


"H" - Samuel L. Jackson
Helen Brody - Carrie-Anne Moss
Younger/Yusuf - Michael Sheen
Jack Saunders - Martin Donovon
Vincent - Gil Bellows

It's been a while since I watched this...but I shall try and recall as many of my thoughts as I can on this film.

Alright, this was a movie that made you think. It made you feel and it made you question yourself as a person. It also makes you think about wrong vs. right. After watching this my views on torture and all that has shifted just a tad bit. Should removing fire with fire be the right choice? If torturing and possibly even killing someone will save the lives of millions, should we allow it to happen? Personally, would I kill or torture in the name of saving not only my fellow citizens, but other people from other countries as well? I simply loved the way this movie made me think.

I loved Samuel L. Jackson in this. He was excellent! I loved the rest of cast as well. I found the dialogue a little off at parts and cheesy once in a while, but overall the acting and plot made up for the dips in script. 

Honestly....I am curious as to why this film isn't more well-known...why it wasn't more popular.  

The only thing I didn't like about this was the torture scenes (well one scene in particular). I have a weird reaction when someone's fingers are broken or whatever. I don't know why it bugs me so just does. I get queasy and I have to look away. Not just in movies or TV, but it real life as well. That one scene really made me gag and have to look away. 

Plus I wasn't a big fan of any of the characters or of even the end. There was something that bugged me. I can't lay a finger on it....but it bugged me. Don't get me had a good ending and it fit well. But, gah, I don't know. Maybe I expected something different. 

All-in-all, it was a good film. I'm so glad boyfriend made me watch this. It's really thought provoking. Though the dialogue was left to be desired, the acting made up for it. I would recommend that people with tough stomachs watch this. I did well until the finger bit *shudders* Anyways, yeah, if you think you can handle it and you like movies that make you think. Watch this. I give it four stars overall. ^.^

Favorite Character(s): .....?.....
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Younger


Tuesday, January 29

Book Review: Turn Coat

Author: Jim Butcher
Title: Turn Coat (The Dresden Files #11)
Genre: Mystery, Action, Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 420
First Published: April 7th, 2009
Where I Got It: my shelf (Christmas gift from Boyfriend)

"When it comes to the magical ruling body known as the White Council, Harry keeps his nose clean and his head down. For years, the Council has held a death mark over Harry's head. He's still thought of as a black sheep by some;and as a sacrificial lamb by others. But none regard him with more suspicion and disdain than Morgan, a veteran Warden with a grudge against anyone who bends the rules.

Like Harry.

So when Morgan turns up asking for help, Harry isn't exactly eager to leap into action. Morgan has been accused of treason against the White Council;and there's only one final punishment for that crime. he's on the run, he wants his name cleared, and he needs someone with a knack for backing the underdog.

Like Harry.

Now Harry must uncover a traitor within the Council, keep a less than agreeable Morgan under wraps, and avoid coming under scrutiny himself. And a single mistake may cost someone his head.

Like Harry..."

This is the 11th installment of the Dresden Files. However, this is the first book I've read in Jim Butler's series. It seemed to stand well as a stand-alone. There were a few inside jokes and a few back-stories that went WAY over my head, but kuddos to Jim Butler for keeping newbies on the same page as veterans of the series. 

First of all....I love Harry. God, Harry was an amazing character. Though I'm not big into wizards and that side of the supernatural, but man....he is my favorite wizard. He reminds me a lot of male, wizard version of Anita Blake. Kick-ass, witty, funny, honorable, and sassy-to-boot. I wish Harry was real because I would want to be his friend. 

Honestly...I liked nearly all the characters that joined in on the fun. Even Morgan...Harry's arch-nemesis. From what I know, I know I should not like Morgan and whatnot. Morgan was not a nice guy to Harry in the past and was generally an ass, but I liked him. He was just doing his job and he can't help it that he feels Harry is a lose cannon. Morgan has been alive for many years and has experienced much. So I can his doubt that Harry can be an exception and be "changed". I don't know the whole story on what Harry supposedly did. But again...many veteran fans probably wanted Harry to turn in Morgan, but again...Harry is awesome and got over his hatred for Morgan and decided to help an innocent man. 

