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Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey


Narrated by: Lauren Sweet

Series: It Happened One Summer, Book 2

Length: 10 hrs and 10 mins

Release date: 03-01-22

Publisher: HarperAudio

Contemporary romance

To review

Was this the end of the series? Oh that would be sad, I know it is called Bellinger sisters, but I want more from this town. More fishermen should find love!

Hannah has a crush on her boss. But she has also been texting with Fox for months and I loved that. They had truly gotten to know each other that way.

And then she comes to town with a film crew. She has hopes of being more than an assistant, she has hope about her crush, but then there is her friend Fox.

Oh Fox, he was a rake. Women women women, but, he also hated it. This felt different, this guy had trauma. He felt like he had been pushed into being a ladies man from birth. And everyone gave him shit for it. He felt he had zero respect and no one ever expected him to actually fall in love. Which does lead to trouble since he falls for Hannah, but thinks he is not good enough.

Emotional trauma. Hope of love, and two friends realising they want more. I enjoyed this one and I would want to see more in this world-

Great narration, she had me with different voices and the feel of things. The only thing missing was a bit of music since Hannah loved Music

King crab fisherman Fox Thornton has a reputation as a sexy, carefree flirt. Everyone knows he's a guaranteed good time--in bed and out--and that's exactly how he prefers it. Until he meets Hannah Bellinger. She's immune to his charm and looks, but she seems to enjoy his... personality? And wants to be friends? Bizarre. But he likes her too much to risk a fling, so platonic pals it is.

Now, Hannah's in town for work, crashing in Fox's spare bedroom. She knows he's a notorious ladies' man, but they're definitely just friends. In fact, she's nursing a hopeless crush on a colleague and Fox is just the person to help with her lackluster love life. Armed with a few tips from Westport's resident Casanova, Hannah sets out to catch her coworker's eye... yet the more time she spends with Fox, the more she wants him instead. As the line between friendship and flirtation begins to blur, Hannah can't deny she loves everything about Fox, but she refuses to be another notch on his bedpost.

Living with his best friend should have been easy. Except now she's walking around in a towel, sleeping right across the hall, and Fox is fantasizing about waking up next to her for the rest of his life and... and... man overboard! He's fallen for her, hook, line, and sinker. Helping her flirt with another guy is pure torture, but maybe if Fox can tackle his inner demons and show Hannah he's all in, she'll choose him instead?

Saturday, February 26

Movie Review: Valentine's Day (2010)

Film NameValentine's Day
Length:  2 HR & 5 Mins
Released: 2010
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Where I Got It: HBO Max

Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day.

Seen this was leaving HBO Max soon AND it is Love Month, so why not. Plus I love 'Love Actually' and this def is similar. 

We are in LA and it is Valentine's Day! Intertwining couples and singles across the city will face the pressures, expectations, and feels. 

This was a nice V-Day movie for sure. Make your date watch this. FH came in halfway and watched the rest with me. OF course, I had to explain who was who and what was going in, but he even stayed to watch and this isn't his jam. He didn't LOVE it, but he was like "Not bad." 

Funny enough...that is how I felt. Not a bad film. There was humor. There were OMG moments. There were AWWEEEE moments. But in the was just okay. A nice movie for a lazy day in bed or on the couch with your sweetie. 

My main issue was that there were TOO many characters. It took too long for some reveals on the who-is-who/connections. I get they wanted a OMG or NO-WAY moment, but I was confused too often. Now I know all of the secrets....I don't mind rewatching or having this on in the background while I do chores or write. 

There was ONE secret that had me clapping for joy!! Someone comes out as gay and I was so happy because that was not being represented in the film at all. Kinda mad it took until near the end. I would've loved that to be announced sooner so we could follow the character grow into their truth. 

In the end, this is a very sweet film and good for a date, lazy day, or a good movie in the background. Had a couple issues, but overall it was okay!  3 stars. 

