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Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Sazterrica

Paperback, 221 pages

Published November 5th 2020 by Pushkin Press (first published November 29th 2017)

Original Title: Cadáver exquisito

Fiction Dystopian


Well this was revolting, I love meat, but fake meat is great, just expensive. I would not go freaking insane and start eating people!

Animals carry a virus. People lose their minds and start eating each other. Well, we obviously need regulations. Let's breed people and then slaughter them! Veal, I mean kids are tasty. And we can hunt people too just like we did animals. Perfect plan! Omg, it was horrific and they even have a run through the plant at one time so we see every step. And they are all so used to it so they think it is normal, because they are not human after all, they are bred for a purpose.

But then it's not like they only eat the special meat (which is really expensive btw),no, sometimes when old people die they are sold for meat, and more. So anything goes. Meat is meat. And the kids growing up thinks this is normal. Wtf.

And Marcos, he seems to used to this, and over it, he does not even want meat anymore (well finally someone who can go vegan, I mean sheesh.) And then he gets a special present, to eat or sell.

This world is dark, and real in its madness. I mean who really got a virus. Because humanity is tainted. But it is easy to see how we would downgrade some, to make them not human anymore.

Good and horrific. Short too 

Working at the local processing plant, Marcos is in the business of slaughtering humans—though no one calls them that anymore.

His wife has left him, his father is sinking into dementia, and Marcos tries not to think too hard about how he makes a living. After all, it happened so quickly. First, it was reported that an infectious virus has made all animal meat poisonous to humans. Then governments initiated the “Transition.” Now, eating human meat—“special meat”—is legal. Marcos tries to stick to numbers, consignments, processing.

Then one day he’s given a gift: a live specimen of the finest quality. Though he’s aware that any form of personal contact is forbidden on pain of death, little by little he starts to treat her like a human being. And soon, he becomes tortured by what has been lost—and what might still be saved. 

Sunday, May 30

Audiobook Review: Bayou Baby by Lexi Blake

Author: Lexi Blake
Narrator: Jessica Almasy
Title: Bayou Baby
(Butterfly Bayou #2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 319
Published: August 25th 2020
Where I got It: Borrowed from the library

Seraphina Guidry loves Butterfly Bayou. A young, single mom, she’s trying to find a place for herself in the town she cherishes, but past mistakes have made her wary. She adores her son but has sworn off men. She's dedicated herself to restoring a historic house and building her own business. A quiet life is all she wants.

Harrison Jefferys never expected to find himself in small-town Louisiana, but he has a job to do and a family to reconnect with. After years in the Army, he’s happy to spend time with his Aunt Celeste and his cousins in such an idyllic spot. When he meets Seraphina, he starts to think Papillion might be a great place to call home. But a secret from Sera’s past rears its head and threatens to tear the community apart.
Caught between the woman he’s coming to love and the only family he has left, Harry knows he has to follow his heart and with the help of the crazy, loving, meddling locals find a way to keep them both.

I want that puppy! And I want that porch! I am in love with the cover and this book. 

In book 2, we are back in Butterfly Bayou. We follow Seraphina who is a single mom who is trying to find her way in this small town. However, things are not easy with her past mistakes still getting in the way. She adores her son and doesn't have time for dating. After her aunt dies, she's dedicated herself to restoring the historic house and maybe building her own business. When Harrison comes to town Sera finds herself having issues staying away from him. Harrison never expected to find himself in this small town, but he wants to reconnect with the only family he has left. He's happy to spend time with his Aunt Celeste and his cousins but he is drawn to Sera who has secrets and Aunt Celeste hates her because of what she did.

I liked book 1 but I LOVED this one. This had the perfect blend of small town, drama, love, and comedy. This would be the perfect Hallmark movie ;) 

Harrison was adorable and I loved him. I loved Sera too. They were perfect for each other and it was beautiful to see them fall in love. 

What I loved was that we have our two lovebirds, but there is a third character that we get to see grow and fix her broken heart. Aunt Celeste could be labeled as the antagonist and she does wear that hat here and there, but she is much more than that and she wears many hats. I really loved the ending scene on the porch between Aunt Celeste and Sera. It brought tears to my eyes. Tears of sadness and joy. Such a beautiful scene!!

Can I just say it melted my cold heart seeing the dog and baby interact? It was adorable!!!