It was a fun book and I enjoyed the ride. It took me a while to finish, but there was a lot going on (in the book) and like a sweet wine, you need to just sip on it. Also, life got in the way...oh well. I also give kuddos to the author for keeping me unsure how the book would end and I was rather surprised and left agasp. I did NOT see the ending ending the way it did. Nope. I had my theories and my guesses, but none of them were even close. Meh. 

I was happy that there was much more supernatural beings running around then just wizards and warlocks and etc. There are demons, shifters, werewolves, vampires, and more. I'm not huge on wizards and witches, so the including of other beings kept my attention. I especially loved how Harry is buddies with a small group of were-wolves. That made me smile. ^.^

In the end, it was a fun ride. Though it is book 11, I felt like I had a good handle on what was going on. There is a lot of back-story I am missing, but I still enjoyed what I read. Harry was freakin' amazing and I wish he really existed because I would MAKE him be my friend. hahaha. I also loved the interplay with the other characters. Though every single person seemed to be "perfect" and "lovely", it didn't bug me. Oh well. Perhaps I'll backtrack and read some of the other books of this series. We shall see. 

I would recommend this to those that love fantasy and paranormal books. There was a touch of romance in there, but mainly the book was a mystery, action-ie, and magically inclined book with a kick-ass hero. Haha. I grant this book 4 stars. In all reality it is more like 3.5, but I rounded.

Favorite Character(s): Harry, Morgan, Butters, all the wolves, Mouse (Harry's faithful dog), Molly (don't know why, but I like her), Thomas, and Justine.
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Ana (>.>)


Wednesday, January 23

Wordless Wednesday

Who, What, Where?

This meme was created by Melissa over at My World in Words and Pages. This meme is a way to share where you are, who you are with, and what is going on in your book. Make sure to not give away any major spoilers. 

It's been a while since I've done this meme as well. ^.^ How is everyone's week going? We are at the halfway point, so we can do it! I'm dying for Friday to come along. Ekkkk!

Anyways, this week I'm reading Turn Coat by Jim Butcher. 

I am with Harry and his dog Mouse in his house and I believe the time is contemporary but its a fantasy world. Morgan, his old nemesis of sorts, has just stumbled by and begged for help for the White Council is after him for something he didn't do. He is injured badly and Harry gets a doctor buddy, Butters, to help him. Now Harry and Mouse are sitting there watching Morgan sleep. Harry is thinking to himself.

Please feel free to share where you guys are in your adventures!


Tuesday, January 22

Top Ten Tuesday: Settings

~The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.~

Happy early Tuesday morning blogging world. It's been a while, but I feel like doing a TTT. ^.^ This week's topic is: top ten settings you would like to see more.

There are many, but I condensed this list down to just ten. Feel free to join in on the fun!

(There is no real order to my list)

-Scotland. Can't help but love that country. ^.^

-Pre-European colonization of the US. I really feel like there isn't any books set in a time before "the whites" came over here. I would love to read more tales of love, adventure, family, and etc of the inhabitants before crap hit the fan.

-Ancient Japan. Not enough tales come from this ancient time and land. *sighs*

-Michigan. I would love to read more books set in this lovely state of mine. 

-Washington State. Besides for the Twilight series, I haven't really read anything set in this amazing state.

-Oklahoma. My home away from home. I would love it if more books were set here.

-Canada. Not many books found in this part of the world. 

-Ireland. Again....not many books set here either.

-Norway/Denmark/Sweden/Switzerland. I put these all together, because all of them are highly lack in the book department. They are all amazing countries, but I have rarely ever found a book set in these places. *sighs*

-Australia. Rarely have I seen a book set in the Land Down Under. I love Australia and it's such an amazing place to through some characters in and see how they survive. 

Well, that is my list of settings I would most love to see more of in a booksense. What do you think? 


Monday, January 21

Book Review: Cowboy Moon

Author: Cait Lavender
Title: Cowboy Moon (Lupine Moon series #.5)
Genre: Fantasy, romances, Western
Pages: ebook
First Published: February 1st, 2012 
Where I Got It: my shelf (Amazon)

"Hank Cooper pretended an average bull rider, going from town to town trying to get those elusive eight seconds. But when he and his best friend, Sam, come to the cowboy town of Clovis, California, he meets a woman destined to be his. Hank can’t run away from what he is any longer, but will she? 