Thursday, February 24

Audiobook Review: Grin and Beard It by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Narrator: Chris Brinkley, Cielo Camargo
Title: Grin and Beard It
(Winston Brothers #2)
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Format: Audiobook
Published:  March 21st 2016
Where I got It: Audible 

Sienna Diaz is everyone’s favorite “fat” funny lady. The movie studio executives can’t explain it, but her films are out-grossing all the fit and trim headliners and Hollywood’s most beautiful elite. The simple truth is, everyone loves plus-sized Sienna.

But she has a problem, she can’t read maps and her sense of direction is almost as bad as her comedic timing is stellar. Therefore, when Sienna’s latest starring role takes her to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park she finds herself continually lost while trying to navigate the backroads of Green Valley, Tennessee. Much to her consternation, Sienna’s most frequent savior is a ridiculously handsome, charming, and cheeky Park Ranger by the name of Jethro Winston.

Sienna is accustomed to high levels of man-handsome, so it’s not Jethro’s chiseled features or his perfect physique that make Sienna stutter. It’s his southern charm. And gentlemanly manners. And habit of looking at her too long and too often.

Sienna has successfully navigated the labyrinth of Hollywood heart-throbs. But can she traverse the tenuous trails of Tennessee without losing her head? Or worse, her heart?

Book 2! I was excited for this one. One...this fits into a couple of my reading challenges. Two...I was curious to see Jethro grow up and man up. He has a lot of making up to do and getting his crap in order. 

Here we follow Sienna and Jethro. Sienna has made a name for herself in Hollywood. She is America's sweetheart. She is everyone's favorite "fat" funny lady. She is funny, sweet, sassy, beautiful...everything you could want. However, she can't read maps and her sense of directions are left to be desired. When her newest role takes her to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, she finds herself lost and nearly out of gas. She is saved by the handsome, charming, and cheeky Park Ranger by the name of Jethro Winston who has no idea who she is. Perfect. 

This was just sooo soooo soooooooo sweet. I actually fell in love Jethro. I love Sienna too. Why can't she be real? I would be her biggest fan!!! I would want to become her bestie in real life. She is funny and sassy and just plain adorable. Psssh. I hate Hollywood. A size 14 is considered "fat". Idiots. That is literally the average size for women. >_> 

But yessss these two deserved each other. They were perfect for each other and I could tell from the first moment they talked to each other! The friendship and lust was there right off the bat. The love and getting together took a minute. Lots of communication issues, but they worked it out pretty quickly. I loved that there wasn't any crazy drama that kept them apart. Just the "normal" stuff. Especially because Jethro DOES have a past and he worries about ruining Sienna's career. But they eventually talk it out and strive to make it work. I simply loved it. 

There is some drama in his family too. But...they talk it out. Jethro finally clears the air with one of the brothers. Things aren't perfect yet, but I feel like the family is finally getting over the past and what Jethro had done. Which makes me happy! Forgiveness and love!

I wanted to slap some damned sense into Sienna's sister/manager...especially after that stunt she pulled near the end. Grrrrr. I get you worry for your sister/client, but F off.

Honestly, I do wish we got to see more from Jethro's POV. I felt like 65% of the book was Sienna's. WHICH don't get me wrong...I loveee her, but I would've like it to be more balanced. 

The narrators were fantastic of course!!! They had the same male voice and that made me happy. He is always good. They changed the female narrator to fit better into Sienna's character. That worked for me. She did amazing. 

In the end, I really liked this one. I for sure liked this more than book 1. Don't get me wrong, book 1 was good, but this was better. I loved our mains. I loved the drama and how they resolved the drama. The narrators were on point. My only issue was that the POV was a little off balanced. I would've loved more Jethro parts. Other than issues. I'll give this 4 stars. 


- #10 for Audiobook challenge
- #9 for Romance Reading Challenge - Actor/Actress

Wednesday, February 23

Book Review: The Awakening by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Author: Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti
Title: The Awakening
(Zodiac Academy #1)
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, YA, Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 411 
Published: July 13th 2019
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

If you're one of the Fae, elemental magic is in your blood. And apparently it's in ours. As twins born in the month of Gemini, we're a rare breed even in this academy of supernatural a-holes.

