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Current Book Club: 
Name - Bitches With Books Book Club
Members - Carole (me), Sarah, & Terra
Established - 2021 (maybe the end of 2020?)
Rules - No real rules. It's pretty lax which I LOVE. 

We try to meet once a month depending on our schedules. We each take a turn picking a book we never read before. After we each had a turn, we all then pick a book (usually a re-read we want the others to read) and have three books for that meeting.

Next book: 
Re-read time! We each pick a book we have read in the past and want the others to read. 

Previous reads and who picked it (there are some that might be missing from before we started our group message and our journal/diary**):

Carole's picks

Sarah's picks

Terra's picks

**We are currently using this diary/journal! It is really nefty. It allows you to monitor what books you are reading, your thoughts, ratings, where you had your meeting, and etc.

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