Thursday, February 28

It's Sad But True by Carole Rae

Instead of doing my "Thursday Book Teaser" I want to post something random. I want to post this poem that I wrote a few months ago and posted on my side blog with my pals. I wrote it randomly before work when I was upset at my now boyfriend who was being a butt one day. Haha. *Note - At the time we were "just friends" and he wasn't sure he wanted to even be my friend or anything more. Plus I was scared of dating again due to some crushing breakhearts in my past. He was chasing this girl Beth (unknowing to me at the time) then he gave her the boot and started wooing me. It was cute, but at the time I was so crushed by his cold attention for a while.*

The blog is a lot of fun. In the end this blog is going to be turned into a book. That is our dream. We are writing tales, poems, and etc from our lives to use an example for others to follow or not follow. It's sort of like the Chicken Soup books. While Reece and Victoria we at a restaurant going over the table of contents and details about our future book a man walked up to them and started chatting with them about our "book". He said that when we get it published and get the name out and about and then he'll make it a movie or TV show. FUN! He gave them his name and number and etc. Hopefully this guy is legit. No pressure, but if you want to view the blog click here. My pen name is Anna Rae.

Well, here's my poem that I am so proud of:

It's Sad But True
by: CaroleRae/AnnaRae

It's sad but true,
For I don't need you.
I don't need that thing called love.
For love is as fickle as the doves
That fly by without a care.
For even they know that true love leads to despair
The evidence is easy to be seen.
For love was not even worth it for the Virgin Queen,
Who was the product of a love that went deadly wrong.
For none can love that long.

I do not need you to love me good sir,
For I am strong and none can demur
This fact, for mine eyes has seen its fair share of hurts
For the world is a pervert
And loves to play games and never play by the same rules
For the world is unfair, unforgiving, and simply just cruel.
Many times this heart of mine has been smashed,
For love and flirtations always seem to backlash
And I always end up alone and ran through the mud,
For not even my own flesh and blood
Would stay with me and be by my side
For this I will never be the blushing bride.

It's sad but ultimately true,
For I don't need you.
I don't need that thing called love,
For love is as fickle as the doves
Who know that none ever get the love they deserve
For love expires. So excuse me while I swerve
And avoid that volatile thing called love.
For even the fickle doves
Know that love is a game of cards
For which I have no hope to win because I am so scarred.

It's sad but true,
For I wish I had you,
But why would you want someone like me?
So please don't look at me -
The way you do or how you make me -
Feel so important or how you make my heart feel so free.
Please just let me be,
You cruel, cruel lovable man, you.

Wednesday, February 27

Who, What, Where?

A weekly meme created by Melissa over at My World in Words & Pages. You share just a bit about where you are, who you are with, and what is happening in your current read. Be careful not share any major spoilers. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry for lack of posting. Life has been crazy the last few days. Haha. Anyways...this week I'll be sharing a little WWW for The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I've been dying to read this for years. However, I'm a werido and I prefer owning the classics that I read (besides for short ones like Of Mice and Men, since it took me just a couple days to gobble down). I finally stumbled upon this at a Frankenmuth used book store. Yes, I go to Frankenmuth and I find myself in one of their book stores. I'm a true book-addict. 

I'm with Jim and Mama Vane in 19th century England at their small abode behind the theater. They are discussing the insanity, but also the wiseness of the engagement between their little Sybil and "Prince Charming". Jim is not a happy camper and says that "Prince Charming" better love his little sister for life or he'll hunt him down and kill him. Mama Vane, though impressed by the melodramatics of her son, is telling him to calm down and that all will be well. 


Sunday, February 24

Book Review: Of Mice and Men

Author: John Steinbeck
Title: Of Mice and Men
Genre:classics, Historical Fiction, YA
Pages: 107
First Published: 1937
Where I Got It: borrowed from Library

"The tragic story of the complex bond between two migrant laborers in Central California. They are George Milton and Lennie Small, itinerant ranch hands who dream of one day owning a small farm. George acts as a father figure to Lennie, who is a very large, simple-minded man, calming him and helping to rein in his immense physical strength."

I read this in High School a few years ago. I remembered I liked it and so I decided to give this another read, just for the heck of it.