Changelings were outlawed hundreds of years ago but I guess our birth parents didn't get the memo. Which means we're totally unprepared for the ruthless world of Fae.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth.

No one has ever harnessed all four of them, until we arrived. And it hasn't made us any friends so far.

As the rarest Elementals ever known, we're already a threat to the four celestial heirs; the popular, vindictive bullies who happen to be some of the hottest guys we've ever seen. It doesn't help that they're the most dangerous beasts in the Academy. And probably on earth too.

Our fates are intertwined, but they want us gone. They've only got until the lunar eclipse to force us out and they'll stop at nothing to succeed.

We never knew we had a birthright to live up to but now that we do, we intend to claim our throne.

We can't expect any help from the faculty when it comes to defending ourselves. So if the dragon shifters want some target practice, the werewolves want someone to hunt or the vampires fancy a snack then we have to be ready. But we've been looking after each other for a long time and fighting back is in our blood.

Today's horoscope: totally screwed.

My friend recommended this to me and it was free on Amazon so why not!

Here we follow twins Tory and Darcy Vega. The twins had spent their whole lives in the mortal world as orphans. Once they turned 18, they are tossed out on their own by their last guardians. While struggling in the mortal world, Professor Orion shows up and informs them of the truth....they are Fae born and are magical. It turns out their birth parents were King and Queen of Solaria. In order to reclaim their throne, they must go and graduate from the Zodiac Academy. However, there are loads of people not happy at their return. Not only will the twins have to come to terms with their power, their role, their past, but also their new enemies.

Sighs...those poor girls. They have not had an easy life and now things are even harder for them. They didn't ask for any of this. I just want them to be happy. At least they have each other. F those people! Bullying aholes. 

I loved Tory and Darcy! I didn't like anyone else so that made it hard for me to fully enjoy this. Everyone...even some of the professors....are jerks and terrible. I just wanted these girls to leave the school. Is the throne really and truly worth it??? I guess they just want to find a home and be happy, but they have SO many people rooting for them to fail. 

Lots of adult content here. I truly do not see this being in the YA category because of the adult situations and content these 18 year-olds have to deal with. It didn't feel YA AT all. 

Grrrr! I felt myself just be angry this whole time especially at the end! WTH??? Those people should have been arrested and locked up!! I won't say, but they took the bullying to a whole another level!!! MONSTERS!!!

There are hints at a love triangle for Tory. I worry because I don't like either of the boys. They are asshats too. Okay...Darius isn't THAT bad, but still. Not a fan of him. Caleb is a lunatic. 

And do NOT get me started on Professor Orion. >_> Hated his face the moment we met him.

So.....I still want to read book 2. Maybe because I have hope Tory and Darcy will be able to kick some of their asses? A lot of those Heirs need to be taught a tough lesson!!!!!!!!!! Plus I love Tory and Darcy. I want to see them win over these monsters. I do have my worries for book 2, but I am curious. 

Okay...a rating? Mmmmmmm. I'll give this 3. There is a lot of potential here. If you are looking for a mix of Harry Potter and  Avatar the last Airbender with a splash of adult content....then you will probably like this. My friend did warn me book 1 is a little rough, but it does get better so I am looking forward to book 2. But yes. 3 stars from me. 

- #8 for Romance Reading Challenge - YA

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TMST: Book Disappointments

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post where bloggers discuss a wide range of topics from books and blogging to life in general. Weigh in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog. Feel free to leave your links in the comments if you are participating.

February 22nd: Has a book by your favorite author ever disappointed you badly?

Yessss. It happens! Not every book can be a winner...especially a series. Some are bad. Some are good. Some authors bat 50/50 for me and that is okay. :) 

Also, sometimes it is okay to be disappointed in the direction of a series that your previously loved. The one that still hurts my heart is the Anita Blake series. I LOVED that series and that author. It was fantastic....but then the author started going in a direction I wasn't a fan of so I stopped reading. I still someday plan on reading the next one just to see, but I just haven't had the time. Someday!!  