The narrator was fantastic and fit perfect. 

In the end, I really LOVED THIS BOOK. I adored book 1, but this one was even better. Not only do we have a love story between two great characters but we also get to watch a heart-broken woman find her way to peace. The dog and the baby were cute cherries on top! You could get away with reading this as a standalone, but I do recommend book 1 as well.

I shall stamp this with 5 stars. 

- #28 for Audiobook challenge

Saturday, May 29

Joint Discussion: Shadow and Bone (Season 1)

This month we went a little rogue. Instead of a book or movie, we decided to review the 1st season of Shadow and Bone. 

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in purple.

Title:  Shadow and Bone

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Released: April 2021
Season: 1 - 8 episodes
Rating: TV-14

Dark forces conspire against orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war-torn world.




 I had the lowest hope, YA fantasy, ha, omg this would be so bad. So cliche, everyone would look like models, and boom, ooops, i fell in love ;)

I was worried too bc YA fantasy is a tough genre. It is easy to fall into the cliche circles. I’ve wanted to read the books but was too scared. Same with the show...I was scared. BUT I am glad we took the risk and watched it (*cough* thanks for forcing me hehehe  *cough*). I fell in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too!

I mostly fell in love with the Darkling though *happy sigh* Omg Ben Barnes and that scruff, that is what dreams are made of. Were there other actors? Where?

Hahaha he was indeed dreamy! I liked Mal too, not AS dreamy, but def the guy you would take home to meet your parents. The Darkling is the bad boy you never take home because you know mom would fall in love too ;) 

LOL. True. I know falling for the bad boy is so cliche, but OMG that scruff. Fine, yes I have a huge Barnes crush. Mal, meh, I had actually none feelings, I was mostly confused why he and Alina never had acted on their feelings, I did not really buy their, omg we suddenly love each other thing.

Barnes is dreamy and the Darkling’s powers ROCKED! Scary but awesome. BF really wants/thinks Mal has a secret power because of how well he can sense things and track really well. I can buy that. But I agreeeeeeeeeee….I don’t understand their relationship. It’s like they both have feels but don’t act on it and then they get mad at each other. I don’t understand it. I was so mad at them both about being so DENSE about the letter thing. Like...come on! Use your dang heads. 

Yes, what so they never got drunk, never sat in a tent on a campaign and thought omg tomorrow we die? I can in the end believe that, but I can’t believe that they both had feelings. Why never say so then?

Hmm, powers? Interesting

RIGHT? I have a hard time imagining they never once accidentally kissed or something. Hopefully we see more in season 2 or Alina gets with the Dream Boat. IDK. SOMETHING.

And yessssss BF thinks he has a power that he doesn’t know about. Did he ever get tested? They didn’t really show it. He was always hurt WHICH BF thinks he might be like Wolverine because he has been so close to death SO many times and hasn’t died and heals relatively quick….so who knows?!

I was so caught up in my crush that I did not consider that. It does make sense!

I didn’t consider or think it either, but he’s convinced (I think he has a mini guy crush on Mal hahaha). 

I do hope we get to see more powers in the next season. There are some powers we really didn't see in action. I want to learn more about the Darkling powers too. 

More powers please.

But first, some negative things, I was confused coming into this world. It made no sense. The fold? The world? I had to check some maps to get a handle of things. Like how they could not go around the fold. How the Gang came there, what ship? I thought they were like the next town over or something.

I agree. I was a little confused too. I re-watched the first episode and I did some research to understand this world. As far as I know you CAN go around it (which was mentioned quickly by someone) but you have to cut into the enemies’ territory in order to do so and they are at war with them. As for the other country I think they are not on good terms with them either (that is the country Alina’s parent is from). Sooooo I’m beginning to think that this country doesn’t get along with anyone so they rather take their chances and go through the dark fold. 

Here it’s where it does not make sense. You only need a thin patch of land. You take your army, conquer and hold it. And then people can go through. Like do it!

But if you’re at war with like 2 other countries and they ripped in half….they are not making good decisions. And now the one half wants to ditch the other half and be its own country. They have a lot of problems. They have a dumb king who makes dumb decisions. 