Again...I am stunned that this is a YA book and read in a High School setting. I feel like it is a little more mature and I am stunned that that the prudish school boards and all them allowed this book to be read in Freshmen classes and the rest of them. I mean its not R rated or anything, but there is some mature scenes. 

But yeah, I do like this book. It's a complex and simple story of the human condition. It delves into the most complex creatures on this Earth....humans. It talks about how humans like to feel superior and make the weak feel weaker. They love using others weaknesses against them. 

It's a good, quick read that makes you think and I like that. If you read the classics, I need to read this one. I hate the ending, though. I love my tragedies and I seen this ending coming, but I loath it. I feel that John Steinbeck should have gave an ending that gives hope for human kind and that people can be better, but no. No. No. No. *Sighs* I understand what he was pointing out with the last scene, but still.....

In the end, I recommend this for those that like to think with books and for those that love the classics. It's a simple and quick book, but it really does make you think. I wish I could make this review longer, but I can't go into much detail for anything I say is a spoiler. Haha. Overall, I stamp this book with a four. 

Favorite Character(s): Lennie, George, and the dog.
Not-so Favorite Character(s): everyone else.


Saturday, February 23

Friday Flash Fiction #25

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place (or Carole Rae/me) posts a picture and on Friday we share a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be about 350 or so words.

Didn't get this done until now. I was way too tired to finish it yesterday. Haha. Forewarning...that poem in the middle of the story is an old-ish one of mine and I thought of it when I seen this picture, so I decided to toss it in at the end and twist the story around it. 

by: Carole Rae

Screaming your name, I removed my heels and stumbled up the slippery stones in search for you. The moors rushed in front of me, but all the love I had for the moors vanished because I could not find you. Where are you? Where are you my love? I set my lamp down and looked up towards the opening sky and I heard your voice. I called your name again, but your voice stopped. HER voice, or what I think would be her voice, took place. She laughed and she whispered among the wind, “His heart belongs with me.”

Tears began streaming down my face and fell onto the already wet stones, “No. He hates you. I will NOT let you take him away from me.”

She laughed and laughed, “He will be mine again.”

“I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN!” I yelled back.


I winced, but I still declared,“I WILL WIN! HE WILL LOVE ME!”

The wind blew and whistled louder then anything I've ever heard.

I snapped awake. Sweating was dripping down my face and I was shaking. I sat there on the couch a moment before I realized where the loud whistling was coming from. My tea was going off. I sighed and looked down at my trembling hands. What none sense that dream was. However...I could still feel the lingering jealousy that heated my blood. What if my dream was right? What if he still loved that bitch? That whore? I had never felt the sting of jealousy and despair before.

I pulled myself from the couch and went over to the kitchen and grabbed myself a cup of tea, before sitting down back on the couch. I sighed and took a sip. With a sigh, I set down my tea and grabbed my writing pad. I began writing...writing always relieved my emotions and removed them from my body.

Just outrageous of me to compare myself to her.
Everyone says that she is a bitch and a whore
A fact is a fact, but that doesn't mean you still don't
Love her
Or wish I was her.
Usually I don't care, but I can't stop thinking about it.
So it is true you are with me...for now.
You may think me nuts, but if she wanted you back badly enough she will....she will.

I slammed the pen down as I finished writing these words. Rage, menace, and most of all...longing burned through my veins. I stared out the window and took a deep breath. It was not my greatest work, but I could feel the emotions slowly draining. Thank God.

My phone rang and I knew it was him. I picked up, “Hey.”

“Hey Rebecca.” Whispered his velvety voice.

“Whats up?”

There was a moment of silence and then he replied, “Guess who showed up at my place earlier?”

“She did...didn't she?” I could feel the emotions spilling back into my veins. That whore was going to get it.

“Yeah,” He laughed, “She was all dolled up and was trying to seduce me. I just slammed the door in her face.”

That should have contented me, but my veins was running with every bad emotion, “You should have just fucked her, Jack. I know you still love her.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“C'mon. We've only been dating four months and you still love her. She wants you back. You should have taken that ship when it came.”

“I can't.”


“Because....because I love you Rebecca.”

My heart stopped a moment, “Oh, Jack. I love you too.”

I could hear the smile in his voice, “Thank God. I was terrified you wouldn't say it back.”