Books or authors may disappoint you. It simply happens. And that is okay! 


Did a free winter edition for my Engagement photos! Here is a mini collage I made with some of our favorites! 

Monday, February 21

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Let It Be Me by Kate Noble


Narrated by: Alison Larkin

Series: Raven, Book 5

Length: 12 hrs and 15 mins

Release date: 08-12-14

Publisher: Audible Studios

Historical romance


I listened to this on my way to work. So it took a long time.

Make it quick!

Bridget loves to play the piano, but do not dare to do it infront of others. I liked her, she was overshadowed by her sister and had to come into her own.

Off to Venice and someone who will teach her more.

Awww Venice. And a handsome Englishman to fall in love with....eventually.

I enjoyed it and great narration too

Bridget longs to meet a gentleman who doesn't mention her beautiful sister upon shaking her hand. But since being branded a shrew after a disastrous social season, Bridget knows she's lucky to even have a man come near her. It's enough to make a lady flee the country…

So Bridget heads to Venice for music lessons with the renowned Italian composer Vincenzo Carpenini, with whom she's been corresponding. But not only is Carpenini not expecting her, he doesn't even remember her! His friend, theater owner Oliver Merrick, does, though. And one look into her tantalizing green eyes has him cursing his impulsive letter-writing, which brought her across the continent. Yet before Merrick can apologize, Carpenini has ordered her away.

Little does either man know that they will soon be embroiled in a wager that will require the beautiful Miss Forrester's help—or that there'll be far more at stake in this gamble than money…

Sunday, February 20

Book Review: Love At Last by Michelle Helen Fritz & E.A. Shanniak

Author: Michelle Helen Fritz & E.A. Shanniak
Title: Love At Last (Bramley Hall Regency Romance #1)
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Published: February 14th 2022
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

As the Parson’s daughter, Mariah Morten has spent much of her life inside the stone walls of Bramley Hall. Before tragedy struck, she had fond childhood memories made alongside her two brothers and the Earl’s son: Harrison Pembroke.

Years later, she has done her best to ignore the yearning of past memories and futile dreams of becoming the next countess. If only she could secure her own happiness and let her heart have it’s one true desire.

Harrison Pembroke is the seventh Earl of Bramley. He’s spent the last four years trying to reconcile his heart after being jilted so that he can focus his energy on those under his care. Except no matter how much he wishes to keep his walls up, the draw he feels toward a certain set of sparkling sapphire eyes can’t be ignored.

An invitation arrives, sweeping Mariah and Harrison into the midst of balls, soirees, family meddling, and one memorable night under the stars. Will outside forces keep them separated forever, or will their own wants persevere allowing them to find Love At Last?

Couldn't resist this one! Def up my alley and I love friend-to-lover romances.

We follow Mariah and Harrison. Mariah is the Parson's daughter and Harrison is the Earl of Bramley. They were childhood friends, but people grow up and life gets complicated especially since they are from different social classes. Harrison has spent the last four years trying to reconcile his heart after being jilted by another woman and Mariah just wants Harrison to be happy, but she wants happiness too. Things happen and they realize their friendship might be more. However, will outside forces keep them separated forever, or will they be able to finally have the love they so desperately want. 

Awwww I simply adored both Mariah and Harrison. They were just so adorable and sweet. I really wanted them to realize they need each other. It took a minute, because of their social difference AND Harrison had his heart broken already so he is for sure scared. 

This was just so sweet and charming! There are some outside and social issues that keep them apart, but there wasn't a crazy amount of drama which was nice. Sometimes a sweet romance is needed.

Oh! The side characters were fun too. I loved Mariah's parents and her siblings. They were adorable too! 

This really did have a Jane Austen feel which I highly appreciate and love! 

Now, my only issue was that there were some repetitive sentences and language here and there. Easy to look past though. 