But they only ever showed that army on two sides of the fold. Like why? I know you hate your neighbors, but think how they could prosper, they could demand a tax for going around. But yes I still think brute force. You just need to go around, not an entire country

That would be smarter but that one country is crazy witch haters and wants all the witches to burn so I can see them not caring about getting extra money from them because they harbor the witches and employ them. Dumb rulers the lot of them. I don’t blame the Darkling for just wanting to be in charge. Heck...I think they need a strong hand. Dumb humans. 

Same, I get why the Darkling wants to change things, and omg all countries suck. Kill all humans!

Sometimes I found myself siding with him. Those humans are terrible and have no loyalty and are terrible to the grisha. Humans always fear what they do not understand. Such a pity because it’s so cool that some people have these powers. 

Right, what did you think of the kidnapping gang? I was not at all interested in them. The goat thing was cute though.

I got more interested in them as the story went on and especially when I realized that their actions really were going to play a huge role in the events about to happen. Especially in the last episode but it did take me a bit to be interested in them. I really did adore the gunslinger. That is going to be interesting in the next season. He is awesome. And that goat! Bring the goat back!!

I just found it so hard to believe they could pull it off. Like hello, everyone hates you, up your security! And Inej, dunno what to feel, like I can’t kill, and then kill! Also those grishas did nothing! So I kind of hated them there.

I thought it was so impossible it might be possible that they COULD pull it off. I bet they are going to be game-changers in the next season. I feel like this was a warm-up for them. OMG the security in that place shocked me….how could the Darkling allow for weak borders like that? No background checks? No heartranders double-checking? I did want to see more Grishas siding with Alina….I was disappointed in them but they were so blinded by the Dream Boat….which….can you blame them?

I’d be blinded. What else, I can’t remember now. I did like when we learned about Darklin’s past, I got him then. From what  I understand Alina was not half Shu in the book, and it had me confused here. Like how did she end up here then? Did one of her parents dump her there? Was Mal half Shu too?

From what I gathered her parents and his parents died in the fold. I wonder if they were soldiers too? I do want more backstory of HOW they ended up orphans and what not. I am curious about reading the book (at least book 1) and seeing how different and maybe getting more backstory about the world. 

Oh right, I forgot! But yes how could one of her parents be Shu then? Questions! It was weak on backstory.

That is my biggest issue was the lack of backstory. You get small snipbits here and there but I really think we needed more. 

Omg it is getting late here. Awesome show! I binged it. I am team Darkling. I do NOT want him to end up with ALina, the rest can die. I want him to rule, mowuahahahahahahahaha

Sameee. We have to do the last bit of yard work. But yess...I binged it twice. It was a really good show. Just wanted more backstory, but it works overall. I adore the Darkling and Mal...maybe Mal and Alina will switch sides and join him. MWUAHAHAHAHA. Let the Darkling rule the world ;) But yes - I for sure recommend. I do want to read book 1 now. 

I do NOT want to read the books. You can try that. Watch it!

The end?

I’ll let you know how book 1 goes hehe.

The end!

Friday, May 28

Audiobook Review: The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

Author: Julia Quinn
Narrator: Rosalyn Landor
Title: The Viscount Who Loved Me
(Bridgertons #2)
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 391
Published: December 5th 2000
Where I got It: Borrowed from the library

1814 promises to be another eventful season, but not, This Author believes, for Anthony Bridgerton, London's most elusive bachelor, who has shown no indication that he plans to marry. And in all truth, why should he? When it comes to playing the consummate rake, nobody does it better...

--Lady Whistledown's Society Papers, April 1814

But this time the gossip columnists have it wrong. Anthony Bridgerton hasn't just decided to marry--he's even chosen a wife! The only obstacle is his intended's older sister, Kate Sheffield--the most meddlesome woman ever to grace a London ballroom. The spirited schemer is driving Anthony mad with her determination to stop the betrothal, but when he closes his eyes at night, Kate's the woman haunting his increasingly erotic dreams...

Contrary to popular belief, Kate is quite sure that reformed rakes to not make the best husbands--and Anthony Bridgerton is the most wicked rogue of them all. Kate's determined to protect her sister--but she fears her own heart is vulnerable. And when Anthony's lips touch hers, she's suddenly afraid she might not be able to resist the reprehensible rake herself...

Liked book 1 and the TV show, so I was excited to start book 2! Plus I want Anthony to be happy. I adore that rake. 