“I've loved you since I met you, Jack.”

“Same here.”

~The End.~

Thursday, February 21

Winner Winner!

Thanks everyone all the love and support and for joining in on the fun of my giveaway. I wish I could pick you all, but I can only pick one. Rafflecoptor as randomly picked me a winner and the winner is....................................

Carol from Carol's Notebook!

I just sent you an email, please respond in 48 hours or I'll have to pick another winner.

Again...thanks everyone for joining in on the fun! I'll be sure to host another giveaway someday in the future. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, February 19

Movie Review: Pan Labyrinth

Length: 1 hour & 55 mins
Released: 2006
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Horror
Rating: R - graphic violence & bloody language
Directed By: Guillermo del Toro
Where I Got It: watched with boyfriend (his movie)


"This haunting fantasy-drama set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and detailing the strange journeys of an imaginative young girl who may be the mythical princess of an underground kingdom. Her mother, Carmen, recently remarried to sadistic army captain Vidal and soon to bear the cruel military man's child, shy young Ofelia is forced to entertain herself as her recently-formed family settles into their new home nestled deep in the Spanish countryside. As Ofelia's bed-ridden mother lies immobilized in anticipation of her forthcoming child and her high-ranking stepfather remains determined to fulfill the orders of General Francisco Franco to crush a nearby guerilla uprising, the young girl soon ventures into an elaborate stone labyrinth presided over by the mythical faun Pan. Convinced by Pan that she is the lost princess of legend and that in order to return to her underground home she must complete a trio of life-threatening tasks, Ofelia sets out to reclaim her kingdom and return to her grieving father as Vidal's housekeeper Mercedes and doctor plot secretly on the surface to keep the revolution alive"


Carmen - Ariadna Gil
Ofelia - Ivana Baquero
Videl - Sergi Lopez
Mercedes - Maribel Verdu
Pan/Pale Man - Doug Jones
Doctor - Alex Angulo
Garces - Manolo Solo
Serrano - Cesar Vea
Pedro - Roger Casamaior

Boyfriend said I would really like this movie being a "history nerd" and all. Also its a thought provoking movie, which is a bonus always. First of all...he was right. I did like this movie. ^.^

There was so many things going on at once during this movie. The poor rebels trying to fight against Pedro and his "sadistic" ways, Pedro and his wife struggling with her being sickly and about to give birth, and then Ofelia's fantasy world which has its own drama unfolding. I loved how well everything blended into each other and how well things played off each other. 

I loved the costumes and it seemed very authentic. I also must extend some kuddos to the screen writers for it was some good writing. The dialogue was excellent and the acting added to it. Even the little actress who played Ofelia did wonderful (you know child actors tend to be cheesy sometimes). We had to read the subtitles, because the dialogue was in Spanish, but that was seemed to be better in Spanish and it added to the feel of the movie. 

Even though this was a really good movie, it was really sad. :/ I teared up a couple times throughout the film. Along with that...I hated the ending. I can't say much without ruining it, but it was rather sad and it made me mad. Stupid ending >.>. I see the symbolism behind it, but still I was not happy. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a BAD ending or anything, but it upset me and mad me cry. Oh well, I guess. But it did lead to a good conversation and debate on whether or not Ofelia's "fantasy" was a fantasy or not. Was her world real or was it just the imagination of a lonely child in a dark world. Personally...I think it was real in a way. I'll have to re-watch it and look deeper into it.

In the end, this was a good movie. It's also a good date movie *wink wink*. It was a sad movie, but it was good and thought provoking. The acting, the screenwriting, the costumes, and the plot was amazing. Make sure to watch it in its native language with subtitles, for it seemed to add to the movie. Overall I shall stamp this with 5 stars.

Favorite Character(s): Ofelia, Doctor, & Mercedes
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Videl (evil man), Pan, & Pale Man (*shudders*)


Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Characters in Classic Novels

~The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.~

Happy Tuesday morning my amigos. Its cold and windy and icy and I have to go to work in a few hours. *sighs* Life is a bitch sometimes. How are things on your side of the globe?