Overall, I really adored this novel. It was so delightful! I loved all of our characters and you can't help but "awwwww" at the end. Mariah and Harrison really deserved all the love. They had some struggles at finally getting past their social classes and their friendship....but it was worth it in the end. If you like Jane Austen, this def had that Jane Austen feel, so I recommend it for sure. I'll give this 4 stars. Some repetitive parts, but it was easy to look past and just enjoy the story. I can't wait for the next book!

Saturday, February 19

Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Film NameCrazy Rich Asians
Length:  2 HR
Released: 2018
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Where I Got It: HBO Max

This contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family.

Finallllly got myself to sit down and watch this movie. I've been wanting to watch it since I read the book. 

The story follows Rachel who flies to Singapore with her boyfriend to meet his family. Little does she know she is about to walk into the hornet's nest. They are rich. Beyond rich. They are snobby and judgey. 

Poor, poor Rachel. She is just a professor in love with a boy she thought was normal. He is normal...personality-wise. He likes the simple things. However, he comes from big and old money. Dumb boy for not giving her a head's up and preparing her properly. Literally dropped her among wolves. Sighs. I love Nick..he's a good egg....but uncool bro. 

I loved that we did get to see Astrid's drama unfold with her husband. Love her. She has a heart of gold too and deserves the world. 

From what I remember of the book, I felt like this did a good job in balancing the book and the director's vision. It was nice. No issues there. 

They need to do the 2nd book now. You can't just LEAVE it like that. There is SO much more drama ahead for these lovebirds and the side characters!!!!! MOVIE TWO NOW!!!! Especially with how they ended this one!! EEEEEE.

Okay. I loved the cast. Some popular faces here and even a couple comedians. Loved Ken!! I didn't expect to see him. He was hilarious AS normal.

There is comedy sprinkled around here. I felt like it was a nice balance of comedy and drama. It felt like real life in a way. Sometimes there is humor in our pain....and sometimes just pain in our pain. 

In the end, I really enjoyed this movie. It was much better than I thought it was going to be (I always get nervous with book-to-movie adaptations). The cast was great. The script was a perfect balance. You don't need to read the book to enjoy the movie. This is a goodie for Valentine's Day that is for sure. I'll give this 5 stars. 

Friday, February 18

Audiobook Review: A Ghostly Gift by Angie Fox

Author: Angie Fox 
Narrator:  Tavia Gilbert
Title: A Ghostly Gift
(Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #1.5)
Genre: Mystery, Novella, Urban Fiction, Paranormal, Cozy Mystery, Short story
Format: Audiobook
Published: February 15th 2015
Where I got It: Audible 

From New York Times best-selling author Angie Fox - a fabulously fun short story in the new Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery series.

Verity Long doesn't want to see ghosts, and she'd rather not let anyone know her little secret, either. But when a restless spirit stirs up trouble in her friend's resale shop, Verity and her very new, very dead gangster friend team up to learn what is really happening. They discover an age-old secret and must learn the truth behind a mysterious disappearance... before it's too late.

Read book 1 not too long ago and I seen this was on Audible, so yayy! A nice quick listen. 

Verity Long doesn't want to see ghosts and she'd rather not let anyone know her little secret, either. However, when a restless spirit seems to be stirring up trouble in her friend's resale shop, Verity and dead gangster friend must team up to learn what is really going on. They discover an age-old secret and find out the truth behind the mysterious disappearance before it's too late. 

This was quick and fun. You don't really need to read book 1 to check this out, but I think it will help. It'll give you some backstory on Verity and her new beau. We don't get to see the beau here since Verity doesn't want to involve him in this "easy" mystery. Even though it would've helped to find that person. 

But yes, fun. Cute mystery! Broke my little heart. But love finds a way. 

The narrator was fun. She worked well. She is always so good. 

In the end, this was a nice paranormal mystery and I can't wait to get started on book 2. I'll give this 5 stars. 