Tammie Flint is just a girl who wants to have a good time at the rodeo with her best friend--maybe even meet a few cute guys. She didn’t expect to fall in love with a cowboy or to put the lives of everyone she holds dear in danger. 

Will any of them survive the Cowboy Moon?"

Just a warning...this is a short story, so the story is rather, well, short. This review may be short as well. Also this is the "prequel" to Hunter Moon, which I already read. I would advice to read Hunter Moon first, but in the end it doesn't really matter. This is the story on how Hank and Tammie met. 

It was really cute, but very quick. Tammie and Hank fall in love right away at the bar one lovely night. Also Hank's buddy Sam falls in love with Tammie's gal pal, Denise. It was a nice touch that both boys found their "soul mates", but it did irk me on HOW quickly they fell in love. They all knew each other for like 3 days and that was it. It didn't feel realistic...but it is a short story and people in short stories fall head-over-heels quickly. 

Also, I did not like the ending one lick. It was a huge cliff-hanger and I wanted to slap both Tammie and Hank. GAH! Morons! >.> I can not say more for I fear I will ruin it. But I shall say it was a cute story, but with not a HEA ending that you would expect. There is a rather tragic twist all over that I was not expecting AT ALL. *sighs*

In the end, I really like Cait Lavender and I can't wait for the sequel to Hunter Moon to come out. This was a nice filler until she gets the other book done. It was quick, sweet, and had me for a loop. I would recommend to those that like werewolves and all that fantasy stuff. Also, I would say to read Hunter Moon before diving into this, but it really doesn't matter. I shall stamp this with 3 stars. 

Favorite Character(s): Hank, Sam (awwwweeee), and Denise.
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Vampires (evil creatures in this one) and Tammie (I could be slightly biased on this one, but oh well.)


Friday, January 18

Friday Flash Fiction

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place (or Carole Rae/me) posts a picture and on Friday we share a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be about 350 or so words.

Happy Friday!

Ahhhhhhhhh, I haven't written a FFF in a while. However, I must pat myself on the back though...I have been doing a lot of writing lately. hahaha. But with this piece went in a COMPLETELY different direction then I imagined. 0.0 happened. Hahaha. Enjoy! 

Sweet Goodbyes -  An Atlantis Tale of Woe
by: Carole Rae

"Oh my sweet, my love. I will love you to the end of time." He whispered as he held me tightly. Though the world was crashing around us I found an odd sense of comfort in his arms. 

A single tear fell down my cheek as I whispered, "I love you to Herlio and I will always love you. I wish we could have spent eternity with you but at least I had this small of time with you."

Blood covered the ground and screaming filled the air around us. I followed him to this battle that would save our people. I wanted to help fight, even though it was hopeless and we were doomed from the start. These creatures...were merciless and not from this world. They far surpass us in weapons and technology and we are the superior ones on this Earth. We aided many of the humans build their pyramids and build their Great Wall and helped move their stones to worship to their imaginary god. We broke our isolation to aid the world, for we saw the poverty and the instability and we wanted to help. What cruel fate was this? We decide to go against our nature and help others and we are rewarded with this? Other beings deciding to remove us for we are "ruining the natural order of things"? 

I winced as I felt more blood pour from my stomach to my hand. My sight turned hazy and I closed them and removed my hands from my gut and I hugged his arm. This man was my light and my savior and though I only knew him for a year I felt an undying love for him. 

I felt his tear drop onto my head. Or was it a rain drop? Rain seemed a very suitable way to end Atlantis and its sad pathetic inhabitants. A voice rumbled, "Destroy everything! Destroy and wipe these unworthy elves from the face of the Earth!"

The land rumbled from underneath us and Herlio hugged me tighter, "Alia please don't leave me yet. Perhaps we can flee for they plan on drowning us out. Perhaps if we hurry we can board one of the hovers and go to North."