This week's topic is your top ten favorite characters in the genre of your choice. I decided to do the Classic genre this time. ^.^ 

(there is an order to this list)

10. Julia from '1984'. Though I wasn't a huge fan of the book, I did like Julia. I felt so bad for her though....

9. Jim from 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'. He was the secret hero of the novel and I adored him. He was such a good guy and I applaud him for not wanting to strangle Huckleberry or Sawyer. 

8. Anne Elliot from 'Persuasion'. Though I hated her to begin with, I grew to love her and applaud her later on. She was a level headed woman and grew from a huge mistake she made in her youth. She was such a good woman and smart and I'm glad she got her HEA.

7. The Mad Hatter from 'Alice in Wonderland'. Such a nut and I love him. Hahaha. I would have tea with him.

6. Jean ValJean from 'Les Miserables'. Though the name is stupid beyond belief, I still adore the man. He is so complex and so interesting. He went from being an innocent man to hardened criminal to a great man. Such a great character and it shows that people can change and people are good.

5. Penelope from 'The Odyssey'. Not a lot of people say they like her, but how could you not? Such a strong woman and a clever woman to boot. She waited, loyally, for her husband to return from a 10 year war, then another 10 years for him to come home. She waited and waited and kept all the money-hungry men at bay. Kuddos to her!

4. Mr. Darcy from 'Pride & Prejudice'. You all knew this was coming. He is snarky, brooding, and a dream boat. Hahaha.

3. Beatrice from 'Much Ado About Nothing'. I must reread this...I loved this book. But yeah, Beatrice was a kickass Shakespeare girl. Unlike Kat from 'Taming of the Shrew' she keeps her awesomeness and strong-willedness and STILL gets her HEA. ^.^

2. Captain Wentworth from 'Persuasion'. *drools*

1. Iago from 'Othello'. I know. I know. He is the baddie in this tale, but I can't help but like him. He is SO complex and SO odd. I can't help but adore characters that are so complex. I feel sort of bad for him, but he is the baddie and the causer of death and drama. Even though he never laid a finger on anyone...he just set them up to play to his little dance. I find that amazing and crazy. Hahaha. That is why he is my number 1. 


Friday, February 15

Book Review: The Colonel's Lady

Author: Laura Frantz
Title: The Colonel's Lady
Genre: Historical Romance, War, Christian Fiction
Pages: 406
First Published: August 1st, 2011
Where I Got It: borrowed from Library

"In 1779, when genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan arrives at the Kentucky fort commanded by Colonel Cassius McLinn, she finds that her officer father has died. Penniless and destitute, Roxanna is forced to take her father's place as scrivener. Before long, it's clear that the colonel himself is attracted to her. But she soon realizes the colonel has grave secrets of his own—some of which have to do with her father's sudden death. Can she ever truly love him?"


*clears throat* I'm sorry. But it TOOK ME FOREVER TO READ THIS! I wish I could say it was because of I wanted to enjoy every moment or I had no time....well I had enough time and I did not want to enjoy the sweetness of every page. No. No. No. I barely finished and I had to force myself to open the book.

I didn't HATE IT. But I just did not care. The adventure was good and the characters were decently developed. Some of the side characters seemed 2D, but on the majority the author did a wonderful job developing everyone. I especially loved the complexity of Liam. I hated the man, but man was he a complex character and you all know how I love my complex characters. I love try dissecting and trying to figure out what makes him tic and I'm curious to see what he's going to do next. Love it. I haven't stumbled upon a character like Liam in a while. ^.^ Also, I loved the twist near the end. Can't say much else about that....

However, that is all I have nice to really say about this book. I just didn't care. Perhaps it was just me and not the book. I don't know. Perhaps it was the Christian aspect of it...that usually stumbles me up sometimes. Maybe I'll have to come back to this a couple years and it give it another shot. 

In the end, it took me a while to read and I really had to make myself finish it. The twist and the development of the characters was done well. Don't let my "not caring" push you away from this.   I think it mostly me...not the book. I would recommend this for those that don't mind the Christian aspect and who likes Historical Romance. Overall, I give this 1 star. 

Favorite Character(s): Ummmm....Bella?
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Cass, Roxanna, Liam (you baddie you), and Five Feathers (Mhmm)


Thursday, February 14

Happy V Day

Well today is the today of LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! Make sure to hug ALL your loved ones extra hard today. I'm so excited for I actually have a boyfriend on this Valentine's Day. It feels nice. But yeah, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. Sorry I haven't had many posts the last couple of days, work is killing me and I've been trying to get The Colonel's Lady done. I should have that done and the review up by Friday. ^.^ 


Happy V Day and make sure to spread the love around. Love you guys!!!!!