- #9 for Audiobook challenge

Thursday, February 17

Audiobook Review: Sun of a Beach by Mia Sosa

Author: Mia Sosa
Narrator:  Valentina Ortiz & Sean Crisden
Title: Sun of a Beach
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Fiction, Novella, Short story 
Format: Audiobook
Published: April 8th 2021
Where I got It: Audible 

No-nonsense executive Naomi Reyes can’t believe she let her boss manipulate her into babysitting Donovan Taylor, the most insufferable creative director of all time. Worse, she’ll be trapped on a private island with him, while a bevy of gorgeous models vie for a coveted chance to grace the cover of M-Class magazine’s inaugural swimsuit edition—and, if the office rumors are true, an equally coveted place in Donovan’s bed. Still, if she survives the trip with no major mishaps, she’ll earn a shot at landing a dream job as an M-Class writer. Easy peasy, right?


Donovan Taylor detests people who try to undermine his artistic control, and his boss’s latest machinations send Donovan to a very devious place. Sure, Ms. Reyes will get her precious photo shoot, but it won’t be what she expects. Bonus? Ruffling the feathers of the humorless exec who’s never liked Donovan will be satisfying, too—assuming she doesn’t drown him in the ocean first.

Let the beach games begin . . . 

I had to read this. The cover and the title???? CUTE! Plus I am longing for spring. I want some warmth! It has been terribly cold here lately. 

Here we follow Naomi Reyes who is a no-nonsense executive assistant who wants to make change happen at the magazine she works for her. She brings up some ideas to her boss and instead...she finds herself having to babysit Donovan Taylor on a photo shoot in the Bahamas. He is the most insufferable creative director of all time but also the most handsome. Now, she is trapped on a private island with him. On the other hand, Donovan is not amused to be babysat either and his artistic control is being undermine. He comes up with a devious plan. Naomi and the boss will get their photo shoot, but it won't be what they expected. Will they tear each other apart? Or work together to make this shoot happen? 

This was a lot of fun! It was a novella and it was a quick listen....but I want more. I want to see them find their path. Maybe get married. Maybe start running the magazine together? That would be cute! But yessss the ending needed more. 

They are made for each other, but it took a minute to get past the enemy stage. Which makes sense. But beaches and drinks will find a way to knock down that wall. 

I loveeeeeeeeeeed his idea and how Naomo spinned it to have some meaning. They certainly work well together! I won't spoil it, but I loveddddd it. 

The narrators were great. They fit perfect. I've heard his voice before, but she was new. I'll have to listen to more by both of them! 

In the end, this was a nice, quick listen. Great story. Great characters. Great narrators. Great setting. Def recommend this! 4 stars. My only issue was that it needed more in the end. 

- #8 for Audiobook challenge
- #7 for Romance Reading Challenge - Beach scene on the cover.

Wednesday, February 16

Audiobook Review: River Marked by Patricia Briggs

Author: Patricia Briggs
Narrator:  Lorelei King
Title: River Marked
(Mercy Thompson #6)
Genre: UF, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Published: March 1st 2011
Where I got It: Borrowed from library

Being a different breed of shapeshifter-a walker-Mercy Thompson can see ghosts, but the spirit of her long-gone father has never visited her. Until now, on her honeymoon with the Alpha werewolf Adam. An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River-and innocent people are dying. As other walkers make their presence known to Mercy, she must reconnect with her heritage to exorcise the world of the legend known as the river devil...

Oooo Mercy. I love these books. I want her to be happy and have nothing happen...but then we wouldn't have any books haha. 

Mercy is used to being different. She was raised among wolves, but she is a different breed of shapeshifter. She is a Walker. With that she can turn into a coyote and she can see ghosts. She thought everything had calmed down so she could enjoy being freshly married and on her honeymoon with Adam. However, after seeing the spirit of her long-dead father....she realizes something is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River. People are dying and she will be forced to reconnect with her heritage to help rid the world of the river devil. 

Poor thing can't even enjoy her honeymoon! LOL But I wouldn't trust the saving of the world to anyone else. Her and Adam make an amazing team. 