"No. No...there is no hope for me," I groaned, "you should go. Leave can live."

"Never...I will never leave you in the end of everything. I can not live forever without you." He hugged me tighter and I felt my world slipping from my finger tips.

"My love...I'm so tired...I-I-I can't stay awake." I moaned as I tried to hold on to consciousness.

Herlio sniffed, "I will soon join you. Sleep Alia...sleep and I will join you in that slumber soon." 

"Okay...good bye my love. Good bye Herlio." I whispered.

I felt another tear drop or rain drop touch my cheek. Herlio began to softly sing a lullabye I so loved. I wanted to sing this to our child, if we were ever blessed to have one. However, the cruel beings destroyed all the dreams I had and the dreams of my people. We wanted to spread knowledge and spread love and kindness and technology.  I let my mind stray and imagine that my dreams did come true. I imagined the life I wanted with Herlio. I sighed and a smile creeped on my face, "I love you Herlio." The world then slipped from me and I was gone....

Thursday, January 17

Book Review: The Return of the King

Author: JRR Tolkien
Title: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (#3)
Genre: Fantasy, war, adventure, Classics
Pages: 466
First Published: October 20th, 1955
Where I Got It: my shelf (book magazine with the two other books)

"While the evil might of the Dark Lord Sauron swarms out to conquer all Middle-earth, Frodo and Sam struggle deep into Mordor, seat of Sauron’s power. To defeat the Dark Lord, the One Ring, ruler of all the accursed Rings of Power, must be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. But the way is impossibly hard, and Frodo is weakening. Weighed down by the compulsion of the Ring, he begins finally to despair."

This is the third time or fourth time I've read this book. However, its been about three years since I've read this, so it was a nice refresher. I do recommend that you read the other two books before diving into this. If not you'll be rather stumped as to what is going on. 

As you all may or may not know, I simply am in love with the Lord of the Rings books and movies. The Return of the King is the big finale of the tale of the ring and those that set out to destroy it. There is so much going on, its sometimes hard to recall whats going on, but if you take your time with it you should be fine.

I simply love this book. It is my second out of the three, because it is the conclusion and ending. Though I am sad that the adventure is over, I am happy that JRR Tolkien left a lot of room for further tales that could happen. It's left open-ended in a way. The only thing I don't like about the ending is the conclusion of what happens to Frodo. I understand WHY he went and I understand the symbolism of it, but WHY? WHY? GAH! I wish he just stayed with his buddies. It breaks my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME! 


Oh well....can't win them all.

I can't say too much else about the rest of the book (just in case of those that have not read it or seen the movies). However, I do love the book more then the movie because things were more explained and each character got a few pages of being in the spotlight. Like Faramir and Eowyn. ^.^ I was sooooooo disappointed that they cut out the House of Healings scene in the movie. Gah. Yes, I have the un-directors cut, but still...they should have added it to the movie part too. Oh well....but....Eowyn you are a lucky bitch. hahaha. I also wish JRR Tolkien would have introduced Lothiriel instead of just mentioning her name for an instance. I wish he would have shared how Eomer and her had met. *sighs* Perhaps I'll write a fan-fiction for that. ^.^

In the end, this was my second favorite out of the three book saga. There is a lot of action, drama, fighting, love, romance, friendship, and a nice sense of hope. I would recommend reading the other two books before reading this. Or at least watch the movies. Of course I shall give this 5 stars. Such a great book and such a great world. It's so upsetting that I have to leave that land of Middle Earth. *sighs*

Favorite Character(s): Eomer, Faramir, Eowyn (redems herself in this), Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Legolas, and so much more.
Not-so Favorite Character(s): The orcs, Denethor, Sauron, Frodo (at the end, because he broke my little heart), and Elrond (don't know why...but his character just bugs me). 


Monday, January 14

A Dream Within a Dream - Edgar Allan Poe

Instead of my normal post of 'Music Monday', I'm going to share this poem I read today from my book of everything Edgar Allan Poe ever wrote (boyfriend got me that for Christmas). It's really an awesome book for a Poe fan, like myself. This poem, though, may replace a poem that I already have of his on my wall. Enjoy.