Friday, February 8

Friday Flash Fiction

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place (or Carole Rae/me) posts a picture and on Friday we share a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be about 350 or so words.

Happy Friday everyone! I actually got off my lazy rump and wrote a FFF for this week. I've been doing a lot of writing lately. It feels so good to not worry about school. All I have to do is work, hang with friends, hang with boyfriend, and then write or read. It's so nice. I've actually written a few pieces of poetry for the first time in a LONG time. Since High School. Anyways....I hope you guys join in this week.

The Heartless
By: Carole Rae

Blood and carnage were scattered around him, but he didn't feel anything. His footsteps alone caused splashes of blood to leap into the air. Young and old men hollered in agony, but there was no stirring of sympathy or empathy or even a batted an eye from the tall and handsome man. Pools of blood festered under the heated sun and bowels from the dead penetrated every living man's nose. Limbs and intestines scattered the ground, while man fought man with sword and arrows. The growl of war hummed and slammed against the air. There were many cries and winces and sadness in the eyes of the majority of men, except for William. Nothing but cool contempt was on his face. Sometimes a small, cynical half-smile would settle on his lips. They didn't call him William the Heartless for no reason.

The battle seemed to go on for hours before the leader of the other side was slain and they retreated. William raised his arm in victory. The chants from the left over men sounded the air. 

William allowed the half-smile to creep upon his lips as he wiped the blood from his best friend, his sword, and then sheathed it with a snap. The battle was over and the war seemed to be in their favor. The king would be pleased and perhaps William will finally be called General. With a lifted brow he looked toward the setting sun. That was indeed a long battle. 

As he turned on his heels to make his way back to camp, a scream sounded on the air. A woman's scream. A scream of utter and complete heartbreak. He continued to walk and tried to ignore the woman's utter heartbreaking sobs. However, he came across her. Her body was sprawled across the body of one of the dead bodies. The woman, “Pleaaaaaaaase! Come back! I can't live without you!” 

This made William halt in his steps and he looked at her and watched her suffer. Instead of his normal cool look, his lips turned slightly downward and his eyes....his eyes held actual sadness. He could feel tears coming, but he held them at bay. Flexing his fist, he was stuck at an impasse. Should he comfort this woman? Should he just walk away like normal? Why did he suddenly care so much? What should he do?

But he did nothing. He just stood there.

The woman lifted her bowed head up to him. The dying sunlight made her brown eyes sparkle and her tears seemed to shimmer. A light breeze blew and her ebony hair blew wave in the wind like some flag amongst the sky.

His heart stopped.

His heart then swelled.

His heart then fluttered.

Slowly, he dropped to his knees and looked upon the dead man and tried to recall a name of the solider. Not recalling who he was, still said, “He was an excellent fighter and he is surely a lost to my men and me.” 

The woman's chin quivered, but there was a ray of thanks in her eyes. She took a haggard breathe and put her head on William's chest. William at first surprised, slowly wrapped his arm around her. The woman cried into his chest and he let her. They stayed like for what seemed an eternity. 

After a while, he helped the woman stand and whispered, “Come. You need rest and food. The men will prepare him....”

The woman gave a heart-melting smile and replied quietly, “Thank you for your kindness.”

William actually smiled back at her, but said nothing and lead her away from the wreckage that was left over from a battle that would one day be forgotten.


Wednesday, February 6


HAPPY (belated) 2nd BIRTHDAY BLOG!

Yayy! This blog has just reached two years old the other day! I just now noticed it. hahaha. Oh well, better late then never! Luckily I have some things I've been meaning to give away and since I was not 100% prepared for a giveaway, I'm going to give a bundle away as a thank you to you guys for being awesome and for stalking  following this lovely blog. In the bundle include two books by Jane Austen and two mini-random books. I'm trying out Rafflecopter for this giveaway. We shall see how well it works. The giveaway ends Feb 14th and I'll announce the winner on the 15th or 16th.

The Giveaway:



hardcover, in honor of Valentine's Day

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Who, What, Where?