The story follows Kate Sheffield and Anthony Bridgerton. Anthony feels like he is running out of time so he has to find a wife ASAP. He needs someone perfect and he found her. The only issue is the intended's older sister, Kate who is the most meddlesome and stubborn woman in all of London. Kate does not want her lovely sister to marry a rake...even a reformed rake...and that is what Anthony is. 

Awwwww I felt so bad for Anthony and Kate. The both had some trauma to deal with and they both lost a parent/parents so they had a lot of things to deal with. I really liked how they realized they needed each other so much and how perfect they were for each other. So cute!!

My only issue was their wedding and how it came to be (don't wanna spoil anything). I was hoping for something....different. I think Kate deserved more and Anthony needed to do more.  

I just adore the Bridgertons!!! They are such a great family! I love how competitive they are. The scenes with them playing that game made me laugh. Too cute!!!!

The narrator is fantastic. Her voices are awesome and she really brings this time period to life. Love her!

This was good. I can't wait to read book 3 and I can't wait for season 2 of the show to come out ;) I'll give this 3 stars. 

- #27 for Audiobook challenge

Tuesday, May 25

Excerpt & Book Giveaway: QUEEN OF HELL by Danae L. Samms

Queen of Hell by Danae L. Samms

Publication Date: November 9, 2020
Paperback & eBook; 446 pages

Series: Persephone, Book One
Genre: Historical Fiction

1765. Persephone Nicholas has lived her twenty years with a father she cannot stand. Secluded on their plantation, Persephone feels she has a life destined for spinsterhood. "Life is Heaven for men and Hell for women" is her mantra. But on a visit to her cousin's wedding, she meets young Mr. Elijah Parker. Opportunities show that things can be much sweeter, and Persephone begins to question her thoughts on life. As the world continues to throw her hardships and struggle, Persephone chooses to fight and master the life she's been handed to become Queen of the Hell she living in.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Danae L. Samms has always been a creator. Loving books, television, and being outside fueled her imagination. Her writing began when she was four with her first play, and continued to grow to a degree in journalism. Finding newspapers terrible and websites tolerable, she paid the bills as a freelance writer. Eventually, her creativity produced a novel and a thousand ideas waiting to become novels. Regularly, she keeps up with a blog of Unqualified Advice on Writing and Everything Else. The only thing she’s been doing longer than writing is horseback riding. While horse shoes were never her forte, Danae has spent plenty of time riding and training. Most of that is with her horse Maggie.

Website | Instagram | Goodreads

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Enter to win a paperback copy of Queen of Hell by Danae L. Samms!

The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on June 4th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Queen of Hell


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Blodeuedd's BOOK Review: Glitter Gets Everywhere by Yvette Clark

Narrated by: Morag Sims

Length: 6 hrs and 33 mins

Release date: 05-04-21

Publisher: HarperCollins

MG Fiction

A novel about a tween going though stages of grief. I do like books that deal with real things when it comes to YA, or well this must be MG.

Kitty lost her mother, and now they are moving from London to New York. She is trying to deal with a new city, new friends, and trying to go on without her mum. Real, sad,but s much more. Family life. Worry about her father will find someone new. He first crush, and falling in love with a new city.

I liked Kitty, she was just a normal kid, doing normal things, in a not so normal time of her life.

I enjoyed it, not much more to say. Grief like glitter gets everywhere.

Good narrator, she had great voices for kids and adults. I felt very at home with her style.

After Kitty's mother dies on an inappropriately sunny Tuesday, all Kitty wants is for her life to go back to "normal"--whatever that will mean without her mum. Instead, her dad announces that he, Kitty, and her sister are moving from their home in London to New York City, and Kitty will need to say goodbye to the places and people that help keep her mother's memory alive.

New York is every bit as big and bustling as Kitty's heard, and as she adjusts to life there and befriends a blue-haired boy, she starts to wonder if her memories of her mum don't need to stay in one place--if there's a way for them to be with Kitty every day, everywhere.

Sunday, May 23

Book Review: A Barren Stage by Matthew de Lacey Davidson

Author: Matthew de Lacey Davidson
Title: A Barren Stage: Collected Poems, Essays, Short Stories, and Novels
Genre: Short stories, Poetry, Essays
Format: ebook
Pages: 664
Published: April 6th 2021
Where I Got It: Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Matthew de Lacey Davidson has written poems, plays, short stories, and two novels in a variety of styles and genres. This volume incorporates a new cycle of 99 sonnets; a collection of earlier poems which have been revised for this edition; his short story collection, "Roses in December: Haunting and Macabre Tales"; "The Worst Dogs - A Progressive Murder Mystery"; and an historical novel concerning civil rights leader Frederick Douglass' first trip to Ireland in 1845, "Precept - A Novel". "Precept" was voted one of the top ten self-published books of 2018 by thebookbag(dot)co(dot)uk. 