A Dream Within a Dream
by: EAP

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow -
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if Hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand-
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep - while I weep!
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

Saturday, January 12

Movie Review: Les Miserables

Length: 157 minutes
Released: December 25th, 2012
Genre: Musical, Drama, and Romance
Rating: PG-13

Directed By: Tom Hooper
Where I Got It: watched it at the theaters for my birthday 12/28


"In 19th-century France, Jean Valjean, who for decades has been hunted by the ruthless policeman Javert after he breaks parole, agrees to care for factory worker Fantine's daughter, Cosette. The fateful decision changes their lives forever."


Jean Valjean - Hugh Jackman
Fantine - Anne Hathaway 
Inspector Javert - Russell Crowe
Cosette - Amanda Seyfried
Thenardier - Sacha Baron Cohen
Madame Thenardier - Helena Bonham Carter
Marius - Eddie Redmayne
Enjolras - Aaron Tveit
Eponine - Samantha Barks
Gavroche - Daniel Huttlestone

I had been DYING to see this film since I first saw the trailer on the TV. It came out on Christmas, so I decided it was fate to watch this on my birthday. I told all my pals that that was what I wanted to do for my birthday. It turned out to be a unplanned girls' night, which was nice. 

The cast....just wow...I'm in awe that they got such big names to want to do this film and sing in it. I especially happy that Anne Hathaway played Fantine. Such an abnormal role for her, but she played it amazingly and I applauded her singing. Anne Hathaway has always been one of my favorite actresses. I enjoyed the rest of the cast and they all did amazing and sang well too. Except that Russell Crowe's singing was annoying. haha. Oh well.

Okay...I'm going to warn all you that this is the pure definition of a musical. There was barely any dialogue that wasn't singing. The whole movie was singing and I wasn't expecting that. I'll admit....I love musicals and all, but it got really annoying. I wish they had inserted more regular dialogue to give a break for the listeners. I especially feel bad for the actors who had to sing all their lines. It must be such an annoyance after a while. 

I also loved the attempt at inserting some humor into this dark, dark film. Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were hilarious. They had me laughing. I nice comic relief with a couple great comedians. ^.^ The film was so sad, but filled with such hope. I have no idea how this film/book always does that. I think my favorite part of the whole movie was the ending with *SPOILER ALERT* Fantine coming to Jean while he was dying and ending his suffering. She took him to this place where all the characters who died and they are all happy and singing. It was really a sweet touch. Even though I was upset they killed my favorite character. >.> Of course. Right? *SPOILER OVER*

The thing that really upset me was the fact that they didn't really give more time for Cosette and Marius and their romance to blossom. In the movie they literally met twice and were head-over-heels. Yes, I know they fall in love quickly, but in the book and the other movie adaption they were given more time to create this bond of love. *Sighs* Oh well, I suppose. The film isn't about them in the end, but still....

In the end, I really enjoyed this movie. I was so glad I watched this on my birthday. It was a nice birthday gift. However, me and my friend Reece/Sam shouldn't watch movies together because we create havoc. We need to be separated like children  We laugh and giggle and make dumb jokes. That was literally the second movie we have ever watched in its entirety together. I do have to pat myself on the back, because we did finish it. ^.^ the end it was good. The singing (besides for Russell Crowe) was good and the acting was good. I wish they did add more regular speaking parts and gave time for the romance to blossom more. The humor was great and needed and it was just great. Out of five stars I grant this 5 stars. In reality it is 4.5...but I don't give decimals so I rounded. 

Favorite Character(s): Jean Valjean, Fantine, Madame Thenardier, Thenardier, Gavroche (such a cutie), and Enjolras (yumm)
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Javert (>.> just give it up'll never get Jean Valjean you silly man)


Friday, January 11

Book Review: Past Lives - An Investigation into Reincarnation Memories

Author: Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick
Title: Past Lives - An Investigation into Reincarnation Memories 
Genre: Non-fiction
Pages: 352
First Published: July 1st, 2001
Where I Got It: borrowed from library

"For centuries the existence of reincarnation has been a firmly held belief of millions, which crosses races, religions, and cultures. In Past Lives Dr. Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick examine this extraordinary phenomenon by attempting to determine whether people are experiencing actual memories, or thoughts and ideas based on imagination. Featuring over one hundred firsthand accounts from those who believe they can recall their previous existences, this insightful exploration of reincarnation may change the way you think - and challenge your views of life itself."