A weekly meme created by Melissa over at My World in Words & Pages. You share just a bit about where you are, who you are with, and what is happening in your current read. Be careful not share any major spoilers. 

I'm embarassed because I am SLOWLY making it through this book and I've been reading it for a week now. *hides under rock* Anyways I'm currently reading The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz.

I am with Roxanna in Fort Endeavor in Kentucky during the 18th century and its Christmas. She is waiting for her father to come back to the fort after a little military "fun" catching "redskins" and "redcoats". The soldiers are just coming home and they don't look to happy.....


Tuesday, February 5

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Bookish Memories

~The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.~

Happy Tuesday everyone. How is everyone doing? Things have been stressful over on my side of the pond, but I removed one less stress this afternoon: my taxes are done and filed and I'm getting a decent amount of money. Not as much as I did last year, but I was forced to file as a dependent. Have you done your taxes? If you haven't I would highly recommend Jackson Heweitt. This is my third year with them and I simply love them. ^.^

Anyways, since I have nothing else to post I'll do TTT today. I haven't got much reading done and I plan on sharing my next Movie Review later on in the week. This week's theme is: top ten bookish memories. 

(There is no order to my list)

* Meeting Lauren Willig. She is one of my favorite authors of all time and I was SO excited when she came to Michigan. My ex-friend and I drove down to Ann Arbor. I actually got the nerve to ask her a question after the reading. Once the Q&A was done, she signed my book and actually knew who I was. Too bad I didn't have this blog at the time. *sighs*  

*After my Grandpa Carol died my mom gave me his huge book of William Shakespeare. I cried when we found that book and my mom said I could have it, because I love Shakespeare and Grandpa would want ME to have it.

*Professor Hull gave me a few of his books from his collection. We all have that one teacher/professor that makes a huge difference in our lives and he was that one. I had him for both of my American History classes and he was the one that made me want to be a teacher. He even wrote me a small letter along with The Autobiography of Henry VIII, Les Miserables, The Old Regime and the French Revolution, & War and Peace.

*Winning the audiotape of The Temptation of the Night Jasmine and Lauren Willig signing The Orchid Affair. I know the audiotape is technically NOT a book, so I combined that with Lauren Willig signing my copy of the Orchid Affair. Love Lauren Willig. ^.^

*My mom actually ordered my Lord of the Rings books. Back when I was a wee thing the Book Fair came around and my mom always refused to buy books from there (because they were too expensive). However, one year I guess she got extra money and actually allowed me to order a few things. I don't remember the other books I got, but I do remember the four-book package  that had my name on it. Oh I was so excited to own my own Lord of the Rings books. The library was probably just as excited as I.

*Winning Queen By Right. The first book I've ever won. It took SO long to get it!

*Being read Doctor Seuss books. When I was a wee thing my Pat or Patty (my friend's grandma or step-grandpa) would read us Doctor Seuss books every night. I remember being utterly enchanted by them.

*My mom reading to me. She read me a variety of books, but I enjoyed every single one of them.

*My parents buying me the majority of Mr. & Miss. books. Remember those silly books? They are so silly, but I loved reading them. I would spend hours re-reading them. They had me giggling all day.

 *My parents subscribed me to the 'Dear America' book thing. Once a month I received a Dear America book. Along with the book came some toys and activities that went along with the time period of the book. It was so cool and I couldn't wait for the next month! They only had me subscribed for 5 months, but it was worth it.


Monday, February 4

Richard III Has Been Found

When I got home from work my mother informed me that they found the missing body of Richard III of England. Being a history nerd I had to know more! How amazing that they solved one of the mysteries of History!? Through DNA testing it is affirmed that it is him. At first I had my doubts...but when they checked out the skeleton and the deformed spine convinced me that it was him. Also the wounds on the back of his head convinced me also. Here's a couple links to articles I've read:

Do you see the spine? 

Now since they found the body, debates will explode. What do you think of Richard III? Was he a cold-blooded King or has the victor distorted this man's reputation? Personally? I'm not really sure...I believe he was just like anyone else...wanting power and the throne and the crown. Power meant EVERYTHING back then. I think he was a victim of his own greed and since he lost the throne to Henry Tudor, history will forever mark him as the "baddie".