I have read so much of this author's work that I was excited to be given this collection and asked to review it! Of course, I had to say yes! :D

This author really has a huge range. Not only do we have a huge collection of different genres, but we have a variety of poems, short stories, and essays. It is a nice collection of work and there is something for everybody. 

It was nice to re-read some of the author's work like "The Worst Dogs". I read this last year and I liked it as much as I did back then. Even though I knew the ending, I still enjoyed re-reading this and looking for hints and clues I might have missed from my first time going through! It is such a good mystery that I still recommend it for sure!

The poems are amazing. They range from different topics and styles which is refreshing! I honestly found the few poems about the cats extremely heart-warming. They were my favorites I think!

The pieces that talked about social issues like race really spoke to me. The author truly knows how to show the reader and make the reader feel the words and emotions.  

I did find the essays interesting to read. Some were more serious in nature and he goes through some topics that you have to be in the right mind for. I tried reading one right before bed and I could not focus on it. I had to read the essays during the day so I could fully stay focused. 

One essay I really enjoyed was "In Defense of Minor Characters".In this, the author discusses the role of minor characters and why they may seem 2D or not as fleshed out as some people may want. *cough* I'll admit there are some side characters I feel are neglected and I want more story and development for them. BUUUUUUUUT that is just me being biased because I adored the side character (sometimes more than the hero ;) ). However, I really do side with the author and agree that sometimes writers have to limit the development for side characters because they have certain roles to play for the story. one has time to read 1,000 page books. I know I don't!

There is a LOT of content in this collection. From old stuff I have read to new stuff I couldn't wait to check out. I enjoyed this collection quite a bit! Like I said earlier there really is something for everybody. From emotional cat poems to serious essays about minor characters' roles in stories to a murder mystery! You will find something you like here! I'll admit there were some things that weren't for me, but I enjoyed this collection overall and I know I'll revisit some of my favorite pieces in the future. I'll stamp this with 4 stars. 

Friday, May 21

Book Review: Rescue Me by Cathy Bramley

Author: Cathy Bramley
Title: Rescue Me
Genre: Short stories, Fiction, Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 41
Published: June 16th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

Fearne Lovage is living a neat and tidy life. Sure, the inner circle of people she opens up to is small - but it's perfectly formed of people she loves. And when your heart is broken, feeling safe means everything. It's not a time for risks.

But life has a surprise in store for Fearne - a hairy, scruffy, messy one. Soon Fearne finds herself saving the day, and getting rescued right back...

You'll also meet the characters of Cathy's upcoming new four-part ebook serial, MY KIND OF HAPPY - which follows Fearne on her search for true happiness.

The cover caught my eye when I was mindlessly scrolling through some of the Amazon freebies. 

Fearne Lovage is living a neat and tidy life. She has a small circle of people she trusts, but that is okay. However, her heart is still broken, and taking risks is not a part of the plan. When life gives Fearne a hairy, scruffy, messy surprise she finds herself saving the day and getting rescued all at the same time.

This was a quick read since it's a short story and all, but I felt like it was the right length. It was very nice and very sweet but also touching at the same time. For sure a good read if you want something to read while you laze about the pool or on the porch. 

That doggo was adorable! Fearne really needed that little fluffball after the tragedy she is still recovering from. Too sad!

I am curious about the next books. This was for sure a prequel I think. 

But yessss this was perfect for a quick read that is sweet and touching. I'll give it 4 stars. 


Thursday, May 20

Audiobook Review: Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

Author: Ilona Andrews 
Narrator: Renee Raudman
Title: Magic Bleeds
(Kate Daniels #4)
Genre: Urban Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 349
Published: May 25th, 2010
Where I got It: Borrowed from the library

Kate Daniels works for the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid, officially as a liaison with the mercenary guild. Unofficially, she cleans up the paranormal problems no one else wants to handle—especially if they involve Atlanta’s shapeshifting community.