Even with the evil lurking, it was nice to see Mercy be forced to reconnect with her heritage and learn more about the father she never knew. It was learning more about her power and ability. Lots of questions still....but we got some big questions answered here. 

This was a little more slow-paced. It took forever for the problem to fully rear it's ugly and evil head. It then took forever to get a solution. Normally this slowness would bug me, but I enjoyed the pace. I think I would've been bored reading this, but I did the audio and I enjoyed it. 

The narrator was fantastic as per normal so it made the listening enjoyable. I was anxious...though....about how they were gonna beat this baddie. It seemed nearly impossible. 

Ooooo that ending. It made me want to start the next one right away!!!!

In the end, I enjoyed this one. It was slightly slower paced, but it worked...especially the audio version. Lots of questions answered, but now we have some more questions (of course). Can't wait to start the next one of the series. I love Mercy!!! I wanna be her when I grow up! We'll give this 5 stars. 

- #7 for Audiobook challenge
- #6 for Romance Reading Challenge - Borrowed from library

Tuesday, February 15

TMST: Favorite Romances (Books, Movies, Stories, Poems...etc)

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post where bloggers discuss a wide range of topics from books and blogging to life in general. Weigh in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog. Feel free to leave your links in the comments if you are participating.

2/15/2022 Valentine's Day Share your favorite romance moments: movie, book, story, etc.

Awwww I will say romance anything is my 2nd favorite genre! I love historicals the most, but romance is a close 2nd (some days I feel like it takes 1st place). And don't get me started on historical romances ;) Blending TWO of my favorites? Can't get enough folks!

I am a hopeless romantic and I do adore a love of tragic love stories! Those are always a blast. I love having my heart break. hehehe

Soooo favorites? Mmmmmm there are so many things I could share. I love how vague this post is....mmm. Maybe I'll share some favorites from certain categories.

First....let's do book and movie/TV adaptation:

#1 is def Cold Mountain. Both the book and the hit movie. Both are fantastic.

#2 is Wuthering Heights. I love the book and the Tom Hardy version. Eeeek. I could be biased because I def crush on Tom Hardy but it is SO good. ;) And the book is a classic!! 

#3 Bridgerton and The Duke and I. I am LOVING this TV show adaptation AND I have been enjoying the series (I think I am on book 3?). Can't wait to read more and see the new season in March.

Favorite Book Series:
One of my favorite romance series is the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig. I think it is what really got me in the genre mixing. There is contemporary love, historical romance, historical fiction, mystery, many of the things ALL in one. I would simply DIE if these became a show or movie series. 

Favorite(s) of the classics:

Mmmm let's see. Oh! Jane Austen is the Queen of classic love stories FOR sure. Her stuff is a must if you are reading classic love stories. My ultimate fave is Persuasion. 2nd place goes to the famous Pride and Prejudice. 

Favorite of the romance poets: 

#1 Thomas Wyatt. Love his stuff. He has a sprinkle of tragic love so he is def on the top of my list! 

#2 Robert Byrne....bc duh. 

#3 Edgar Allen Poe....that tragic love again...can't get enough!! So he counts for romance in my books ;) 

Favorite Contemporary movies: 

I haven't read the book (so I couldn't count it towards the first category), but I simply LOVE this movie. It makes me cry every.single.damned.time. 

Juno!!! This is def a love story I love and is cute!

A Star is Born made me feel everything. All the emotions! I've seen a couple of the older ones, but this one is the best 100000%.

I used to watch this once a month I swear! It's been a couple of years so I'm itching to watch it again! I love Rom Coms. They bring me joy! Watch 50 First Dates !!! If I had to pick only ONE Rom Com....this is the one. 

Okay, I will stop myself there. I could go on and on. There are SO many good books, movies, and TV shows. 

There are so many stories and couples that I love. So many genres. Eeee. 

I think that is why I love romance so much. It can be found everywhere and in every genre. Love is can found in the most unlikely places. ^_^