First book of the year! ^.^

I randomly found this while looking for a poem book (which I never found >.>) and since I've been doing some research on this phenomenon of reincarnation I thought this would be a rather good book to read. For this review, I'm going to divide and conquer:

The Good

  • The authors did a wonderful job collecting stories and past life memories from over 100 people. 
  • I loved how the incorporated theories, beliefs, and facts along with the stories. It wasn't all just stories or all just facts and theories; a nice blend.
  • I loved how they were completely unbiased. They played both sides of the field: being believers and being critics. 
  • It allows YOU to come up with your own conclusion
  • Very thought-provoking
  • Nicely organized.
The Bad and the Ugly

  • Some of the sections seemed very tedious and rather boring
  • Some of the stories seemed out of place
Not much I can complain about. It was a fairly decent book for if you want to learn more about the theory of past lives. I found it entertaining and within an hour or so I read like 200 pages. haha. In the end, I would recommend this to those that want to do some of their own research about reincarnation, because it is very informational and you'll gain a good amount of knowledge. It may also convince you or aid your non-belief in past lives. All-in-all I stamp this with 4 stars. ^.^ Good way to start the year.


Thursday, January 10

Thursday Book Teaser

A weekly meme created by Carole (me) to share excerpts and book teasers from books. Anyone can join, just make sure not to give away any spoilers.

Happy Thursday everyone. I know its been quite a while since I've done a TBT here on the good ol' blog. I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure I was finishing books before the day and/or I had not ambition to actually type this up. The last two months of 2012 I was a bad, bad kid. :( Oh well. It's a new year and I'm back with a vengeance!!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *clears throat* Sorry about's the book teaser I have for this week.....

This week I'll share a small little bit from Past Lives: An Investigation into Reincarnation Memories by Peter & Elizabeth Fenwick. It's pretty interesting so far. I've always believed in reincarnation and this gives both sides of the coin to the belief of rebirth; non-believers and believers. I'll just flip to a random pages...this little teaser is talking about and thinking about when people have flashes of their past lives in dreams. 

Page number: 93
Staring at: paragraph 2

"...Such dreams certainly have a reincarnation 'feel' about them, but what makes people who have them believe that they are anything more than ordinary dreams? Is there in fact anything different about them at all? People who have these dreams describe them as being more vivid and real than their ordinary dreams. They lack the bizarre quality of an ordinary dream, and they are often recurrent, so that each time the same scene is played, and each tine the person wakes from it at the same point in the dream. Often these dreams start in childhood and become less frequent as the person grows older, sometimes ceasing altogether." 


Monday, January 7

Music Monday

Happy Monday! I'm so happy the holidays are over. I need a rest from the "vacation". Haha. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I had to work and did a lot of driving, but it was good overall. 

First is a Snow White and Prince Charming video from 'Once Upon a Time' using the song "Oh My Stars".

That's all I have this week. Hope you enjoyed. ^.^


Saturday, January 5

Favorites of 2012

Happy Saturday! The time has now come to announce the favorites of the year! Woot woot!

Favorite song of the year.....
'Wide Awake' by Katy Perry.

Favorite solo artist of the year......
Katy Perry

Favorite Band/Group of the year..........
Paper Route

Female character of the year......
Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect played by Rebel Wilson

Male character of the year.......
Leo from The Vow played by Channing Tatum

Movie of the year.......
Braveheart featuring Mel Gibson 

Female Character of the year.................
Chloe from 'The Dark Highlander' by Karen Marie Moning

Male Character of the year...............
Li Tao from 'The Dragon and the Pearl' by Jeannie Lin 

Author of the year......................
Karen Marie Moning. Author of the Highlander series and Fever series

And now the was so hard to just pick one*drumroll*....
My Favorite book of the year.......*drumroll*....
'The Taker' by Alma Katsu 

That's that. What were your favorites of 2012?