When she’s called in to investigate a fight at the Steel Horse, a bar midway between the territories of the shapeshifters and the necromancers, Kate quickly discovers there’s a new player in town. One who’s been around for thousands of years—and rode to war at the side of Kate’s father.

This foe may be too much even for Kate and Curran, the Lord of the Beasts, to handle. Because this time, Kate will be taking on family…

Couldn't resist starting book 4 ;) 

We continue a little bit down the road. Kate Daniels is called in to investigate a fight at the Steel Horse which is a bar midway between the territories of the shapeshifters and the necromancers. She quickly discovers there is a new player in the town. This new foe might be too much even for Kate and Curran. 

OooOOOOOOO I wanted to slap and kick and yell at Curran. GRRR! He was a poophead. Yes, yes, he makes up for it later on but still. GRRR. 

And that baddie was good. I loved this foe (don't wanna spoil)! This was a scary foe for sure. SO good. SO good. I was so worried because it seemed so impossible. 

I loved the ending. I couldn't stop awwwing during the epilogue. I can't wait to start the next book!

However....I do worry for Andrea and her boo. UGH. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!

The narrator was fantastic as normal. There were a couple of voices of some of the shifters that made me chuckle but it fit. 

Soooo hard not to give away spoilers ;) One of my favorites of the series so far. This was good. Lots of story. Lots of fights and lots of character development! You should at least read book 3. I'll give this 5 stars. 

- #26 for Audiobook challenge

Monday, May 17

Blodeuedd's Monday Review - In Search of Us by Ava Dellaira

Narrated by: Adenrele Ojo

Length: 11 hrs and 5 mins

Release date: 03-06-18

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

YA Fiction


I was not sure about this one at first, but later I saw that it was how it went from Angie's story to Marilyn's that confused me. Audio can be hard that way. When I understood that it was a 2 pov story then it flowed better.

Angie grew up with a young single mom. And then she finds out her uncle might be alive, is her dad too? Oh Angie, I mean how your mum can't even talk about him I doubt it. She takes off with an ex (how she meant to find him in a city of millions I do not know.) I absolutely understood why Angie wanted to find out where she comes from.

The other POV is 18 years earlier when Marilyn and her mum moves in with her uncle (who is an alcoholic ahole). Her mum is pushing Marilyn to become a model/moviestar, and Marilyn just wants to go to college. And then she meets a boy...

I did not understand why Marilyn just did not tell Angie more about her dad, but at the end, sigh, I understood, and my heart broke. But still, Marilyn knew someone for less than a year and never moves on?

It came to a point where the book made me cry. It was just so true... I liked the book.

Good narrator too. All her voices flowed well

This sweeping multi-generational love story introduces readers to mother-and-daughter pair Marilyn and Angie. To seventeen-year-old Angie, who is mixed-race, Marilyn is her hardworking, devoted white single mother. But Marilyn was once young, too. When Marilyn was seventeen, she fell in love with Angie's father, James, who was African-American. But Angie's never met him, and Marilyn has always told her he died before she was born. When Angie discovers evidence of an uncle she's never met she starts to wonder: What if her dad is still alive, too? So she sets off on a journey to find him, hitching a ride to LA from her home in New Mexico with her ex-boyfriend, Sam. Along the way, she uncovers some hard truths about herself, her mother, and what truly happened to her father.

Sunday, May 16

Book Review: Attracting Aubrey by Avery Flynn

Author: Avery Flynn
Title: Attracting Aubrey
(Gone Wild #3)
Genre: Novella, Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 154
Published: March 24th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

I never dreamed I’d meet my celebrity crush while stealing every single pair of my best friend’s pants.

Trust me, my life is not that wild. In fact, the most excitement I usually get is running my fan-favorite Insta thirst account featuring butt-tastic pics of Hollywood superhero Carter Hayes. So, imagine my shock when, in the middle of the cruise ship hallway, I realize the guy whose shirt I'm stuffing slacks inside of is Carter disguised as a tourist. How I manage not to faint dead away, I've got no clue.

When word leaks that Carter might be on board, he asks me to help him maintain his cover. There’s no way I’m gonna say no to that. I just don't share that I’m the anonymous woman behind the fan account that reported sighting him onboard. No biggie. Right?

However, when things between us go from friendly to hot to OMG-I-can’t-keep-my-clothes-on-around-him, all I can do is hope he never discovers my secret. You see, somewhere along the way, Carter went from an untouchable movie star to the man I’m falling for.

Whooops. Totally read this out of order. Didn't realize it was book 3. Luckily this can totally be read as a stand-alone. 

We follow Aubrey and Carter who meet on a cruise. Carter Hayes just wants to get away and be a normal guy for just a few days. He's a Hollywood star who plays in a superhero but he's feeling burnt out. Aubrey is a superfan of Carter and recognizes him right away. When word leaks out that Carter might be on board, he asks Aubrey to help him maintain his cover. She says yes...of course....even though she was the one who is behind the anonymous fan account that reported the sighting of him onboard.

This was a fun, light read. Perfect for summer or rainy days. It made me want to go on a cruise even though I am not a fan of cruises.

There is insta-lust for sure but it worked for them. 

The feelings snuck up them and that worked for them too. 

I liked Carter and Aubrey. They were for sure made for each other. And how cute that a superfan gets to be with her celebrity crush???? JEALOUS!

My only issue was how quickly and easily they resolved their issues. Granted I do not think the issues were THAT bad. SURE she should have told him it was her who made the leak BEFORE they become a pretend thing and then a real thing. So he for sure over-reacted. I get being mad for....a couple of hours? But get over yourself sir. And she caved too soon and forgave him too soon. Booooooo. 

Besides that, I liked this a lot. It was cute and fun and for sure worth it. It does standalone okay, but now I am curious about the first 2 of the series. 

In the end, I'll give this 3 stars.  

Saturday, May 15

Audiobook Review: Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake

Author:  Lexi Blake
Narrator:  Jessica Almasy
Title: Butterfly Bayou
(Butterfly Bayou #1)
Genre: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 320
Published: May 5, 2020
Where I got It: Borrowed from the library

Life in Dallas took a tragic turn for nurse practitioner Lila Daley. In need of a fresh start, she retreats to Papillon, Louisiana, a tiny town on the bayou. Sure she's greeted by a gator, finds herself in the middle of golf cart wars, and unwittingly adopts a scruffy dog, but Lila remains undaunted. She's focused on running the town's medical clinic, but fitting into the quirky community is harder than she imagined.

As a single dad, Sheriff Armie LaVigne embraces routine. But there is nothing routine about the town's newest resident. Lila is a gorgeous fish out of water and he’s ready to catch her. In fact, in no time at all, Armie knows Lila is the woman for him and he plans to win her heart. But when the past threatens their happiness, Armie will have to decide if he has the courage to trust Lila enough to find a true happily ever after.

Beautiful cover. Beautiful butterflies. A cute-ass puppy. AND two broken characters? Small town? Yes please. 

We follow Lila and Armie. Lila is a nurse practitioner whose life was flipped upside down after things took a tragic turn. She decides to move Papillon, Louisiana to be near her sister. On the other side of the small town is single dad, Sheriff Armie, who wants a routine and no changes but change is heading his way when he meets Lila. 

OooooOOOooOOOooOO holy symbolism! Papillon...butterflies....two characters who need a change in their life....a town scared of changes......I write an entire essay on this alone. Love it!

Lila was a hard cookie. She has lived her life with a rough and prickly exterior. But she needed it to survive her childhood and her line of work as a nurse in the ER. I liked her a lot. 

Armie is adorable even though he made me SOOOOOOO mad near the end. OOOO boy did he need a kick in the butt. Good on you Lila not caving. Change is hard and having a stubborn kid is hard. Honestly... I felt this was a left-field reaction for him. 

This was a little darker in some parts than I thought. It was light and fluffy in some parts and not in others. I liked it. It felt right. 

The townsfolk were fun BUT they sucked and were sooo mean to Lila at first. Yes, yes they do not like change and having their Doc retire and this "stranger" comes in and takes his place. But 1) she is not a complete stranger....her sis and BIL live in town and are BELOVED. 2)the Sheriff trusts her....and 3) It is 2000s. GET over it. 

The narrator was good. I liked her voices. She had a huge variety for the women, but the men's voices she had only a small pocket. This works in the end, but you have to focus when there are multiple men in the convo.

All-in-all, I really liked this book. The characters. The town. The story. It was good. I highly recommend it. I'll give this 4 stars.  

- #25 for Audiobook challenge
- #17 for Romance Bingo - Doctor/Nurse